Want To Give Your Laptop A Real Boost In Speed? Pick Up This 160GB 7,200 RPM Hard Drive For Just $129!!!

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Update 4: Price is now back down to $129, plus there is a 10% off coupon for all Dell accessories when you use paypal!
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HT: Asher O.

Update 3: DEAD-NOW $179!

Update 2: I have personally confirmed with Dell in writing that this hard drive IS covered by a 1 year warranty. Additionally if you buy it with your Starwood AMEX credit card you will have 90 days to return it and you will have a full 2 year warranty!

Price Drop-Now Just $116 from either Dell Home or Dell Small Business!
For those who have already ordered-call Dell up to receive a price adjustment!

Originally posted on 07/15
Last year I upgraded the supplied 40 GB 4,200 RPM(Rotations per minute) hard drive on my Dell 700m notebook to a 100 GB 7200 RPM hard drive.

Being the early adopter that I am I paid dearly for it at the time ($220 or so) but it was the best upgrade that I made on my laptop.

The performance boost from the 7,200 RPM hard drive was much more noticeable than from more RAM or a faster processor.

After the upgrade windows booted up in literally half the time, and programs opened up without any delays (e.g. before the upgrade firefox used to take a fair amount of time to open up, afterwards it didn’t take any time at all!)

At any rate Dell is now selling the 160GB 7,200 RPM drive for just $129, which is an unbeatable price.

The drive is manufactured by Seagate. (You can tell that it’s a Seagate by clicking on the picture of the hard drive to enlarge the image!)

Even though the links say that it’s for a “Latitude D820″ this will work fine in any notebook that takes standard 2.5” SATA notebook hard drives.

This drive is available from Dell Home Outlet or Dell Small Business.
I would recommend buying from Dell Small Business, just in case Dell Home Outlet might send you a refurbished drive!

160GB 7,200 RPM SATA Hard Drive From Dell Home

160GB 7,200 RPM SATA Drive From Dell Small Business

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Asher O

According to Wikipedia, with mac (HFS+ FileSystem) you DO have such a limitation. To be fair however, its up there in the TeraBytes.

At that note, Anonymous, you have yet to show links supporting any of your statements.

Yossi at YossTek

Macs can run both Windows and Mac OS on them now, so I would they are good to use, but unless you are doing heavy design or publishing work and you just need a computer to H4X0R the government or something, you can just get any cheap PC.

So yeah, while they are *sort of* worth it, Macs are like 4 times the price of the standard PC and not necessary for the average Joe. Plus, anything that can be done on a Mac, AFAIK can be done on PC with the exception, of course, of Final Cut.


So if you want a poorly built computer with an Operating System (Windows) that will sit on the internet and download spyware and viruses all day, then by all means get a Windows PC.

Macs are not 4x more expensive. That is simply untrue. They are perhaps $200-300 more expensive and you get what you pay for. A GREAT computer that can run both Mac and Windows (even at the same time!).

There is a reason why Walter Mossberg says if you have simple computing needs get a Mac and if you have complicated needs get a Mac.

Reasonable and intelligent people get Macs.


other Anon:
not sure if you get a great deal on macs or if your math is just off but a 15 inch MBP starts at $2000 while a 15 inch Inspiron starts around $600. (I know a $600 Inspiron doesn’t even come close to a MBP, just doing the price comparison on 15 inch laptops.)

Asher O

“reasonable and intelligent people”…



So you just compared two things which are completely incomparable. And you admitted it. But did it anyways.

Like the other guy said…reasonable and intelligent.


I have a HP pavilion… would this upgrade work?


If you do not have a Dell then THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON THIS PRODUCT!!! Be warned!!!!

Spend the extra few bucks and buy the retail drive. You get a 5 year warranty.


i also have a HP pavilion, does anyone know if it will work?


I am quite bored of Apple v MS wars.

Each person has what they like. No need to call names…

Back to the topic at hand…is there a big diff betwwen 5400 and 7200? (RPMS) I got the 5400 is it worth the money to upgrade?


7200rpm is simply faster. The faster the seek time, the faster your computer. You choose.


annon at 615 hold it up yup made a big mistake if you look a mac book pro you need to cmpare to a dell xps but a basic mac book 13 in you sompare to the other dellls


dead. now $179.


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again, we apologize for this inconvenience.


American Express Customer
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hey dan
i bought the hard drive, now do i have to reinstall win and all my programs, if i want to install the harddrive ( i dont have any cd to install my programs that i currently have) is there a way to just transfer from one hard drive to the other?