Brand New Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones From Dell For $279 Or $51.10 With AMEX Business Platinum!

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Update: Alive again!

Update: Sold out!

Brand New Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Now Available From Dell For $279 Or $79 With AMEX Business Platinum!

Also on sale for $279 from B&H or Amazon!

Read Dan’s review of these headphones here!

Through 8/1 many AMEX business cards also have 10% off at Dell, dropping the price from $279.99 to $251.10.

-The AMEX Business Platinum card now offers $200 Dell credit to spend every January-June and $200 Dell credit to spend every July-December, dropping the price to $51.10. You need to register here for the Dell benefit. 

Dell allows you to split a charge among 3 credit cards at checkout. If you have multiple Platinum cards that means you can get a credit on each one by splitting the charge among multiple cards!

  • Noise cancelling wireless headphones – The perfect balance of quiet, comfort, and sound. Bose uses tiny mics to measure, compare, and react to outside noise, cancelling it with opposite signals.
  • High-fidelity audio – The TriPort acoustic architecture offers depth and fullness. Volume-optimized Active EQ maintains balanced performance at any volume, so bass stays consistent when turned down and the music remains clear when turned up.
  • Quiet & Aware Modes – Choose Quiet Mode for full noise cancelling, or Aware Mode to bring the outside into the around ear headphones and hear your environment and your music at the same time.
  • Over ear headphones – These comfortable wireless headphones are suitable for all-day wear. Crafted with plush synthetic leather and impact-resistant nylon, and designed with minimal clamping force, they’re as luxurious as they are durable.
  • Up to 24 hours battery life – Enjoy 24 hours of battery life from a single charge.* A quick 15-minute charge offers 3 hours when you’re on the go, or plug in the included audio cable to listen for even longer in wired mode.
  • Around ear headphones charge via USB-C – Headphones charge via the included USB-C cable.
  • Bluetooth wireless noise cancelling headphones – These headphones are optimized for a strong, reliable Bluetooth connection within 30 feet of the paired device.
  • Bose Music app – The app walks you through guided setup of your over ear headphones, making it easy to get started. Plus, access adjustable noise cancellation settings, manage your Bluetooth connections, enable shortcuts, and more.

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Doifen Akuma

Obviously waiting for your review before i consider purchasing…


I always has issues using the qc35 in public places on phone calls because there would be way too much background noise. I googled and found many others complained about this.

Did you experience this? Did they fix it in the qc45¿


The mics cant do phone calls And cancel noise at the same time. I dont think its fixed, maybe partially.

The mics wont pickup outside noise, but you will hear it. I dont own qc45


Was waiting for the black to be available – thanks Dan!


Just a second, wasn’t it back to $100 Dell credit per 6 months? When did that change?


When did the new $400 goes into effect? Bc i actually just bought this yesterday from Dells, am i getting the $100 or $200 from Amex? Thx Dan!


would you recommend to call amex? I did the same thing (already shipped)


It says now shipping in Jan?!!

Nate The Great

Not in stock until Jan.
That means Dell won’t bill you until then. Be careful when making your order


My card was charged instantly. But my delivery date says Jan 5 2022 🙁
Maybe it’s a pre-order?

Anyone know ?

Maybe I missed it, but how long does this special Dell/Amex amazing price last ?

Anyone know ?

Does anyone know the answer?


Now it says shipping this month!!


Will this work well in the gym? Or will it get wet and sweaty?


I don’t think over the head works well in the gym. That’s just me. The sweat will make them “yucky” pretty quickly, and depending what you do in the gym, they could impede your movement/positioning. I use earbuds at the gym (airpods pro now) and over the head headphones at home (Bose 700s now).


i bought the bose qc45 on the last deal and when i asked dan he wrote white is backordered till 2022, when the post came out today about the qc45s coming in early December i wrote dell an email on the right side of the order page to contact them and also called customer service and was transferred to order modification department and they told me they would put in a request to have the shipping expediated, just now a few hours late i got an email from dell saying item was shipped i should be getting it even before December 3 thank you dan for posting the deal you can also call dell order modification directly at

Belmar Boy

I ordered the white pair on Monday and I got an email that they were shipped today!


Ordered mine mid October. Delivered Friday


I ordered Oct 15.
Confirmation email said arriving Jan 5 (Shipping Dec 30)
Got an email Thursday Nov. 11 that it shipped 🙂


I had placed an order for the White ones at the end of Oct; delivery was still pending, ordered the black ones today – showed shipping at the end of Dec. Received an email an hour later that they had shipped. Cancelled the order for the White ones.


I just ordered it (even though I have a new pair of 700s). But now we play the waiting game to see if the order actually happens in 2021. It likely will ship earlier than the stated Dec 28th, but if it doesn’t, we have to decide to cancel and use the $200 credit on something else in time to ship in 2021. That waiting game always makes me nervous … LOL!


Crap, I just ordered them yesterday and they already shipped. Do I call Dell and try for a price adjustment, their customer service is the worst!

CLE Rocks

I sent them a message online and they emailed me back. I sent them a screenshot of the price now and they said they submitted a request to process the credit!


Same, I called them and they ‘requested a credit’ but they are so useless that I’m hoping it works.

CLE Rocks

Credit posted today on my Amex, 2 days after they promised it!


Credit posted today … Glad it worked out. Great deal to get the headphones for $62


How long does it take to see the credit on your account?


Would they do a price match for orders within the last month?


What is the return policy for headphones at Dell ? Still deciding between the 2 mentioned. Thanks


@dan Is there a page on DDF where people post things like Bose headphones to sell at a discount?


Ordered black on Dec 1 and it just shipped!


ordered the black one on Dec 12th and it already on the way and will be delivered the Dec 14th


Did they go oos already?


Does the credit post to the AMEX automatically?


Thx Dan for giving me the idea!
I bought The QC35II 2 Years ago For $200 Refurbished from eBay and Just now issues started. The battery wouldn’t last more than 10 minutes and the volume level got really low and it wouldn’t turn off! So I went to and they offered me the QC45 For FREE! With trade in!
I’m just thankful to Hashem and Dan!!