Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers Are Recalled After More Than 30 Infant Deaths, Here’s How To Request A Refund

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The CPSC and Fisher-Price are recalling all Rock ‘n Play Sleepers, citing over 30 infant deaths in the past decade. Some 4.7 million of these rockers were sold.

You can contact Fisher Price for a refund or voucher at 866-812-6518.


We have posted deals on these sleepers several times, including here, here, here, here, and here. If you have one you should stop using it and seek a refund.

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Got a refund via amazon


What exactly did you do? Call them with this info? Chatted in?


They are aware of the recall as they pulled the product. You can say you saw the email and contacting on next steps. They might offer you, if not try another rep.


Can you get a refund/voucher via the provided website or only through calling?


Website works, you need to send back a part. They pay for shipping, of course.


It took 30+ deaths until they recalled it ?!?!?!?!


It clearly says it occurred only when not using the seat belt harness.
They are only recalling it since people are using it without the seatbelt and those children are being affected.

But it seems like it’s not a problem to continue using it as long as you use the seatbelt like it’s intended to.


Weren’t all the accidents when using this after recommended 3 months maximum? I believe it was an issue with rolling over/suffocating, if you use a bottle made for an infant for a 6 month old and he is malnourished is it really their fault?! Once again they are forced to pay for not following directions. IKEA 2.0