Apple: T Minus 15 Minutes…

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Update 3: If you hurry you can pick up a 4GB iPhone for just $299 from the Apple Store. It’s hiding in the bottom right corner of the page.
(HT: Mendy)

Update 2: All of the new iPods are now available for purchase from the Apple Store.

Live updates: What’s going on so far:

1. New iTunes tonight (yawn)

2. Make ringtones out of purchased songs for an additional 99 cents (double yawn)

3. New colors for ipod shuffle-same price ($79)

4. New 3rd generation ipod nano:
-Flash memory based
-as was leaked in online photos, except smaller than it seemed from the photo…
-bigger and brighter 2.0″ screen for videos
-comes in black, red, silver, blue, and green.
-24 hours audio/5 hours video battery life.

5. New Ipod Classic:
-Hard drive based
-full metal version of the current ipod
-80GB version is thinner than the current 30GB ipod, has 30 hours audio/5 hours video battery life.
-160GB version is thinner than the current 80GB ipod, has 40 hours audio/7 hours video battery life.
-comes in silver and black

6. Ipod Touch!!! Iphone without the phone!
-Flash memory based
-Thinner than iphone (0.31 inches vs. .46 inches thick)
-Same screen size as iphone (3.5″)
-Multi-touch interface
-wi-fi 802.11b/g
-Youtube application
-Safari web browser
-22 hours audio/5 hours video battery life.
-Compatible with current ipod accessories
-Free previews of all music in iTunes over wi-fi
-Purchase music from iTunes over wi-fi: same price as with a computer

7. Iphone:
-New software to be released soon.
-8GB iphone price to be slashed from $599 down to $399 (I didn’t think that they would sell too many at $599!)

-4GB iphone to be discontinued.

The End! Hope you enjoyed the real-time updates!

Apple’s big event starts in just 15 minutes…

Will Steve Jobs reveal the latest and greatest ipod since the nano, or will it be more of the same old?
We’ll find out soon enough!

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Will the old Nano’s go down in price now?

Where would be the best place to pick one up for cheap?


hope they announce the date of the new OS

mendel s

the 4gb iphone was discontinued. They were being outsold by the 8gb version by a about 10-1 anyway. New OS in October.


they still havent annouced a date in october


All of the old ipods should be on sale soon…I’ll post deals on them as soon as they come up!


wats annoying is that they havent released a 3g iphone yet…


how do you get wifi subscription from for the new itouch? how much?


wow the new os is also really cool and it probably will be at the end of October like all the time the same story and the ipod touch is missing a camera at least for now im buying the new ipod touch

you sure, dan?

doesent apple stop selling all old stock as soon as the new one comes out?


The sales will be from stores like Amazon, not Apple.


Dan be careful when you rate apple like that… Remmeber what they did to you last time… They bumped you as a affiliate!


is the iTouch like the nokia 770, but with a multi touch screen?

mendel s

The retailers usually get a heads up from Apple when they are about to launch a new product so that they can clear some space and clean out existing inventory. Shipments from Apple also slow down prior to a launch, so I wouldnt expect much in the form of discounts from retailers.


dan today not bad at all plus a $100.00 rebate also