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The UppaBaby vista is one of the finest strollers out there. Pushes like a dream and it has a basket that will fit your diaper bag and everything from a shopping trip.  It simply smokes all of its competition.

The Vista also comes with an excellent 2 year warranty.  But it on AMEX and you’ll be covered for 3 years!

Amazon offers free return shipping for 90 days on baby products like this!

-Includes ventilated bassinet with breezy canopy and extendable sunshade
-Bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping
-Full-size front and rear-facing, 5-position recline, toddler seat
-Infant car seat compatible
-Shock-absorbing front plus rear suspension plus rubber over foam never-flat wheels;
-Adjustable handlebar for parents of all heights

Other UppaBaby items are also 20% off including:
-The UppaBaby Rumble Seat is now $79.99
We use this now for Rafi as a makeshift double stroller. We were skeptical that it would work but we call it the Rafi Train, made a song for it, and he loves riding in it! And it sure was cheaper than buying a “real” double stroller. Plus this way Talia can ride in her awesome Chicco infant carseat so that we can transfer her to the car with ease. Highly-rated double strollers like the City Mini GT don’t have good solutions for carseats.

-The UPPAbaby PiggyBack Ride Along Board is now $71.99 and allows for another kid to ride along as well.
-The UPPAbaby Vista Travelsafe Travelbag is now $71.99 “By simply registering this travel bag online, any damage caused to your stroller during air travel is fully covered by UPPAbaby!”
Personally I haven’t had issues gate-checking without this, but if you want the peace of mind.
-The Uppababy Vista Bassinet Stand in Espresso is now $111.99 or just $95.99 in White in case you don’t want to keep baby on the floor or on a bed.
-The UPPAbaby Infant Vista Bassinet Rain shield is down from $60 to just $16.

UppaBaby umbrella strollers are on sale as well:
-The UPPAbaby 2013 G-Lite Stroller is now $119.99
-The UPPAbaby 2013 G-Luxe Stroller is now $183.99
-The UPPAbaby G-Series Stroller Travel Bag is now $39.99.

We never really got into umbrella strollers. Even when traveling it’s nice to have a heavy-duty stroller like the Vista for hikes like the ones we did in Banff and even just for bumpy sidewalks found in places like in Buenos Aires.

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Stroller is great I have it for 3 years, the only bad part is the rumble seat has only one position and also it cannot be used with the bassinet


True, but we always put Talia in the car seat anyway when we go out and that works with the rumble seat attachment.
She sleeps every night in the UB bassinet though.


the uppababy cruz is also on sale- its also a gr8 stroller- i like it better than the clunky vista-


Good find, though it’s missing a lot of the Vista features.
And I don’t find Vista to be clunky, just very well built.

The Cruz does not have the Vista’s “4WD wheels,” it has a worse suspension, you get a smaller basket (which is one of the best features of the UBV for shopping, travel, etc), there’s no bumper bar, you can’t add the rumble double seat, and you don’t get a bassinet.


I have a vista stroller for 4 years now excellent customer service reps got alot of free parts from them very helpful.


do they make a double stroller?


It wheels gr8- fits into cars better, better basket cus theres no bar in the middle. u can add bumper bar for a few bux and u can buy a bassinet- but i find it an extra which i had for my first but didnt think i really needed it for my next. yes it doesnt take a rumble seat- but for me i didnt need that.
I find for cars- which i needed it the most- it is fantastic.. and the same gr8 customer service..


Just the rumble seat.
I do wish they would make a side-by-side.
They would smoke the weak competition.

Never had a problem with my Vista in a car or with basket size.
The main appeal is the price, but it just cuts off far too much IMHO.


@Dan: +1 Wish there was an UB product for our twins

shira sassoon

just bought 1


They were still replacing parts after the 2 year warranty was up?


The uppababy bassinet stand in white is on sale for $97!!!


The 2014 Vista is there for $328 now but seems to be sold out. Any advice on how to take advantage of that pricing?