Don’t Forget To Claim Your Semi-Annual $200 AMEX Business Platinum Card Free Spend Benefit And Targeted Stacking 10% Discounts At Dell!

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The AMEX Business Platinum card normally offers $100 Dell credit to spend every January-June and $100 Dell credit to spend every July-December. You need to register here for the Dell benefit.

Due to the difficulty of using airline fee credits this year, they are doubling the Dell credit to $200 to spend in May-June and $200 Dell credit to spend in July-December. There is no need to register for the extra $200 credit.

Plus, all of my AMEX business cards are targeted with an AMEX Offer for 10% back at Dell through 8/31/20. It’s good for an unlimited number of uses until you get a total of $1,500 in total statement credits!

Select items from Dell Work are also eligible for an additional 10% off with code: STAND4SMALL

And select AMEX account are targeted for $120 off or 12K MR Points on $599 purchases.

You can also see if you’re targeted for AMEX Offers that will award 4 bonus points per dollar and/or 1 bonus point per dollar spent at Dell.

To see if you have AMEX offers in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

Offers can fill up at any time, so be sure to save them to your account today!

You can stack the 10% off and $200 off offers! Note that if you spend between $201-$222 and earn 10% back as well a $200 credit, AMEX may claw back money so that you don’t wind up making a profit.

Dell allows you to split a charge among 3 credit cards at checkout. If you have multiple Business Platinum cards that means you can get a $200 credit+10% back on each one by splitting the charge among multiple cards.

If you and a colleague both have Business Platinum cards, consider using each other’s cards in the 1st first and 2nd half of the year. For example if you want to buy a $440 item, one of you can get $400+10% back for a purchase now and the other one can get $400+10% back for a purchase in the 2nd half of the year, that way you’ll both get the item for free!

You should always try to use these offers at least a few days before the deadline so that it has time to post to your account and trigger the credit before the 6/30 and 12/31 deadlines.

Sample items to buy before 10% off Dell Work coupon, 10% AMEX Offers, $200 Business Platinum credit, etc:

  • Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse: $99.99
    • Dan’s Note: This mouse is the best I’ve ever used, by leaps and bounds. Ultra-comfortable with powerful functionality!
  • Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard: $99.99
    • Dan’s Note: I use this keyboard daily, it’s great!
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II$349
    • Dan’s Note: Bose makes the gold standard of Noise-cancelling headphones. I use the QuietComfort 35s every day and find them to be much more comfortable than its predecessors. Being able to move around with out any cords attached at work or on a plane is a true pleasure. They are excellent for making phone calls, listening to music, or drowning out background noise. They also fold into a more compact case than previous versions.The noise cancellation drowns out the drone of an airplane engine so well that when you take them off in middle of a flight you’ll be in shock that you were ever able to fly without them. They make for a peaceful flight and I sleep like a baby on the plane with them over my ears.
  • Bose QuietComfort 20 Headphones$249


Sample items after 10% off Dell Work coupon, but before stackable AMEX Savings:

Post what items you’ll be buying with your $200 spend credit!

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How long does it take for 200$ credit to show in account?


Link to the free printer is not working


And why is it that the printer and lcd is free
And the Logitech is $99 isn’t anything under $200 free


My Amex Business Platinum Card only comes with a $100 semiannual credit…I don’t know why I’m not getting the standard $200 like everyone else.


Who told you that you don’t?!?


Ordered the Bose 700 headphones on 6/18, originally to arrive on the 23rd, but Dell says it’s delayed, now estimated for the 26th. Amex shows the charge “pending”.
If it’s further delayed beyond the end of month will that prevent it from triggering the credit?
BTW- I missed the May shipping credit because my USPS stamps order late on the 31st only posted in June


Re the stamps, if the charge posted in May than the credit (which posted in June) should be considered as from May. I’ve chatted with Amex before to confirm


Posted in June 🙁


If it posts for a charge that was in May than it will count as the credit from May. You can chat with Amex to confirm like I did


I’m confused. if it says pending in June, will it count for the June credit?


I got a nest. $265 less 26.50 less 200. OOP $38.50 for a nest! Thank you Dan and JJ!

Avi Masar

how does it work? I spend the 200$ and I eventually get it back on my statement?


If you enroll in it first.


Are purchases made on a green card AU eligible for the credit?


To answer my own question; employee cards, regardless of color, are eligible to trigger the credit


But only once per business, right?


Any cheap laptops ?


Does the $200 credit work for anything on the Dell website?


As long as it will show up on the statement as being sold by dell.


Can you clarify what you mean by this? Thanks


I’m assuming that everything on their website would come up as being sold by dell. The only thing that I know that won’t work, are the Dell gift cards since they are sold by a third party.


Does this work for a dell extended warranty?


Has anyone had issues getting the 10% back Amex offer up to $1500 on the Amex Biz Gold for Dell? I buy a decent amount from them but have increased my spending lately with them because I was expecting to get $1500 in credits… my May purchases got their credits but none from June have… bought the same way ( … not using coupons… I’ve done a chat with Amex and they say I bought through the corporate channel and they’d investigate but I’ve only gone through the main public website…
Any suggestions?


in for a roomba


any portable speakers recomended ?
dont need brand name, something good and sturdy

Charles Gershbaum

mega booms when on sale are awesome


Seems like delivery for most of these items are in July or later? DOes it have to be delivered in June? Any suggestion what items can get hear In NJ in June?


any reason why listed only Microsoft XBOX Live $20 Digital Gift Card, not $100?


Can I combine my Amex $200 credit on one card and the $120 off from my Amex regular gold card


if i choose the financing option. could i pay half now and half in July and get both credits?


Delivery date was changed to 7/1. Is that an issue?


Placed an order at the beginning of June and shipping date kept being pushed back. Cancelled last week for a different item and it hasn’t shipped. I feel cheated of $200 and Amex/Dell should really do something about this.

a kaplan

same here


*beginning of May


For the second $200 credit, I wanna get a DJI Mavic Air with the fly more combo. After sales tax and split on 2 cards, it should be $544.36 – 10% (offer) + 2934 rewards point (got both the +4 and +1 offers) – $400 ($200 per card) = $89.92 out of pocket. Am I missing anything?

Charles Gershbaum

Is the credit for each platinum card or for each account holder- I was just told it is for each account not for each card.


@Dan What happens if you want return a product do Dell after receiving the $200 from Amex? Theres any way to get a Store Credit? TIA!


Dan, 2 things:

1. I made the Dell purchase on June 29th and AMEX processed the $200 credit on July 3rd – just confirming that I should still be eligible for the 2nd round of $200 credits for July through December.

2. I had added the 10% back at Dell offer to my card, but for some reason I’m not seeing that credit? Any idea why it wouldn’t have hit my card? The description for Dell is listed as “DELL MARKETING LP” on my AMEX transactions page.



FYI, I went on the AMEX chat and they said that while I purchase the item on June 29th, it didn’t “post” until July 1st, so I’m out of luck. Even asked the chat with a supervisor and was told it’ll only count as July. Anyone have luck with HUCA on something like this?


Does dell allow to choose amount of each card when splitting up payments?