The Return Of The (Michael) Dell Coupons!

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So Michael Dell is back as the head of Dell-what’s that mean for us?
Well, hopefully this is just a start:
$400 Off $1499+ Inspiron Notebooks: 9C12FJVBKTKPV$
25% Off $999+ Dimension Desktops: P$QZPQHMJPZN3J
Coupons valid only at Dell Home, not valid on XPS systems…
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he can do better than this


Tonight is the end of Dell’s fiscal year, which means you may see the hottest deals over the next few days to 1 week.

investor relations

It actually ended Feb 2nd. Financials are typically reported well into the next quarter, thats how they are in a position to offer guidance…


I just took my Dell laptop which I ordered a year ago out of the box, and it has problems. Any suggestions on how to extend the warranty for the cheapest price, it expires tomorrow. Thanks



The warranty for my Dell laptop expires today. What’s the cheapest way to extend it?Any coupons, disount codes, special websites?

The laptop was just taken out of the box a few weeks ago (I didn’t open it for many months!) and it already has problems and now is when the warranty epires. Dell already told me that they’d fix up the “problems” for me,, and the fixed parts will get an additional 30 days of warranty. But only thoe parts and nothing else. So, if I don’t buy an extended warranty and continue to have problems, then I’m screwed. All suggestions welcome asap. Thanks Dan and all.


Did you call Dell and as how much they want for another year?

Which credit card did you buy it on?

Many credit cards give you additional warranty time.

I know people with the Amex Starwood card that have been refunded the entire price of the laptop due to a warranty issue not covered by the manufacturer!


I purchased it with Delta AmEx which has the Buyer’s Assurance Program as I have just cobnfirmed.

My question to those who have had such experience in the past is are they good with handling problems and for how long is their warranty good….?

Also, if I lose the cc account with which I bough th laptop will it still be covered?


The warranty should be good for an additional year.
As far as whether the account has to still be open-Please call Amex to find out and then post the results back here!