1 GB SD Card For Negative $5.05 After Google Checkout/Rebate!


Update: SOLD OUT!

This is with a huge $45 rebate, but the rebate is from kingston, which I have never had any problems with.
The rebate is valid up to 2 times, just make a quick google checkout account for each purchase to make $10 on 2 cards after rebate.

New $10 Off $10 Google Offer Post 1
New $10 Off $10 Google Offer Post 2
– $45 Rebate
– $10 for google checkout
= Make $5.05.

1 GB SD Card Linky
$45 Rebate Linky
HT: Pit Fan

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Has anyone gotten any Buy.com rebates back from the last few moths? I hope everything goes well, I have several hundred dollars in rebates with them.


It’s dead – it’s sold out at buy.com


I called the toll free number on the rebate form (which is btw the same for the SD card and the Flash drive) and they told me that the limit of 2 includes all items listed on the rebate form, you can’t claim 2 rebates for each item. Before that I already ordered 2 SD cards so I had to cancel the order cuz i wanted the flash drive too. Dan, can you confirm this or is it not true?