Dell E1505 Notebook For Just $749 Shipped!!!


I got a few emails asking what happened to the days when I would post a good dell deal every week.
A while back Dell had $750 off $1499 promotions on a regular basis.
Unfortunately those are now long gone. (A quick search of this site shows that the last time that promo was offered was back in July of 2005)
At any rate it appears my boycott of posting Dell deals in protest of the elimination of their amazing coupons isn’t going to change anything, so here’s a nice deal for a Vista notebook, no coupon required.

E1505 Linky
-Core Duo 1.73GHz
-Microsoft Vista, Premium Edition
-15.4″ TruLife LCD
-1GB Ram
-80GB Hard Drive (120GB is $55 more)
-24x CD Burner/DVD Reader (DVD Burner is $40 more)
-Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

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dell sucks, maybe post a different company.

toshiba, hp…


Dear Dan,
your site is great.
can you please add on the side Labels: such as notebooks, dell, etc.
we only see a label when there is a deal & only for that category,
we want to see all labels.


vista laptops are terrible
that probably has a 30 minute battery life…
get a mac


Just want to warn everyone that if you get Vista you want more than 1GB RAM. Make it 2GB.