SMOKING HOT! HURRY! HP 15.6″ 10th Gen Core i7 256GB SSD Laptop Now Just $349.99 After $600 Cyber Monday Savings, Or $279.99 With Chase Offers!

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Update 2: Now $499.99 or $399.99 with Chase Offers.

Update: Now just $349.99 or $279.99 with Chase Offers after an $120 additional discount after you add this to your cart.

If you don’t get this price try using an Incognito window.

Chat with HP ASAP to get a refund for prior purchases before the price goes up.

HP 15.6″ 10th Gen Core i7 256GB SSD Laptop For $499.99 Shipped After $480 Black Friday Savings!

While the previous HP Core i7 with Intel UHD graphics deal is dead, a new deal with Intel Iris graphics is now available! The Iris graphics card is built into the processor with this deal and you can’t upgrade this to dedicated graphics like you were able to with the previous deal. However this processor and the Iris graphics card should be slightly better for most people that don’t want to upgrade to a dedicated graphics card.

  • If your total order including upgrades, accessories, or additional computers is $999+ you can save another 5% with code (Exp: 12/2): HOLIDAYPC
  • If your total order including upgrades, accessories, or additional computers is $1,399+ you can save another 10% with code (Exp: 12/2): HOLIDAYPC10

Check your Chase Offers in your Chase account, Chase app, or Chase Pay app to see if you’re targeted for 20% off at HP, up to $186 cash back. If you are targeted that will drop the price of this to just $399.99 $367.99 after statement credit! You’ll also get 20% off any upgrades that you make as well! Several of my business cards are targeted for this amazing offer!

Find more HP deals here.

“Stay connected to what matters most with long-lasting battery life and a sleek and portable, micro-edge bezel design. Built to keep you productive and entertained from anywhere, the HP 15″ laptop features reliable performance and an expansive display – letting you stream, surf and speed through tasks from sun up to sun down.”

  • Windows 10 Home 64 (Pro for $70 more)
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i7 1065G7 processor, 1.3 GHz, up to 3.9 GHz, 8 MB cache, 4 cores+Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • 12 GB RAM (16GB RAM for $40 more for even more speed)
  • 15.6″ diagonal HD display (Touchscreen for $50 more or FHD for $60 more)
  • 256 GB SSD storage+ 16 GB Intel Optane memory (512 GB Intel® SSD + 32 GB Intel Optane memory for $130 more or 1TB SSD for $320 more for more storage space)
  • Full-size island-style ash silver keyboard (Backlit keyboard for $30 more)
  • 802.11b/g/n (1×1) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® 4.2 combo (802.11 ac/b/g/n for $5 more)

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How does this compare to the deal Thursday with hp 15t i7?


Is it worth canceling the previous order and taking this one if I didn’t upgrade?


I know at a minimum to get the WiFi that supports dual band (ac). What is the consensus on the WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 options? Worth upgrading to one of those? Thanks.


definitely, this machine is a crapshoot without it


Is there a way to add a additional 1 hdd hard drive to this machine?


tech ppl: how important is getting an upgraded graphics card for those who don’t play games (NVIDIA 2-4GB graphics card) vs this one?


does the $399 price incl tax and shipping?


@dan I got the hp offer on business checking account even without a credit card


The 15z Touch offers a much higher powered computer than the 15t.
Specs are similar across the board, with a few upgrades (1920x screen, 1tb hdd+128gb SSD, 2×2 Wifi) I have $549 before chase 20% off.


Also note it’s 2 different i7 cores with this deal having a better core according to cpu benchmark scores 1065g7 rated 67th best while deal before shabbos 10510u rated 98th best do you think this is enough to cancel for and upgrade even if I got the other one for 450 before upgrades?


Chase freedom:
4% extra cash back


We’re waiting for dans exclusive $50 coupon


Got it for 410+upgrades. Order confirmed. Thank you Dan!
The 2 coupon codes say exp. 11/30 in the post- but I think they’re still on.
PS once you hit $930 (incl tax, assuming that’s how the Chase credit works), you hit the max Chase discount of $186. So if you increase your order to $999 to get 5% off, that 5% of your new total is what you’re actually saving off of the price of the added item/upgrade, but not also 20%.


If i ordered a laptop from hp already can I still get the chase offer or it’s a one time offer?


I’m still on the fence waiting for a recommendation on this one: get 65% off any additional upgrade + additional 10% off with code: BPCBFCMAC10 and another 20% off with chase. up to $186 after adding all my preferred upgrades I see the original price climbing to over 3K while I am being charges about $900 incl tax after chase refund.
But I see they only offer 8th gen processor is that a big con?


Suddenly seeing a option for a 256 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD is that better then the optane?

nsx at FlyerTalk

same question

Tzvi s

Is there a way to cancel the order if it’s already processing?

Tzvi s

To clarify I looked on hp website which says that cancellations can be done in an hour after ordering. Does anyone know away around that?


Dan, from the 2 i7 hp laptops that went on sale and the dell i5 which would you say is the best option? Regular office work -no major picture stuff etc
Thanks !


TYVM! And anything very worthwhile to upgrade besides the backlit keyboard which I need? Thanks


Wifi chip at minimum to +$5 one


Ordered before price went down again, is it possible to get price adjustment?

Mr g

If I want to add options for Thursday’s offer is there a way I can?


1) Struggling to understand why this one (before fr graphics card upgrade potential) is $979 list price (deal=$500 off) while last week’s was something like $1300+ list (deal= $850 off). So, what about last weeks made it a $400 higher value? (with base graphics card).
2) iTB SSD option is listed ($320 upgrade) yet doesn’t allow it to be added to final config.
Is this worth it even if allowed?
Overall why do you say this is the best of the bunch?
Thank you.


Any I7 deals on dell. I want to use my dell credits but I haven’t seen any strong pricing


It shows $499 do I have to put in a promo code for $479?

Tuvia Paul

Order two–change keyboard to Backlit
Full-size island-style ash silver backlit keyboard with numeric keypad
and use HOLIDAYPC.
Total will be $ 390.50 with the Chase order. $ 6.5 cost upgrade for a Backlit Keyboard


Just went on to buy and it is $499 not $479


How long does it take for chase credit to post?


i dont see the offer on my card, could i call in chase to ask for it?


Does the amex bus platinum offer major protections,or should I rather utilize the chase offers?


Hi just wanted to check if anyone got $50 credit from HP from previous deal.
HP told me it needs to be approved before you get the credit, not sure what it means.


Does anyone want to share their 20% hp offer with me? Would love one of these.




Would you share it with me too? Would love to get the cheaper price and you get the points

Daniel Aranov

Thank Abraham! How can I get in touch with you?


down to $459


Does the HP chase offer only apply to business accounts? I have 3 chase credit cards (all personal) and none of them show a chase offer for HP. Thanks!


Only my Business Credit and Debit cards had the offer.

Esti A

Which WiFi upgrade to get? Worth to get extra RAM?


Any info regarding warranties? I like to buy warranties on laptops.


Anyone got $50 credit from HP from previous deal yet?


What RAM should I get for speed?


16GB for $40 (really $32 after 20%) well worth it for max speed.


Thanks I just price matched (I bought one yesterday) they put my customizations in and saw what price it would come out to be with the new discount and credited my cc accordingly


Did your credit show up yet?


I spoke to someone they said that credits only get applied when the laptop ships.


Still looking for a kind soul who would like to share their 20% hp offer… pls email me

David P

It’s coming up as $479 now


@Dan, worth to cancel the last week Thursday HP deal for this one?


How does this compare to the HP 17-t, also half off and starting at 511? Thanks.


Dan, can’t find my Chase Business Debit card. Will paying with PayPal that deducts from my Chase account qualify me for my 20% discount? Thanks


No you won’t get the credit

David P

Should I get the 256 GB Intel® SSD + 16 GB Intel® Optane™ memory instead of NVMe (Same cost)?


I would say NVMe won’t have problems of small amount of optane and it will work overall better


NVMe will work better overall (16gb optane very small)


What about the 512GB Intel SSD with 32 GB Intel Optane, as opposed to the 512 NVme SSD? Which is better? THanks.


Depends how hard you are using it because if it goes over the size it will end up being much slower.
Main point of optane s to speed up HDD won’t help that much in an NVMe SSD because optane also works through NVMe


@Yeshivabucher Is it worth it adding any kind of protection plan?


anyone willing to share with me the 20% offer please send me to


If anyone would be willing to share the discount, Id be thankful

tzvi s

i can share a 20%


Could you please share link for me


do i need this Realtek Wi-Fi 5 (2×2) and Bluetooth® 5 Combo (MU-MIMO supported)?


Stock is no good so $5 more for 2x speed is good


@Dan I think you should make a poll tomorrow, Who bought the HP laptop


I just ordered the laptop and there seemed to be a glitch- the price in the cart was much lower than 459, it was 409 with a few upgrades and I paid with paypal. But now my order says the correct price- I’m not sure what they will charge me.


When I added the 10$ wifi option, price dropped to 359$!


That must be what happened to me. But my order summary has the price that it is supposed to be.


The pending charge on my credit card is 391 after 31$ tax and upgrade.


I”m waiting for it to become 0 :). untill then im holding off…


Would love to get a deal on a desktop PC….


Shows 349 before adding to cart then changes to 449


I bought yesterday for 479. Any way to get credited the difference?


Were you successful?


Wow, held off when it went up, but when I logged it came up with a base price of $349.99. Thanks Dan!


Seems like you only need to add something and remove it you can get the discount price. Solid deal at 349


For some reason by checkout it goes back up to 449


Dan, thanks for posting this deal and the last. I ordered the 15T on last deal and didn’t realize I was able to upgrade to the 16GB from the 12GB. I called HP support and they were very unhelpful (they said I had to cancel the order completely and re-order with the higher price- it had went up over night!). I’m not a big computer guy so does it make a considerable difference in speed? I am not playing video games- just streaming the web and movies…


I purchased this last Thursday for $100 more, and now ordered it again for the lower price. is there a way I can get HP to not ship the 2nd and just refund the 1st order?


The price did not jump up on you at checkout?


$449 🙁


I think its adding certain customization like the extra 4gb of ram


I pressed ORDER NOW on a cart for $760 (2 comps) and got an Order Summary for $980. That’s crazy…now I have to go chat and ask them to cancel my order?


Do you think we can buy it for $449 now and then chat with them tomorrow saying that we saw the $349 price?


It still shows us as $349 but when continue to checkout the price jumps up! Err..Worth calling them?


I don’t have a Chase card and I got a bunch of upgrades so mine was 646. I know it’s still a great deal, but it’s a lot more than $279!


It still shows us as $349 but when continue to checkout the price jumps up! Err..Worth calling them?

M. Josef

Anyone have an order# purchased with the lower price? The customer service agent said she can only match if I can prove someone actually ordered at the lower price. Anyone open to share?



How did you manage to get to an agent, I am trying for the past 10 min.

M. Josef

Called and got one right away. 800-331-0403 or 888-999-4747


it is still $349 if you don’t add the 16GB Optane memory


Until u add it to the cart and start checkout.


When you add to cart price goes up.


Correct, but when I checked out all the way it was the lower price


Kyle please post your order number so that anyone who payed more can get credited


Order number was 8675309JJ


Hi Kyle, I talked to customer service, and was told that the last two letter “JJ” should be numerical, not letters for the order number you gave. Can you help with that? Would greatly appreciate it, as they said they would match the price.


Hi Kyle, can you recheck that order number, as the last two digits should be numerical in stead of the “JJ” letter you shared, according to a Customer service representative I spoke to this morning in asking for a cost adjustment. It seemed like they would be willing to help if I could substantiate the order number. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@dan which would you recommend to buy this Hp or the Dell Inspiron 7000 15.6″ 2-In-1 Core i5, 256GB ?


Here is something weird. I put through an order when the prices dropped, and the total came to $671.73 (I upgraded a bunch). I am looking now at my order on the HP website (specifying the order number) and it is showing the total at $781.73. I checked paypal (didn’t get any chase offers, may as well get 5x on freedom), and the confirmation email was for the lower amount, although the fine print states: “The final payment amount may change when the merchant completes the order.”
Should i be worried? Thanks.


Same here!


Update – just in case anyone is following this. I just checked my order on the HP site, and the order total is now showing the price that I paid. Phew! 🙂


@dan is it worth adding protection plan? also what is this wifi thing? can anyone explain which one is worth adding?


I got the $349 price, just had to use Safari. All other browsers were giving me “Access Denied” at the payment stage.

Details with upgrades:

HP Laptop – 15t

HP 15 Laptop PC
No DVD or CD Drive
256 GB Intel® SSD + 16 GB Intel® Optane™ memory
Full-size island-style ash silver keyboard with numeric keypad
Security Software Trial
Natural silver
16 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (2 x 8 GB)
Realtek Wi-Fi 5 (2×2) and Bluetooth® 5 Combo (MU-MIMO supported)
Office Software Trial
Windows 10 Home 64 Plus
HP TrueVision HD Camera+ integrated dual array digital microphone(Natural Silver)
3-cell, 41 Wh Lithium-ion prismatic Battery
Intel® Core™ i7-1065G7 (1.3 GHz, up to 3.9 GHz, 8 MB cache, 4 cores)+Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics
15.6″ diagonal FHD SVA anti-glare micro-edge WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080)

Price $1089.99
$ 1,089. 99
Discount Applied


im glad you got the deal. though its the $449 price. ( do your math) Don’t believe anyone got the $349 price.


That is what my order was for the base of $349, it had $100 in upgrades in addition.


is it wort any protection plan?

Satmar Chussid

How can I be I have a Chase Ink business card and don’t have the Hp 20% offer? Can I call chase to ask them?


Can I upgrade this myself after u buy it?


No but I can trade you for the one that can
contact me via the forum


I would love to share Chase offer message me on DDF @avrohomgelb


Update: laptop went to $339 I used the offer. Sorry


@Dan it’s showing up $339 now. I just placed an order.


i placed my order a couple hours ago for the base price of $469, and now like 15 minutes ago the price went down to $339!, so i clicked in the my orders section and there was an option to reorder for the new price, so i just went ahead and clicked on it!, i wanna just make sure that im only going to get charged for the updated order. can anyone help?


No, reorder is a 2nd order


I understand, since I see on my credit card that I’m charged twice…. But what should I do now?


Update: So I just hung up the phone with an agent and she was able to cancel my first order!, which means that I got it for $339! + some upgrades for another $80 = $420 – credit from the chase 20% = $336!!!!!

Thanks Dan!! You’re the best! As always


Lol now I’m already afraid that this laptop is a bad one, because it’s too cheap…. Otherwise why are they giving it away for such a low price?….. Does anyone have it already? If yes what’s your experience?

Concerned buyer, 🙂


Now $339 before Chase refund!


Now 339.99! Purchased yesterday for $409.99 + upgrades. Has anyone succeeded in getting the price drop?


Get it now for $339


“Chat with HP ASAP to get a refund for prior purchases before the price goes up.” is crossed out- is that because the price went up or because they’re not doing refunds?

Yoel Aronchick

Now starting at $339. 99…

Thanks Dan!

Was briefly at $339 this morning. With employee purchase program, got one with backlit keyboard and upgraded wifi for $330!

fabulous banana

its now 339


Where did you see this

fabulous banana

on i guess it went back up


I saw the 339 price and took a screen shot, Spoke to them over the phone and they said they will consider refunding me the difference. They will answer in 3-5 days.


Can you share the screenshot? I’m on the phone with them trying to get a price adjustment.


sure, how do I do that?


Thanks Ralph they’re looking into it for me.. I hoping it gets adjusted. I’ll let you know how successful I am.


Hope you are successful, but I just used Chat with the screen shot link, and it was a no go.


Same here. Sounds like they’ve stopped with the price drops.


So it’s a good thing that I reordered it when it went down to $339!. Thank God the agent on the phone was able to cancel my first order! 🙂


didn’t want to lose my chase discount.


@Travels So you’re saying that I lost my chase discount? Even though I’m getting refunded for the first order?


After a bit of back and forth they’ve credited me $40. Thanks for the screenshot.




Could you please resend this long or send to me in private
They wanna owner the price but they need proof


Would you by chance still have that screenshot? Please email it to me at

David P

Is there anyway you could post a screenshot


I bought several and can sell to you using the Chase deal so if you don’t have the Chase deal – you can still buy from me at a good price. Contact me at for details. — Bob in NYC


I sent you email you never replied


Out of stock


I paid $449 before upgrades and called them today to price match to the $339. At first said theyll credit me $50 then I pushed and they upd it $75. I pushed and she said that’s the max the system was allowing


When you called, was it still in stock?
I emailed them a screenshot immediately but they don’t want to do it, since it’s out of stock now.


It was out of stock and that’s why she said she couldn’t do the full price match.


In stock for $499.99


Alive again


Is this still a great deal at $499 or $399 with Chase offers ?


Yes sure


Did they start building it or shipping it out yet ?


Don’t know about building, but they didn’t ship it out yet.

David P

How come I don’t see the %20 from Chase on my statement and I had it in my offers?


I have received 1 of 2. So it turned out that the 256 GB Intel® SSD + 16 GB Intel® Optane™ memory is actually PCIe NVMe SSD with 16GB 3D Xpoint(i guess thats the optane memory). On the other one ive ordered i did not choose the optane memory since i thought it wont be PCIe NVMe SSD, therefore i now feel mislead. Definitely not clearly explained what are you getting while choosing the options.

I am not sure what action to take next. Any suggestions? Im sure a lot of us did the same choice.


Can you please explain what difference does this make? I’m really not computer savvy 😉


Is it qlc or tlc? It seems like it’s a Intel H10 which is qlc. The question is whether the standard NVME offered by HP is tlc.
There is an opinion the TLC is better then QLC + Optane

Just saying

I ordered a 1tb nvme. Got a Intel 660 which is qlc.


Any suggestions for extended warranty? I guess the hp doesn’t pay?


Anyone bought one when there was hype but decided they don’t want it..
Please email me @
Thank you!


Anyone bought one when there was hype but decided they don’t want it..
Please email me @
Thank you!


The fan is on most of the time and it’s loud. I have only installed one program so far, and have one chrome window with a couple of tabs open. Anyone else having this issue? Also, never received Office I ordered from them… contacted them, and still haven’t received…

David P

My laptop was just driven over by a car I bought it with a Chase credit card anyone know if I could get a warranty from HP or chase?