HURRY! HOT! Free Diapers, Soaps, And More From The Honest Company After $15 Account Rewards Signup!

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Update: Congrats to everyone that got in on this one!

It seems they website has turned off or maxed out on rewards account creations for the day, that option doesn’t even show anymore when signing up:

If the rewards program does come back online, be sure to be quick!

1. Create an account for an Honest Company account here. You will need to select Enroll in Honest Rewards and signup for emails:

2. Go here and scroll down to More ways to earn, then signup your email if you didn’t already, and signup for Texts, there is no number or email verification needed once signed up.

You should now have 300 points:

3. Redeem your points here by choosing a $15 credit:

Now you have a $15 credit to spend sitewide! When you checkout save an additional 25% off with code: EARTH25

Additionally receive free shipping when you subscribe to a product. Remember to cancel the subscription after it ships if you don’t want to continue to get that product in the future. To make cancelling easier be sure to change the subscription to every 12 weeks.

Shop diapers here!

For example you can purchase any pack of diapers for $12.99 or $13.99 and it will be totally free at checkout with a subscription, and no credit card required:

Or you can purchase 2 packs for just $6.03:

This promotion is limited to 1 time per account.

There are many other products you can score for free:


Post what deals you score!

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Not getting the extra points for email signup…any hints?


keep clicking. it takes a few tries


reload site


Says “Loyalty is disabled on site”

I think this is dead


refresh the page and try again


it wont let me sign up for emails


Site appears a glitchy mess


I did a subscription and they didn’t ask for payment because it was completely free do I still need to cancel it even though they don’t have my payment?


Same. I think they now shut down the rewards section as I can’t get back to it


thanks just got 2 packs for $4.48 !


got an error when trying to add phone & email after signup: “Loyalty is disabled on site”


I think it’s dead. Upon login I am now not part of Honest Rewards anymore and have 0 points. I think they did something.


Looks like they disabled the reward page now.




Will they honor the orders placed for free?


When I click to enroll in honest rewards, it just takes me to the my account page. I wonder if they’ve killed this.


Just tried doing this deal today – it seems the sign up for rewards option is there again, but to redeem rewards now requires a $20 or more purchase. Unbelievable lol.

“Make a purchase of $20 or more to redeem your points for rewards”

This sentence shows up above the redeem points area.


Alive again!


Actually now you need to place a $20 order to redeem points


Now it says “ Make a purchase of $20 or more to redeem your points for rewards”. So I was able to earn $300 points but I can’t redeem them…


I see the same message about making a $20 purchase. The way it’s phrased, I thought it meant purchased have to be $20 or more to use rewards which is annoying, but fine, I’d take $15 off of $20. But it appears you have to make a $20 purchase before you’re allowed to redeem your points for rewards at all.

Vancouver Boy

My Order has Shipped