Amazon Is Now Selling The New Macbook Air Notebook!

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Buy from Amazon, not Apple…

These are available to buy now-they will ship as soon as they are released.
Macbook Air 1.6GHz/80GB Hard Drive-$1,794
Macbook Air 1.6GHz/64GB SSD-$2,793
Macbook Air 1.8GHz/80GB Hard Drive-$2,094
Macbook Air 1.8GHz/64GB SSD-$3,093
Macbook Air Optical Drive-$99

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5 Comments On "Amazon Is Now Selling The New Macbook Air Notebook!"

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Wow, a thousand bucks extra for an SSD drive…


Welcome, Dan, to the side of light. Shrug off the yoke of the dark side of Microsoft and come to the beauty of Mac. And yes, we have Office. And Firefox.


Steve said it’s pricey, as long as he said it b4 us.


Also the slowest mac ever

Yossi at YossTek

Is it just my imagination or are Apple products becoming lower quality and higher priced?

I always accepted the fact that Apple’s prices were OK since they had quality stuff, but now there are more bugs then ever and they try to restrict you to their stuff only (except for BootCamp, which they had no choice but to release because someone came out with a hack anyways).

I mean for example look at the new Remote Drive feature – it sounds cool but Engadget is reporting that you can’t use it to watch DVD movies or even access HD-DVDs. And it pops up annoying messages.

I’m not saying M$ stuff is any better but at least it’s cheaper.