HOT! HP 15.6″ 10th Gen Core i7 256GB SSD Laptop For $479.99 After $870 Black Friday Savings, Or $383.99 With Chase Offers!

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Update: DEAD! You can still save on the Core i5 version here.

Update: This is the best Black Friday laptop deal and is now just $479.99 or $383.99 with Chase Offers!

HP 15.6″ 10th Gen Core i7 256GB SSD Laptop For $499.99 Shipped After $850 Black Friday Savings!

You can also get the Core i5 version of this for just $419.99 or $335.99 with Chase Offers.

  • If your total order including upgrades, accessories, or additional computers is $999+ you can save another 5% with code: HOLIDAYPC
  • If your total order including upgrades, accessories, or additional computers is $1,399+ you can save another 10% with code: HOLIDAYPC10

Check your Chase Offers in your Chase account, Chase app, or Chase Pay app to see if you’re targeted for 20% off at HP, up to $186 cash back. If you are targeted that will drop the price of this to just $399.99 $383.99 after statement credit! You’ll also get 20% off any upgrades that you make as well! Several of my business cards are targeted for this amazing offer!

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“Stay connected to what matters most with long-lasting battery life and a sleek and portable, micro-edge bezel design. Built to keep you productive and entertained from anywhere, the HP 15″ laptop features reliable performance and an expansive display – letting you stream, surf and speed through tasks from sun up to sun down.”

  • Windows 10 Home 64 (Pro for $70 more)
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i7 10510U processor (Upgrade available to NVIDIA 2GB graphics card for $55 or NVIDIA 4GB graphics card for $94)
  • 12 GB RAM (16GB RAM for $40 more for even more speed)
  • 15.6″ diagonal HD display (FHD display for $50 more for a full hi-res display)
  • 256 GB SSD storage (512GB for $100 more for more storage space)
  • Full-size island-style ash silver keyboard (Backlit keyboard for $30 more)
  • 802.11b/g/n (1×1) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® 4.2 combo (802.11 ac/b/g/n for $10 more)

You can add an external CD/DVD drive for just $19.99 from Amazon.

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Additional 20% off with most chase ink cards?

Yaakov Ely

Even Hotter add 3 PCs for $100 off EvHOLIDAYPC10


you would probably save more by placing 3 seperate orders with different chase cards, no?

sol lemon

It has a maximum of $186. it might be for each account, even with different cards.


Might be better off using the 5% and then the 20% from Chase vs three.
2 PC would make it more worth it.

San Finkelstein

The upgrade to Backlit keyboard is a must if you plan on traveling with it.


How good of a deal is this?


Their return policy charges a restocking fee. If this laptop works for me- great. If it’s not fast enough I want to return it.

What’s your experience with them in terms of accepting returns?


They will charge you 15% unless something is wrong with the pc they will need a specialist login to your pc to confirm there is a issue


PSA spend the $10 and upgrade the wireless card.
The one it comes with is not great.


anything else worth upgrading?


Display 100%.


How will the 20% off any upgrades that you make be applied, from Chase or HP?


Any must upgrades or is the default good enough?
I see that I am targeted for 20% from chase will it come off straight away or as a statement credit?


If I don’t see the chase offer, does it pay to call them up[ and ask them for it?


They said they can’t give it to me if it’s not there.


How do i check if my chase ink card offers me 20% off?

sol lemon

Check on their website or app, by the Chase offers


can anyone share which upgrades are worth getting aside from more memory and backlit keyboard?


Is it still working or am I the only one having issues?


Works fine over here.


will i get 20% back from the tax portion as well?


In my experience, yes.


Thought so.


Says ships 12/16 any reason not to lock in the price and cancel if I find better?


I think that’s what I’ll be doing.


Screen resolution is only 1366 x 768 which is a bit dated.
It’s probably worth the extra $50 to upgrade to the FHD display 1920 x 1080


Can get the i5 version of this laptop for $419 or $336 after chase offer


I wasn’t sure, but I need a new laptop and the 20% back on my card seals the deal. I upgraded the screen and wifi and it’s still a bargain.


Is HP an office supplies store for the ink cash?


I also have 3x points for HP on my offers


Thanks ordered 2!

Michael Belsky

Estimated ship date on my order is 12/16 and chase offer ends 12/10.

Uh oh…..


Thanks Dan! Ordered one!


This is a great deal and I have the Chase offer but I’m not in the market for a laptop…


Would you consider ordering for someone else? I’m looking.


Is this still a good deal without the 20%?

Jason Smith

Will you be able to get the credit from Chase if it doesn’t ship out before 12/10? I looked back at my last order from HP 2 years ago and it shipped out on the exact date that they estimated it to ship out.


Anyone targeted and not using it? Please let me know if you might be willing to help me out.


Still need it?






Can’t I just insert a sd card for additional memory instead of spending for memory upgrade?

Ed Travel

None of my cards have the offer 🙁


currently its pending on my credit card. If i cancel my order and reorder with some upgrades will i still get the chase offer?


I am asking the same thing?


Which ever order goes through will trigger the refund.


$479 now!


am i at the wrong item?
should i cancel the 1 i bought for 499?


Same thing! Let us know if you find a way to cancel and reorder.


I just finished chatting with them
Got the credit!


Dan, give me credit…
I post it’s 479
can i get the 20 back from them, or cancel / reorder?


Can Marriott business card have the HP offer?


Will they price adjust?


I just did an online chat and they credited me back $20


Can you post a screenshot of your order without your info? Meaning the refund?


I chatted with them and they said they’ll refund the difference.


Any way of getting 32gb ram?

Darnell Hewlitt

Will this likely be a good resale opportunity? Does anyone know if these will sell well on ebay for example?


I paid through paypal check out using the CC.
Will the 20% still activate 😕


Be the data point you want to see !! Let us know


does anyone know of a way to cancel a hp order without calling the? i cant seem to find such an option


i ordered it yesterday, do you think they will charge us a restocking fee if we cancel it on Friday the 29?


just ask them to credit the difference, i did, and got the credit.


Can someone specify the upgrades worth getting? Thanks


Will Chase offers work if I pay through PayPal with the Chase CC?


Quote from the T & C on the Chase page: “Offer valid one time only. Offer expires 12/10/2019. Payment must be made directly with the merchant. Offer not valid on third-party delivery services or mobile wallet purchases.”


Do I need to add the HP 20% offer to my card before purchasing the laptop or will it just automatically apply?


Yes you need


no full hd on a 300 dollar laptop. Deal breaker.

Your eyes will get pixelated so fast


if i purchased the laptop and then i cancel my order and reorder it, will chase apply the 20% on my first order or second order?


HP wouldn’t cancel my order bc customer service is closed. they couldn’t price match either. and they told me to place another order but that they cant guarantee the first order can be cancelled.


I chat and did get the difference credit, the chat is open now.


Free Returns?


Back to $499.99


Anyone have a screenshot of the 479$ price?


When I add the laptop to cart the price changes to $499 even though when I searched the item it originally showed $479. Anything to do about it? Is it selling only for $499 now?


If i pay off my Chase credit card balance in full before the statement closing date, do i still get the credit?




Access Denied!!!


HP Website down!

r duvid

3:00pm just worked for me $449! thanks


How can I chat to add the coupon code to my existing order? Chats seem to be closed for Thanksgiving.


Just got it added by chat, choose personal not business it’s open!


choose consumer product for personal use, then US sales, then ready to buy they are open


Thanks that worked!


i just cancelled my order and placed a new one with the cheaper price. will i still get statement credit?




Life Hack! If you’re having issues with the live chat window not showing the fields you need to join a chat, open the development console for your browser, paste the following and hit enter: document.querySelector(“#form1”).submit()


Had my first, pre-coupon order cancelled. Placed repeat order with coupon.


I don’t need a laptop now, worth buying it just to celebrate black friday/Thanksgiving? Will I be “Yotze” with that?
Or perhaps can it be a resale opportunity?


If my Chase freedom doesn’t have the offer, anything to do to try and chat to see if it can be added?


How did you chat? I keep on getting the message to contact customer service over the phone


choose consumer product for personal use, than US sales, then ready to buy


anyway i can modify an order?, i want 2 upgrades (Wifi & Display), by chat they say they can’t 🙁


ask them to cancel and then place an new reservation


Do you get x5 if you use ink cash?


They honored the code and applied the discount against my upgrades as well. Saved $68.50. Thanks Dan.


“Good news! The coupon is applicable on your order.”

thanks Dan for the free $50


So with tax and upgrading wifi and keyboard it is $529.12 is that right?


sound correct, yes.


Where can I find differences in options – example difference between home and pro etc


Bought for 449.99


Anyway to get chase to give me the 20% off if I wasn’t targeted?


I just called them and they wouldn’t do it.


i chat, it was very easy..


I waited a long time, but finally got someone and got the $50 credited back.

Brooklyn boy

Dan, thank you for another amazing deal. Thank you so much for the clear instructions and constant updates!


i think this one is a better deal


Is it possible to add my own hhd?

Harry Edel has hp gc for -5.86% can we combine with this?


Just finished chating with HP and they will refund me the $50 plus tax


@Dan, just want to recommend your readers to get the 100% Money Back warranty. Hopefully, if you don’t use it, you will get the money back and of course get 20% on everything.

Thanks Dan

Placed an order at $499. I just chatted and confirmed another $59 off with the coupon code! Then I asked if I can get it at the $479 price…they asked for a screenshot which I promptly sent them to get another $20 off! Cant get better!!
You think I’ll get the 20% off the original price from chase? 😉


can you send me the screenshot?


Pleas send to


You have a screenshot? Mind sharing?;sa=send;u=21342



I don’t have the Chase offer on any of my cards (Ink, CSR, Freedom, FreedomUnlimited), nor do I have an HP offer on my Amex (Bonvoy) card. Which is the best card to use to get an extended warranty on this purchase? If not taking extended warranty into account, which is the best Chase card to use, to maximize the amount of points earned? Would the Ink card give 5X? Does it pay (pun intended) to use the Freedom card via PayPal to get the 5X? Or just use the FreeUnlimited to get the 1.5X? Thanks!!

mo gross

thanks got $50 refunded

“I verified and the coupon is applicable to your order. What we will do is to credit it back to your payment method which is $50. Depending on your banks processing time, it will be posted back to your account within 3-5 business days after your laptop ships out.”

eg down?


I had problems. First I tried incognito mode, and I got through to the final checkout page after which that also went down for me. I started all over again in a different browser and had better luck.

Which browser are you using? I had issues with Firefox. Edge worked.


would I get chase 20% if i order two?


Trying to get live help for the $50 adjustment, but it looks like they’re closed today. Do you think they will make adjustment tomorrow.


if ordered one can i do another?
it said in your post offer valid once


anyone know if the mx250 (upgraded graphics card) is 100$ better than the uhd graphics?


I have Sapphire (non-preferred), which earns UR & gets offers, but didn’t get this offer.


Is the external dvd burner built in to the laptop or is it one of those boxes that connect via usb? in other words is it worth the $50 here or can I get the amazon $20 one?


If I ordered with two different email adds and different names just the same CC will it be a problem?


Why dont I see chase offers in my app I have a freedom card


Any way to get chase offer for HP if I’m not targeted? Anyway to get Chase to add to my card I checked all my chase cards and no luck

computer seeker

whats the best offer for desktop?


Is this touchscreen?


When I checked all three of my Chase cards on the full website I was not targeted for the HP offer.
But when I checked on the mobile app I WAS targeted on both of my business cards and saved the offer.
So if you’re not targeted, try the mobile app.


FYI- if you call HP you can request a 25$ credit back to your card- you can do the warranty and laptop separate and get back 50$ on your card


Mind explaining? Don’t understand.


What the return policy on restocking fees?


Hi – I bought it yesterday at $499 and am chatting as I type and they say they will NOT process with teh new coupon code for the additional 10% off. ANything I can do?


I did not find an offer in chase offers for HP

Yossi M

is this worth to upgrade, and what is it?
802.11 ac/b/g/n (1×1) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.2 combo


When is this deal good until? Just through Friday? And does anyone know if this is good for multitaskers – I don’t understand al the tech speak, I just know I need something really fast that can handle a lot of tabs, as well as things like photoshop and other heavyweight programs. Is this any good for my purpose?


The code is not working. is it expired?


Code not working


Dead. “We’re sorry, this is an invalid coupon code” back to 499


Can you please post the best desktop deals? Thank you!


says 1349 now


Now $1348.99

School life

Bought this with through paypal like an idiot as I didnt have my cc on me. Today I tried calling both hp and chase to see if they can help me. HP says they cant honor the price I got it for if i cancel, and chase says they cant make a one time exception and give me the 20% as I did not use the cc directly with hp. Would anyone know if I can still do something with chase? I spoke to a manager and she said she is not able to do anything. Losing out over a 100 bucks


Dan, thanks for the post. Which would you say is the best computer/deal between the 2 HP i7 laptops that you posted and the Dell? I’ve ordered all of them and not sure which one I’m going to want to keep. Thank you very much!


this is on sale again


I am trying to get a second external screen to work for this laptop as the laptop only comes with an HDMI port. I tried a usb-c to dvi cord but it did not work. I am going to try a couple other options, but if anyone knows for sure how to make this work and if the graphics (2gb version ) card can support 2 or more external screens then please let me know. Thanks.


I have confirmed that the usbc drive is only for data and will not support a monitor.


I have confirmed with HP the graphics card only supports 1 external monitor. sigh…


Anyone bought one when there was hype but decided they don’t want it..
Please email me @
Thank you!