Dan’s Reviews: Save On Jar Goods, My Favorite Premium Tomato Sauce

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Update: The classic spicy sauce is now back in stock!

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The sauces above are all OU-parve.

I’m a sucker for an amazing tomato sauce. But despite years of looking, I never really fell in love with a non-homemade pasta sauce. It doesn’t help that many pasta sauces aren’t kosher.

Last year I came across this Cleveland.com article where they ranked 174 pasta sauces. That’s the kind of hard hitting research I expect to see from my hometown newspaper 😀

I scrolled down to the highest ranked sauces and found Jar Goods Classic Spicy at #3 with a big OU on the front. No other kosher sauce came close, but I was surprised that I never heard of the Jar Goods sauce. So I located it in one of our local grocery stores and picked up a jar of the classic red and a jar of the classic spicy. At $7.19 each at the time, it was certainly not cheap, but I had to see if it would live up to the hype.

Granted, my wife thought I had lost my mind, but I don’t mind paying extra for something exceptional. Plus I’ve been known to burn miles to eat a meal or 2 in Buenos Aires, Paris, or Rome, so buying a premium sauce is certainly more sane than that, right?

I made a package of frozen NY Pasta ravioli, which is close to the extent of my culinary skills aside from grilling steak and making a mean lasagna, and tried it with the classic spicy sauce. Phenomenal! The spicy sauce is thick, delicious, and has just the right amount of heat and acidity to keep you wanting more. Light years ahead of other jarred sauce that I’ve ever tried.

The classic red sauce is also good if you don’t like heat, but the spicy sauce is my favorite.

I wasn’t a fan of the Vegan Vodka sauce, which makes sense as the 2nd ingredient is coconut milk and I’m not a coconut fan.

My local store has since raised the price of the sauce to an eye-watering $8.49. But with the code above you can get the sauce for as low as $6.80 shipped for a 6 pack.

Still, due to the cost, this isn’t a sauce we’re using for family meals. But if I’m making a pizza bagel or something for myself, it’s a delicious treat.

Word of warning, like flying first class, once you try this you may not want to go back. I guess I can add pasta sauce snob to my resume now? But first, I have to share one of my favorite TED talks, about pasta sauce of course! 😀

It will also explain why some of you will try this sauce and think it’s incredible, while others will wonder what in the world all the hype is about. As the saying goes, Al taam v’reiach ein l’hisvakeiach, when it comes to taste and smell, there is nothing to argue over.


See, pasta sauce does bring happiness, so I’m not completely crazy! What’s your favorite tomato sauce?

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Don Peppino for the win for all my home made pizzas!

Went to Ner

You must be from Baltimore…


But why did I read a while article about tomato sauce


Never thought I’d read an article on Dan’s deals about pasta sauce but i’m here for it! 🙂




Try Hoboken farms tomato sauce, also a solid choice for kosher consumer.


Agreed! Fantastic. Also The Meatball Shop. Kosher parve.


Trader joe marinara sauce


homemade sauce only
Polar seltzer

Some jew

are you investing in their republic crowdfunding project?

Tony c

@dan. You don’t like Coconut? I hold that’s the manna. Please erase that comment or you’ll lose another follower because you are NOT allowed you have your own opinions on your OWN site.


In for 36 hope they don’t cancel. Thanks Dan


Dan, I don’t want to buy it now for 2 reasons.
1) You made it sound so good that my expectations are too high right now. (You should charge them for advertisement!)
2) If it is as good as you described, I won’t be able to use regular sauce again.


I love the Trader Giotto’s tomato sauce which is Trader Joe’s brand. It isn’t too expensive and its one of my favorites from all of the brand’s I’ve tried so far.


Fwiw Classic Vodka is made with dairy cream.


Best jarred sauce I ever tried is Lydia’s. It’s not even in the list of 174 which makes me doubt their whole methodology!


funnily, I have two jars of this sauce sitting in my cabinet, having bought them on spec a month ago. I guess it’s time to give it a try.


Dan what’s your homemade recipe? We need that before we can begin to compare


@Dan, You have competition


Emeril lagasse sauce kosher too! Tomato basil is great stuff


Nothing beats Bertolli Roasted Garlic tomato sauce.


OOPS! my bad. my very bad!
i is BARILLA pasta sauce, roasted garlic, NOT Bertolli!

Dante Ferman
Kavana in my heart

Came for the sauce, stayed for TED talk!

And yes, I just went out and bought a bottle of each, but what to eat it on hmmm…


Whole Foods now has these sauces for $4.49 + tax (if you are a prime member)