New iPods Coming September 5th!


Hold off on those iPod purchases…Apple will be introducing new ones at a special event titled, “The beat goes on” next Wednesday at 10AM PDT!!!

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Where did you get this information from??


well 1 ipod is going to be the chubby on wich is real ugly its a ipod nano but wider to watch videos and i hope the tuch screen also will come out i can wait for it


you never posted the winner to your 500,00 hits/credit card promotion


booo boooo did someone say apple

i say boycott apple until they reafiliate us


anyone out there ever actually get a woot bag of crap?? what type of stuffare in them usually?


Usually crap (thats what its called)

mendel S.

Apple did not confirm that they will be introducing the new ipods at this event, although many are speculating that they will indeed do so.

The picture you are referring to in which the new ipod nano appears ‘chubby’, is one “artists” rendition of what it may look like, I highly doubt that it is accurate.

Most people are expecting Apple to incorporate the Mac OS onto the ipod to give it increased functionality and since this a fixed cost expect the new ipod to sell at current price points.


well the reason pple say its ipods is cause the pic shows cover flow wich what else is it for then and also i also dont think a ipod chubby is good i will never think of buying one but pple say it is cause apple claimed the rites of a photo on wich can mean that but im not saying it is


Wow…the writing of “anon” is about as bad as the South Carolina Miss Teen USA speech on maps. (Youtube it if you’re not familiar)

Holy Cow

Geez, put down the whiskey bottle before you try to type a comment.