Bose Headphones And Speaker Systems On Sale From Amazon


Bose active noise-cancelling headphones:
Bose QC 15: Normally $299, now $269.
Bose QC 3: Normally $349, now $314.
QC15 Limited Edition: Normally $299, now $269.

Bose Headphones rarely ever go on sale but for a limited time they’re having a brandwide sale, prices never go lower than this.  I own a pair of QC15s and they’re a dream come true while traveling.  They’re comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, by far and away the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned.

If you’re looking for a chanukah present for your spouse or parent these are pretty much as great as it gets.

Yes, they’re very expensive. But they’re built well and last for many years.  Divide the cost over the amount of flights you take in 5 years and see if they’ll pay for you. Not that you can’t use them while you’re studying or any other time, but that’s when they really shine.

And the noise cancellation drowns out the drone of the airplane engine so well that when you take them off in middle of a flight you’ll be in shock that you were ever able to fly without them.  They make for a peaceful flight and I sleep like a baby on the plane with them over my ears.

Oh, they’re also amazing for sleeping at night if you have a newborn that cries all night 😉

Included is a small carrying case and two audio cables. One is standard for laptops/phones and one has a mic/remote for iPhone/iPod control and hands-free iPhone calling.

The QC3s are on-ear headphones that run on a rechargeable battery, and the QC15s are over-the-ear headphones that runs on a single AAA battery.

Personally I prefer the QC15s as I found them to be more comfortable to wear for longer period of times. They both have the same total noise-cancellation but the QC15 has a more balanced ratio of passive to active cancellation which I found more pleasant both while listening to music and while in the noise cancellation mode without music. Plus they’re cheaper than tha QC3s and they use AAA batteries which last longer than the rechargeables and you can always carry a spare AAA or purchase another worldwide.

But it is definitely a matter of personal preference as others find the QC3 to be better.  I tried them myself and returned them.

-Order directly from Amazon and you won’t pay tax unless your order is being shipped to one of these states: AZ, CA, KS, KY, ND, NJ, NY, PA, TX, or WA.
-Even if you live in those states you can order from a 3rd party seller and you won’t pay sales tax if they’re selling from another state.

Other Bose Headphones on sale for a limited time only:
AE2i Audio Headphones: Normally $179.95, Now $149.95
AE2 audio headphones: Normally $149.95, Now $129.95
SIE2i Sport Headphones with microphone (Choice of 4 colors): Normally $149.95, Now $134.95
SIE2i Sport Headphones without microphone (Choice of 4 colors): Normally $119.95, Now $107.95
IE2 Audio Headphones with microphone: Normally $129.95, Now $116.95
IE2 Audio Headphones without microphone: Normally $99.95, Now $89.95
OE2 audio headphones with microphone: Normally $179.95, Now $149.95
OE2 audio headphones without microphone: Normally $149.95, Now $129.95
-MIE2 Mobile Headset with microphone: Normally $129.95, Now $116.95
-MIE2 Mobile Headset without microphone: Normally $99.95, Now $89.95
-AE2 Audio Headphones without microphone: Normally $149.95, Now $129.95
-AE2 Audio Headphones with microphone: Normally $179.95, Now $149.95

Bose Speakers on sale for a limited time only:
SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – Leather Normally $349, Now $314
SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – Nylon Normally $349, Now $314
Music System III with Multi-CD Changer – Graphite Gray Normally $749.90, Now $599.90
CineMate® GS Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System Normally $599, Now $539
SoundDock Series III Digital Music System with Lightning Connector Normally $249, Now $224
-Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers Normally $99, Now $89
Solo TV Sound System Normally $399, Now $359
Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System Normally $249, Now $224

 HT: jack123, via DDF

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Anyone know the return policy on these?
Specifically the QC15


If your getting it from amazon, they’ll accept it back, used, up to thirty days. Just say they were uncomfortable and they’ll pay for the return shipping.


Actually Amazon will take purchases made during November and December back until 01/31/14!

Of course AMEX will give you 90 days.


Dan I want to introduce you to the best sleeping drowning out noise product it’s called ear plugs.. How do you sleep on a plane with those huge earphones on your head unless you sleep on your back! Try turning slightly to the side and they r the most annoying headphones out there!


Is there a warranty?


Which music do your earplugs play?
Also earplugs hurt after a couple hours…I’ll stick with my QC15s.

1 year, double with AMEX.
But these are very well built, I doubt you’ll need to claim anything.

dan fan

For all NY Nj. You can order it from bhphoto they have the same price and shipped to NJ to avoid tax!!!!!!


@dan fan:
Or buy from a 3rd party on Amazon and get 5 or 5.5 points per dollar and you won’t pay tax and you can get it shipped directly to NY.


Isn’t amazon just matching the promo price available on the bose site?

dan fan


Yup that’s right too. I guess b&h doesn’t offer referral % didn’t we to take away customers.
P.s. which one is better between the Bose QC 15 or the limited edition? What are the differences?


Yes, but on Amazon you can earn 5.5 points per dollar and prime shipping.
And have free returns until 01/31/14.

@dan fan:
Actually they do, feel free to use my links here for B&H:

But for someone living in NY why they would want to ship to NJ to avoid tax instead of earning 5.5x on Amazon + have it delivered to their home in NY + not pay tax via a 3rd party is beyond all possible logic that I can come up with.

The only difference is the color.

Steve W

I think B&H has the same return policy and you can actually speak to a human if you’d like to


@Steve W:
Source that BH has free returns until 01/31?

Either way you’ll pay tax for NY and lose out on the 5.5 points per dollar.

dan fan

@Dan: Ok glad about that. Which cc are you referring to 5.5x Is it the case ink


@dan fan:
Freedom or Ink.


These r the bomb. Just got the ltd edition slate for my aishes chayil. Never travel w/o em. Happy Chanukah everyone.


My Wife got the QC 15’s for me for Chanukah from B&M Best Buy. She said there were on sale for $269 there obviously need to pay tax but there was a price mistake and they were selling them at $175. This was yesterday. I’m sure by now they fixed the price mistake but if anyone wants to check it was at the green acres best buy in LI




@dan what sbout the new qc20? Is that on sale? I have the qc15 but they’re cumbersome . The qc20 are just the same awesome sound quality and noise cancelation but one huge difference- they are in the ear earbuds!


If anyone wants a pair of QC15s, I have three brand-new, sealed, shrink-wrapped pairs that I bought from the Bose store. You can have them for $250 each (you pay actual shipping). Email me at hansmast at hansmast dot com