HOT! Get A Free Wall Mount For LCD Screens After Rebate From PC Connection!

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There are 4 types of mounts that are free after rebate.  They range from $69-$89.  All of them are free after the rebate.

According to the rebate form there is a limit of 1 rebate per product per address, so you would get a rebate for one of each of these if you decide to buy all four.

Shipping is free if you order $99 worth of items from PC Connection, so if you order 2 wall mounts your shipping will be free as well, otherwise expect to pay about $12 shipping if you order just one.

Mustang TILT2: 26″-36″ Mount

Mustang STAT3: 37″-60″ Mount

Mustang STAT4: 42″-72″ Mount

Mustang Projector Ceiling Mount

Rebate Linky (Purchase between 10/01-12/31, postmark within 30 days of purchase)

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seems only free if purchased with an LCD or plasma display on same order.


That is incorrect, where do you even see that?

The rebate is clear that the items are free after rebate.


@Dan/Ctownbochur: I apologize. The LCD display was required for the rebate which expired on 9/30/09.


it says one mustang rebate per address right under the product I would imagine one means one total ot just this size. no?


It says “One rebate per product per address”
That means you can get a rebate for each of the products listed on the form.


Quick Shailah…Does it come with instructions on how to hang my microwave…


@Jack: microwave?


@Dan/Ctownbochur: then waht do you make of this FREE after Mail-in Rebate! Flat Panel Tilt Wall Mount for 26-36in, (One Mustang Rebate per Address)
im not trying to chalenge you rather to clarify this thank you


For that product you can only get one rebate.
The rebate form explicitly says that it’s one rebate per product per address.

Just to confirm I called the number on the rebate and was told that you can get the rebate on multiple different mounts.


thank you and G-d bless you


oh darn you didnt mention theres tax 🙁


is it one rebate per shipping address or one rebate per billing address?


I just called the rebate center – you can only qualify for one rebate. NOT one for each product, even on separate forms.


I spoke to Sandy at the rebate center who said that you will get the rebates for multiple different products, as it says clearly on the form, one rebate per product per address.

She reiterated that there is no problem getting a rebate even for all 4 items.

Feel free to call them at 866-390-6884 and ask about offer H033035 what it means by “one rebate per product per address.”


off topic… can you help me find a good and good price all in one printer copy scan and fax…
(in future where can i post such a request?)


There’s a deal request forum at

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