HOT! Dell Optiplex 360 Mini Tower Desktop With Windows 7 Professional Edition, 23″ Widescreen LCD Monitor, 1TB Bonus External Hard Drive, And A 3 Year On-Site Warranty For Just $599 After $340 Instant Savings!

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Update 2: DEAD!

Update: Shueyg points out in a comment that when you are configuring the computer you can go to the “accessories” tab and deselect the external hard drive for an $80 credit and the LCD for $166 credit if you so desire. By deselecting both of those as well as the mouse and keyboard the total becomes $341 with a 3 year warranty.  Or you can keep the 23″ LCD and just deselect the external hard drive, mouse, and keyboard for $507.

Buy this computer on a credit card like the Starwood AMEX and you’ll get a 4th year of top notch, all-expenses paid/full refund warranty coverage from AMEX for free!

Dell Optiplex 360 Mini Tower Desktop Linky

Note: Shipping is $35 unless you add $246 of upgrades to the computer.

Important: Do not select a monitor when configuring the computer, a 23″ monitor will show up for in your cart included in the $599 price!

The WD 1TB External Hard Drive will also appear in your cart included in the $599 price!

Specs at $599:
Windows 7 Professional Edition
Upgrade available to Win7 Pro +XP for free!
-Intel Dual Core E5300 (2.60GHz)
Upgrade available to Core 2 Duo 2.93GHz for $84.
-3 Year Basic Limited Warranty and 3 Year Next Business Day On-Site Service
-Upgrade available to complete care accidental damage insurance for $59.
-2GB RAM at 800MHZ.
Upgrade available to 4GB for $66.
-160GB Hard Drive (3.0Gb/s and 8MB DataBurst Cache)
Upgrade available to 250GB for $10.
Upgrade available to 320GB for $18.
-CD/DVD Reader
Upgrade available to CD/DVD Burner for $10.
-Intel GMA3100 Video Card
Upgrade available to 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro for $64.
Upgrade available to 256MB nVidia GeForce 9300 GE for $74.
-Dell USB Keyboard
Downgrade available to no keyboard to save $7.
-Dell USB Optical Mouse with Scroll
Downgrade available to no mouse to save $5.

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dan, I’m sorry if this is off topic, but can u help me out with finding the best price on a laptop now or on black friday? I need one that is better than the standard economy line that they have out…


Yeshiva-mahn, I just got a killer deal on the Dell Outlet… I know Dan is not a fan, mostly because of something to do with purchases on the outlet being excluded from the added amex protection program if you buy with a credit card.

This is my third machine bought from the outlet- it was a “scratch and dent”, they called it, and as usual I had to really search for what they called a scratch (it was an extremely minor nick on the body that I’ll easily have many of in a matter of months).

Just to give you an example of the kind of deal we’re talking about:
Studio 15″ laptop
Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz
4 Gb Ram
350 GB HD
2mpix webcam
Slot-loading DVDRW
64bit Vista (with free Win7 upgrade)
HDMI outputs
2 headphones jacks!

Definitely not “economy grade”, and the only real major difference between the “Studio” brand and Dells high end XPS is usually the name XPS not being printed on it. Its a quality machine, and comes with the same Dell warranty as their new ones.

Oh yeah, and the price? $479.


Hi Mordy,
what model was it? I don’t see any that cheap.


dan super hot.
they dont just add the stuff to your cart. they give them to you and then credit you for their value. so if you remove the hard drive you get 80 bucks off and if you remove the screen you get 160 off. i already have a screen and hd so i paid only 367 after adding a cd/dvd writer and upgrading to 250 gb hd. i removed the mouse and keyboard as i have my own wireless ones.


hi dan im trying to buy this computer when i start its alrdy $878 and after i remove the screen and hard drive $713 . thanx in advanced


It’s dead now.


thanx dan 4 the reply
do u know of any other desktop deals ? im looking to buy a desktop without a screen,


Just posted another sweet desktop deal!
Take the screen that comes with it and sell it for some $$$!