Dell 15z Ultrabook For Just $699.99 With A Free $150 Dell Gift Card And Free 2nd Day Shipping


Buy this laptop on an American Express card like the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express or Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN and you’ll get a 2nd year of top notch warranty coverage from AMEX for free! Have a problem with the laptop during the AMEX warranty year? AMEX will pay to fix the problem or refund the entire purchase price of your laptop, free of any hassle!


Dell 15z Ultrabook Linky

Use coupon code: 07J3ZFPC$14XS$

Until tonight only: If you previously synced your AMEX card in November with Dell on Twitter (this offer is now closed if you did not already register) you can get this Ultrabook AND a $150 Dell gift card for just $549.99 after the $150 statement credit!  Use the gift card to buy accessories or anything else sold by Dell.

The gift card can be seen in the detailed view of your cart (under “Miscellaneous”), even after you enter the $100 coupon code above.















Specs at $699:
-Windows 8, 64-bit
-3rd Generation Intel Core processor i5-3317U (3M Cache, up to 2.6 GHz)
-6GB Shared DDR3 RAM
-500GB HArd Drive with 32GB mSATA SSD
-Intel HD Graphics 4000
-8X DVD+/-RW Burner
-15.6″ HD WLED Display
-Intel Centrino Wireless 2230, 2×2 bgn + Bluetooth
-Skullcandy audio with WaveMaxx 4.0
-Backlit Chiclet Keyboard with Gesture TouchPad
-$150 Dell Promo Gift Card-Arrives in 10-20 days, carries a 90 Day Exp.

HT: ih and DH Data Recovery, via DDF

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Does the extra year of warranty come with any American Express card?


so even if it goes out of the basic cart like you mentioned in my other comment – as long as it is in view & print details it is good?


Wow! Great deal! Thanks!

Any ideas what to use a $150 gift card from Dell for?



Yes, but it can’t hurt to print up a copy of your cart/take a screenshot just in case there’s a problem.

Just look at the accessories Dell sells.
Screens, hard drives, wireless mice/keyboards, etc, etc.
Or sell it or use it on another computer deal.


Is this a good laptop for graphic designing?


how long doe sit take for the amex twitter credit offer to post?


I synced back in March for the $100 offer (and got an email confirmation) would it still work now? Do I need to do anything now?

How can you confirm if you are going to get it?


@Mendel: read the post. It says the price is after the statement credit for the tweet


Every time you post something like this I have to kick myself again for being lazy with the twitter sync 🙁


Is there a code for the 14z?


Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus whats the best rated company??


2 day shipping is $15


@dan: any deals gonna come up for flights in febto israel ?


Yea dan lets talk about flights in a “comment” to a computer deal – this is a very relevant place to discuss it


any deals from argentina to ny or miami


@115: Well I cannot blame him for posting here his question. I emailed Dan a few times requesting his help for flights and deals and he hardly answers, I know he is very busy and must get a ton of emails from people looking for deals and offering deals. So posting in the most recent post where dan is reading and responding is the next best idea.

Dan do you know if they will allow me to change the name on my recent flight to TLV that you posted about? I want to sell the ticket to someone – at a profit of course. In my area dansdeals is my secret and people look up to me here like they look up to dan on the dans deals site.

more annoyed

He’s in no way obligated to help you – if he would answer every email it would never end. Taking a deal that he posted and hijacking it for your own personal deal requests on a entirely different topic is kind of selfish…


Dan, I follow you on Twitter and set my IPhone to notify me when you post a deal however I don’t get any notifications. ???


@Aaron that’s no excuse to type random comments – there’s an entire dansdeals forum section where you can ask any question you want and usually find many people that have already asked and discussed all the questions you are asking. It doesn’t make sense to walk into a room where ppl are discussing a certain topic and to interrupt them with questions concerning entirely dif topic. This is no different. Despite your efforts to contact Dan this really isn’t our problem


@aaron: How big of an idiot are you?! Do you think Dan is proud to hear that you not only don’t promote his site, you even have the nerve to take the knowledge he provides here and use it for your own benefit to exalt yourself to other people, and give none of the credit to him?! Whatever happened to “ha’omer davar b’shem onto, meivi ge’ula l’olam”?! You sure are a piece of work…


@aaron: You can’t change it. Out of gratitude for the good you get from Dan why don’t you spread it where you come


@annoyed, While I hear your argument you must remember that for Dan this is his full time job, I would say it is a mix of a Osek Betzarchei Tzibbur and a regular Parnasah, so from both angles he should help out; He has a duty as someone who devoted himself to the good of the Jewish nation, and also as a businessman, he Baruch Hashem earns money from the links on this site so in essence we are all his “customers” and he does a great job at “customer service”, it is sometimes that the load is too much for him to bear, it may benefit Dan to hire a part time secretary to assist him in answering all his customer emails and comments during the busy seasons.

I can only Imagine after 120 when Dan goes before Hashem (first class ticket 🙂 ) and when being judged the scales will fall over in his favor from the immense weight off all the money and miles that he helped his fellow Jews (and non-Jews) earn and save during his lifetime.

The power of helping one another is so great! Essentially Dan is providing (side) incomes to many off us, and we all know that providing a job is the highest form of charity.

Dan, may Hashem continue to bless you with many more years (at full value) and may you continue in your holy work of bringing Parnasha to the Jewish nation.



I still don’t see how you answered my original question why do you post comments on a totally dif topic – it creates chaos.
Oh and on a side note its so nice to see that while your so busy extoling Dans virtues for helping everyone – you take his help and keep it a secret “in your area” well isn’t that sweet. So if I understand correctly you want the guy thats helping everyone else to set aside specific time to help you so that you in return will use this knowledge and not help anyone else???? Very selfless indeed


the amex twitter credit IS ONLY FOR PURCHASES THRU 12/31/12
TODAY IS 1/1/13

Aay B.

Though this might be helpful.

Ordered this laptop last night (before 12) with free 7 day shipping, called in today to check status and just asked the rep if she could expedite the shipping, after 30 seconds on hold she returned that she changed the shipping to FREE next day shipping.