Refurbished Ipod Nanos Prices Slashed!


Apple Store’s Refurbished iPods Linky

2 GB-Silver-$79



Refurbs come with a 1 year Apple warranty.

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Amex 90 daty return dosnt cover refurbished items


According to the fine print you appear to be correct.
However I have done a return to AMEX on a refurbished item without a hitch, so I wonder how well that’s enforced…


are these ipods well priced? im new to ipods, is it good for my 14 year old son? and does it pay to buy refurbished?


I bought a tomtom 510 from woot 3 weeks ago on my starwood card, the device is broken I made a claim with amex and they denied it bec it is refurbished


If it’s broken and woot won’t refund it then you should be filing a chargeback against them, not a return claim!


Thanks I just emailed woot and they answered that they will refund my money. Dan maybe you can do a write up on gps navigation devices because they are all going down in price lately for the holiday seasons.


why would anyone buy an 8gig old ipod for $149 when you can buy a brand new 8gb video nano for $199?????


eli, i ordered also the tomtom from woot, and i had an issue with it, so i did some research on google, and found that many were having issues… the good news is that there is a hidden reset button to solve some of those issues…

looking for help

this comment isn’t really applicable to the deal it’s on rather to the one about shoebuy.

1. the promo code now only works for items that are $30 however the “basic” crocks are only $29.95 is there any way to work that out, or is there like a $1 item at that store to meake it go to $30 – could someone or dan please help me

thank you!

2. to Eli who said:
“You can use colombus20 code and receive 20 percent off on the crocs bringing the total to 21.56!”

I tried that code of colombus20 and it didn’t seem to work…

thank you!


You are right the code is COLUMBUS07 which takes off 20% and if you are anew member it will take off another 10% bringing total to 21.56. good luck



I second the motion about posting re the navigators. I see a new deal every day and I haven’t a clue about what to look for etc. Any ideas?

looking for help

Thanks eli,

do you know if this code works all the time?
if not when does it expire, also where do I see that it takes %10 off for being a new member, does it only do that once I have entered my credit card information?

$10 dollars off 30 saves more money so is there a way to apply that to the regular crocs which are only $29.95 , but if not i’ts ok I’ll just use the %20 off code

once again thank you very much for all your help.


Dont know when it expires dan posted it a few days ago but im sure it wont work forever. before you confirm the payment make sure it has taken another 10 % off.

looking for help

Thank you so much Eli for your help I just ordered 2 pairs of crocks for only $43.12

SubTotal: $ 59.90
Promo Discount: $ -11.98
10% Discount: $ -4.8
Total: $ 43.12