Toys R Us News Roundup: Liquidations Sales, Gift Card Info, Founder’s Death, GoFundMe, And An Amazon Takeover?

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  1. Toys R Us’ liquidation sale was supposed to start today, but is now scheduled to start tomorrow. Sales will only be located in stores for now and all sales will be final!
  2. Toys R Us gift cards will be honored until April 15.
    • Sales will keep getting better by the week, but don’t wait until the last minute when there’s nothing left to buy.
  3. The founder of Toys R Us died today at the age of 94.
    • He hasn’t been in charge in nearly a quarter of a century, but I’m sure it’s still sad to watch the company you created in its death throes.
  4. The CEO of MGA Entertainment, Billionaire Isaac Larian, has started a GoFundMe fundraiser to #SaveToysRUs.
    • He’s banking on nostalgia, but 20% of his Bratz dolls are sold at Toys R Us stores, so there’s a good amount of self-interest here. That’s probably why he’s the biggest backer:
  5. Amazon doesn’t want to save Toys R Us, but they are looking into taking over some of their store locations to expand their own retail presence.
    • Does Amazon think they can do the toy store better than Toys R Us? Will they use the space to create more “just walk out” stores? Or what do you think they want to do with the retail space?

Will you go to a Toys R Us store to go bargain hunting? Post what items you find on sale if you go!

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@dan. I’m pretty sure that return protection does NOT cover final sale when a store is closing for good


What about babies r us?


Already went under last month by me, almost nothing left as of a this week


do you think you can find bugaboos at crazy reduced prices toward late may and early june? is it possible that charles lazarus died of a broken heart?


Are AU getting there own $1000 annual return protection or they are combined with the primary card holder ?


In the meantime Sears is liquidating many locations.


Babies r us in my area is offering 20-40% off all stroller and car seats along with up to 60% everything else in store.


Charles Lazarus sold high. Smart man.


Are they being managed by an independent liquidator taking over the inventory like Circuit City and others, or is the company overseeing the liquidation. If the former, don’t expect any major bargains IMO. The liquidators often jack up the price and then sell it for 50% off; often the price is higher then the original selling price prior to the store closing. People snap it up anyway thinking it is a bargain….


Are all Toys R Us stores starting their sale tomorrow? Iv’e tried calling my local store – Brooklyn – to find out but they don’t answer the phone.


Gave $50 to gofundme

Mr. CC

I hope you weren’t serious

Starbucks fan

Why would someone want to hand out 1 billion dollar to save a company that kept on borrowing money irresponsibly and moved on for years without a business strategy… Just take a look at B&H Photo consistently changing their business model, to have a Competitive Edge against Amazon and manage to still make profit while Best Buy and other companies are losing their pants…


Best Buy is not losing their pants. Look them up.


He’s not giving TRU money, he just wants to buy some of the assets. And $1 billion is quite a sum.


Best Buy is actually doing quite well. Stock hit an all-time high in January.


Lol GoFundMe. Billionaire begging for handouts for his next multi billion project. Send me $5,000 and I’ll send you a CUSTOM bumper sticker.


Afikomen present spending predictions just dropped!


That’s probably why he died, lol


What will happen if I buy an isurion warranty for my bike that I buy in toysrus?


It’s a good move he will see how much. Interest people still have for Toys r us

Toys R Us - So sad

According to this post, Toys R Is will be honoring Gift Cards & E-Gift Cards till April 20th.


dan what do you think to people that have the toys r us credit card? will it have to be closed?


Sales definitely started today.
10% off most of the store
20% off (previous) clearance items
5% off gaming consoles


At ToysRUs on Flatbush Ave now. Most of store is discounted only 10%


Staten Island store also. Most people seemed to just walk out — not worth it!

Honest Abe

Is it only in store? Not online? And any idea when the percentage off will increase?

Honest Abe

Any good deals on Wooden swing sets?


Went today, was passing by, most of the store only discounted by 10%, no great deals to be had, still had people lining up before opening time…

Joshua Sperber

FYI…. My wife just went and total waste of time. Most items are 10% off.


Same here. 10-30% off. Even the items that were 30 off were still coming out more expensive than Amazon.


cleveland som center only 10% off


I tried to order online using a gift card. A week later they send me an email that they were not able to ship some items. They say they won’t charge the card until the items ship but they will only issue a credit if the items don’t ship by April 25th. At that point the gift card will be completely useless. Any idea what I can do?


Cancel the order..?


I’m experiencing the same problem- used a gift card online and now a week later received an email saying 9 of the 10 items are ‘delayed’. Mind you all items are still in stock and available for purchase on their website. Looks like Toys R Us is going to cheat me out of $200+.