RCA Noise Canceling Headphones For $14.99 Shipped, Or $4.99 Shipped With A New Google Checkout Account!


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I’ve had these headphones before (though they weren’t RCA) and they were great. They really reduced outside noise, but when the noise canceling was on (with no music) you can hear a little hissing (which is the noise canceling). I found that it in no way interfered with the music at at.
The sound was great with a really nice base. The battery pack I found not to be that annoying though sometimes it does get in the way.
The only downside of the headphones that I found was that it felt like it squeezed my ears after a while of wearing it (but really after a while, like 3 hours) otherwise I found them comfortable. On the other hand I have a really small head, so if you have a large one it might squeeze you more lol.
They lasted me quite a few years and took enough abuse before the cord ripped.

All in all, there decent headphones (though nothing like more expensive ones like Bose) and Dan found them for an absolutely amazing price.
Go for it everyone!


explain please whats the free google checkout


Google checkout is sort of like PayPal, just it’s Google. Also it doesn’t serve as many sites as PayPal. It’s free to sign up to and all you need is a credit card. Right now there offering 10$ off of your first purchase using google checkout.
I should also say that after I used it for the first time (and got my 10 off) they sent me another 5 dollars off which I used to order these headphones!


When I opened my new google checkout and proceeded to checkout, it still said 14.99. Am I doing something wrong? How do I get it to 4.99?