Hurry! Verizon Website Allowing Device Upgrades On Unlimited Data Plans!


Update: My email confirmations are coming through confirming that unlimited data is still on each line!


I had Sprint from 2001 until 2011 when they decided that my plan was too good and they told me to switch to a current plan or another carrier.

My family settled on an 8 line Verizon plan with 5 of those lines having unlimited data. Sure the price was higher, but the customer service and cellular service was light-years better than Sprint.  A few weeks later they stopped offering unlimited data.  They grandfathered in those who already had unlimited data with the caveat that they would have to pay full price for a new phone.

And indeed when I tried upgrading my line on the Verizon site it said I would have to switch to a 2GB data plan for the same price as the unlimited plan or switch to the alternative data share plans if I wanted subsidized upgrade pricing.

Rather that paying $700 for a phone I upgraded my Galaxy Nexus to a Galaxy S4 (which is just an awesome phone) last month via a cute workaround. I did that by using the upgrade on one of the 3 lines on our plan that didn’t have unlimited data.  That line was eligible for upgrade pricing and then I simply activated the phone on my line with unlimited data.

Right now however Verizon’s website is allowing anyone on a grandfathered unlimited plan to upgrade their device without losing their unlimited data plan.  I just upgraded all of the remaining lines on our plan to iPhones.  Sure I spelled out dozens of reasons why my S4 kicks the iPhone on the DD Facebook group, but there’s no denying that I can make a quick few grand thanks to the sheeple overpaying for iPhones on ebay right now.  I’m not going to open ’em-they’re going straight to market.

Be sure to take lots of screenshots showing that the website is allowing to keep your unlimited data plan and hope that they will honor these purchases. Don’t dawdle, this isn’t likely to last too long…

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hi Dan, how do you compare the Galaxy s4 to the Htc one?


I just got my s4 on verizon right before y”t. Awesome phone and service 🙂


I would like to get in the verizon unlimited plan


Which iphone the best phone to flip?


I just tried upgrading one of my lines and it warned me that I would lose my unlimited data.


I need a phone where I can charge the battery separately and swap it out as needed when traveling, so the GS4 was a no-brainer for me.


Try again in June 2011. It’s not coming back.

Beats me. I did the $199 16GB version.
I’m sure all will sell at a handsome profit.

Just worked for me less than 30 minutes ago. Which phone were you trying to get?


Use promo code Verizon30 for $30 off your upgrade.


Can I get add on lines also for unlimited right now?


@shlomie, this is not about getting an unlimited Verizon plan, just an upgrade to your existing plan and still having your unlimited data.


I tried with both a Galaxy Note 3 and then an iPhone because you mentioned that’s what worked for you. (figured I’d sell)

eric @medicalschoolgreneda

not working.


If it doesn’t work when you’re logged into your VZW account just create an separate account manager and then try again from that account!




Can add ons work now for old unlimited plan?


With the data plans it says “Unlimited email and web for smartphones (personal email)”. Is this unlimited data or something different?


It’s dead//


Don’t think it works with iPhone. CMIIW.

That’s it.


where can you enter the promo code?

eric @medicalschoolgreneda

@Mileswhore: it is.. really annoying.



Verizon30 works to take off 30% the moto x, HTC one, and lg g2, done if the best phones or there.


Worked for me. Although the $30 upgrade fee is pretty lame. Came to $281 with tax.


What did you get? Gonna use it or flip it?


I just lost my unlimited plan a month ago when upgrading to the iPhone. Can u send me some useful screenshots I can show Verizon when I ask them to reinstate my old plan. Thanx.


I don’t think a screenshot of what is likely a glitch is going to help you get your old plan back.

Anyway once the unlimited data is off your plan for a week it’s very difficult to appeal to get it back as it has to go through a lengthy process.

Objectivity, much?

Nothing like the good ol’ Crapple vs Scroogle debate to bring out the best in people.

@Dan: As an aside, have you ever tried using the iPhone as your exclusive phone for an extended period (months, or even weeks)? Maybe the iPhone actually has its merits (as does the S4) and real live people who have a mind of their own are actually buying it?

I never understood why iPhone vs Android brings out the fiercest sense of loyalty amongst people. It’s just so odd. People are less attached to their cars (which, hopefully, cost more and are expected to last longer).


@Objectivity, much?:
It’s a very personal object, so obviously it brings out that aspect of people.

Follow the link to the Facebook discussion if you would like to debate actual pros and cons point by point rather than vagaries.

At any rate the people I was calling sheeple are those paying $800-$1,200 for iPhones on ebay now.
Or those people who have a iphone 5 and waited 3 days to be first in line to get the 5s even though it’ll run the same os and has the same form factor with an added fingerprint scanner…



Just upgraded iPhone 4 w unlimited data to Samsung
Galaxy Note 3 (pre-order). And yes, my confirmation
does say I kept the unlimited data




I got the gold iphone 5s 16gb. Going to flip it (although I won’t get it till Nov 11). I paid full price to upgrade to the iphone 5 before I was eligible for an upgrade last November. Became eligible for the upgrade in May this year. Couldn’t decide what to buy and flip, now at least I get to keep unlimited data.


My total was just:
Subtotal Today $ 199.99
Taxes, Govt Surchg & Fees $ 16.00


Worked on one line and not the other…


Just worked for me 29.99 Unlimited Data. Thanks Dan!


Woked for me didnt say much just let me keep plan of unlimited data


Well that’s strange.



@Dan: California applies tax on the retail price of the phone $650 (so it was $51). The $30 upgrade fee sucks.


where do i enter the coupon code?


Hey Dan

Do you think they can automatically switch you to a ShareEverything plan once you submit your order even though it does allow the order to be submitted with the Unlimited still?


@Adam @ Dov: Anyone else get hit with the $30 upgrade fee?


No. Just save screenshots and they can’t legally switch you over.

Plus the email confirmation confirms that they won’t.

Worst case scenario here is that they just don’t send out the phones but that seems unlikely to me once you get a confirmation number and email.


@azhoppsfan – I did, but I will gladly pay the upgrade fee to keep unlimited data


@Dan: Yeah it is, I was originally using a secondary line (didnt want to risk losing unlimited on MY line) and it would not work. I tried it with my line and managed to pre-order the Galaxy Note 3! I also received an email confirmation with unlimited data listed, so theres my proof.


For those without Facebook-
iPhone Vs. Galaxy


Thanks Dan

Do you recommend doing this when I can technically do the workaround (alternate upgrades)? All the lines on my plan are eligible to upgrade and only some of us have unlimited data.


I can’t see reason not to jump on this.

Verizon Tessler

will only work for pre order it will always work for pre order

Verizon Tessler

Tomorrow and monday verizon is waiving the actiavtion fees.


“Your order cannot be processed online at this time. Please call 800-899-4249 to have one of our Business Representatives assist you in placing your order.”

Getting this on every attempt. Oh well.


Ordered the Gold iPhone 16gb, seems to be the way to go for feebay flipping.
Thanks Dan!


Dan where can I email u to get this deal. I need four iPhone 5s in gold and one iPhone 5c in red. All with unlimited data.


Thanks Dan!
Where do I put in the promo code VERIZON 30?


If I currently get a 20% feature discount where I pay only $23.99 for my unlimited, will I lose that now? I see the order summary still says $29.99 unlimited data.


SUcks! I have the corporate data and it wont let me!!!!


I’m looking to buy a iPhone 5s so anybody who’s willing to sell me one should pls contact me on tnx


I am also unable due to corporate data plan. any workaround for that?


I’m getting the following error when trying to get the iphone 5s on the existing unlimited plan:

You current unlimited data offering is no longer available. By Default Data Package 2GB/$30 offering is selected.


thanks that trick worked for me.


Just did it 2:30a PT and received email confirmation.. thanks Dan!


Just upgraded to iPhone 5s 64gb. Confirmation email confirms $29.99 unlimited data plan is intact. I am also on a corporate discounted pricing plan.

Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

Last time I upgraded with Verizon (about a year ago), they called to warn me that I would be charged full price for the new phone if I didn’t activate it within a certain time-frame. Is that still the case? If so, how much of a profit can one make by flipping?


Question for ya’ll Verizon Gurus: I currently have unlimited data and am eligible for an upgrade; however, my contract end date is 10/18. Should I wait the two more weeks and get a phone a much steeper discount, or should I get the upgrade now for fear of them making me drop my family share plan because my contract will be up?


SSoe one made me a Verizon unlimited everything plan no contract fir 85 a month I paid 350 for my galaxy


Tried it last night and earlier today and I am getting an error message that reads

Your current unlimited data offering is no longer available. By Default Data Package 2GB/$30 offering is selected.

Any suggestions?


You might want to sell them on Craigslist. As you can generally sell for the same price as ebay minus shipping, paypal and ebay costs


Can you explain how you did that second account manager, because it seems like all other avenues of doing this are DEAD


Thanks i was able to order but didn’t put the promo code can i still get the credit?


Is it still working?


Is this a glitch?


Strange, it let me keep my unlimited data, and I saved screenshots, but my confirmation email didn’t show my plan as it seems to do for others here.


does this work in store? or only online?


When I try to upgrade I get the message that unlimited data is no longer available. When I try to assign an account manager it won’t let me assign a number to the manager therefore not giving “them” access to Verizon online. Please help!


done! 200$ cant wait to see what israelis will pay for this baby!


Can you share how you got that I would love to make that plan


So these phones can be activated on any verizon pre paid plan even though they are given for a paid upgrade plan?


Got my Verizon Q10 right before yom tov and was forced to give up my old unlimited plan. Dan, I wish I coulda known about this before..


i have a sprint SERO plan and they wont let me upgrade to almost any other phone, is there anything to do other then swotch plans?


anyone know any good plans for iPhone 5s for an individual (one line) ?any good carriers you would recommend for lakewood?


@dan if I ordered my new Iphone through apple but I have verizon, how do I go about keeping my unlimited data?!?


Think it worked,
I screenshot the whole process and saved it on word in case there is trouble… I got iphone 5s, it sais it will ship by 11/11/13… Thanx!!


How are you getting the $30 activation fee waived? Every time I proceed to check out it is charged.


Can I start service with them and get this deal too?


Found out the angle Verizon is using. They are letting you upgrade online without losing your unlimited data package- however when you go to activate the phone on your plan, they will let you know that you then have to choose a tiered plan (and lose your unlimited data at that time) If you choose to flip the phone but its not activated on the line you upgraded, you will be charged full retail price on the phone after thirty days. Very shady Verizon!


That’s baloney.
Thousands of people have flipped their upgraded phones without activating them without any issue.

A company can’t just slap you with a charge without disclosing it during the purchase, that would be highly illegal.


Has anyone had success recently? I get the automatic 2GB for $30 each time. I even set up the account manager it still didn’t work.


Thanks Dan!


@JK: Are you grandfathered into unlimited? I’m doing it now no problems.


It worked for me…….So far, got an email with confirmation.

Mike S

Do you need to have an upgrade available, or can you do this without the upgrade?


I just called them to confirm and they are aware of the website that published this but it is false once u activate the phone u lose unlimited data


Just upgraded 2 lines to Iphone 5cs and the unlimited plan seemed to stick.



How do you have a Shared Plan with more than 5 lines?
I have been trying to do this for a long time and they keep telling me that 5 is the limit.



I just did it an hour ago. and it is showing me unlimited and all. I called up and they are like hmmm. I ordered the 5s and called again to a different rep and they actually quoted me $5 less than what I am paying currently. so yeah seems like it works. they told me they would have to honor that quote

Aay B.

screenshot of Chat with a VZW Rep where she claims that you’ll eventually be forced into a tiered plan )-:


@Aay B.:
Wow. So a 25 cents an hour offshore chat rep says that this won’t work.
Who cares??

The confirmation page and email clearly give a price and confirm unlimited data. VZW’s only recourse is to cancel orders and even that is iffy. You won’t lose your data by buying these phones but like I said, save screenshots.




My contract ended in Jan and Verizon automatically (without telling me!) put my phone on a month to month since then. Now when I try to upgrade, it’s as if I’m starting a new contract, so I can’t upgrade and keep my unlimited 🙁

Aay B.

is it dead?? i have tried with multiple browsers and through account owner as well as account manager access levels and i keep on getting the error that the plan you’re currently on is no longer available. a 2gb tiered plan is selected by default.



Deader than Dead.
I tried every which way, primary line, secondary line, signed in, not signed in. It keeps on defaulting me to the 2GB plan.
Let’s see if they honor this glitch.


“One important piece of information for Verizon customers. Entering VERIZON30 in the coupon code box on the carrier’s site will drop the price of a $199 phone to $139”


Select phones.


dan can u pls help me . do u know if tmobile is a good cell phone carrier in lakewood ?


@Jamie:I have a little anecdote for you. When I was back in school there was always a idiot that would remind the teacher that he/she forget to give us homework to do over the weekend or holiday. Remind you of anyone?


I chatted with a Verizon Wireless representative and asked if I transferred an upgrade from my grandfathered in unlimited data line to another line that was on the tiered data plan, and took the upgrade on that line, if my unlimited line would lose the unlimited data. He said no and I could take the upgrade on the tiered data line and then use that phone for the unlimited data line.


I’ve heard rumors though that Verizon Wireless will make you lose your unlimited data, so if you aren’t sure about it, setup a chat and then screenshot the chat if they say you can do it.


Can you confirm if this is still alive?


Where do i input the promo code


they wont let u add any promo codes since its on back order



do we need to save screenshots if our confirmation emails all say that the plan is our unlimited data plan?

Saul G

Anyone who did this will lose unlimited data. The website had an error, but Verizon’s system will still switch you to limited data upon activation. Yes, you will have a basis to protest because of the display error, but it is *impossible* for them to undo the plan once it is changed, as their system isn’t coded to be able to turn back the clock. They’ll probably try to make it up to you some other way. Beware. I haven’t seen a single person confirm that they’ve activated their phone and confirmed that large data use since activation is still ticking as unlimited.


@Saul G:
You’re simply wrong.

First of all how can anyone activate their phones yet when it’s only Monday??
The soonest anyone can get their order would be tomorrow.

Besides VZW doesn’t block it at the time of activation, they block it at point of sale. And they didn’t do that this weekend.


I’m still using a Sprint Treo 775 because they wont let me upgrade my unlimited plan at the same ridiculously cheap price I’m paying for 2 sets of 2 phones each. Any suggestions ion the best deals out there?



I also know of others who have somehow convinced VZW (maybe since it was a corporate account?) to keep their plan unlimited even when upgrading their phones w/o a glitch, so it’s clearly doable in their system.


If you have a grandfathered Sprint plan then there’s nothing you can do.
The best phone out there for those plans is the 2nd generation Palm Centro. I actually stockpiled new 2nd gen Centros when they were discontinued figuring I’d use them for may years before they forced me off my grandfathered plan.

Yup, the naysayers are being silly.


I was able to get the 5S 16gb while keeping unlimited data. What need to be done to sell this phone so it’s not tied to my line? Leave sealed and simply sell on ebay? Open box to remove the SIM card? Activate with the SIM card, remove it and then switch back to my original device?



interestingly enough, i found on another website a conversation a guy had with a verizon rep about this entire situation…is there any way to post it here if it’s a picture of the convo?


also, from they said:

“To make sure we weren’t imagining things, we decided to sit tight on this info and see if others were seeing similar results. As it turns out, they are. We have now had at least 5 or 6 readers who have gone through an upgrade process on Verizon’s site and been able to keep unlimited data. Well, at least Verizon’s website is making it seem that way. We would be semi-hesitant to believe that this isn’t a glitch in the system that Big Red won’t correct before long. I just hope that they don’t catch the bug and try to swap plans around later or when the phone arrives and customers activate them (or swap in a SIM). At this time though, we don’t know how that will play out.”



Additional information or clarification is needed so that we may process your request. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Reference Number: MB*********

Information Needed:

• In order for us to upgrade your equipment we will need to change your data feature. You currently have an unlimited data package which is now Grand fathered and something we do not offer. In order for us to upgrade we would need to add the 2 gig of data option for $30 as the free option is no longer available. Please let us know if this is ok and we can go ahead with the order.

Please reply to this email with the above information so that we may continue your request as soon as possible. To ensure correspondence continuity, please do not alter the subject line of the message.”


@Chaim: This confirms it is a glitch but not that the glitch doesn’t work. Of course, the reps are going to tell you the “rule.” But if you upgrade online and the the website doesn’t force you into a new plan, you should be good to go. In other words if you ask a rep to help you process the order, they’ll tell you can’t have unlimited data, but if you do it w/o the help of a rep you should be ok.


I received whats written above in an email today,
Any tips on convincing them to honor what it says on the order confirmation (to include the unlimited data)?


@azhoopsfan: That is from an email I received regarding my online upgrade that I did and got a confirmation showing that it kept my unlimited data


Probably not much you can do if they don’t want to honor it.

You can always complain to your state’s Attorney General or to the BBB if you want.


Why do you need to “activate” the new phone? If you’re coming from an existing 4G phone, can’t you simply move your existing SIM card to the new phone?

I’m switching from the Galaxy Nexus to the LG G2, which I believe have a microSIM, so I will be forced to switch SIMs (unless I cut down my current SIM). Even that, I would imagine wouldn’t be considered an “activation”, rather a change of SIMs which should be independent of your plan.


best bet is probably to just call them and plead w/ them. if you don’t get the answer you want, HUCA. Tell them what a loyal customer you’ve been and how you’d like to stay w/ verizon but only if they can keep your unlimited data.


Per website droid-life, verizon said they’re honiring the orders!


They don’t want to honor unlimited,after purchase confirmation


Verizon’s Statement:

Over the past weekend, there was a software issue involving some orders for customers seeking to upgrade their devices.  A number of customers who were upgrading devices were able to maintain an unlimited monthly data feature while paying a subsidized price.Verizon Wireless will honor those orders that were approved this past weekend, allowing those customers to retain their unlimited plans for the duration of their contract and receive their new device.Verizon Wireless corrected this software issue today (9/30).  The company no longer offers unlimited data plans and customers who want to retain existing unlimited data plans, must pay full retail price for a replacement phone.


dan can u pls help me . do u know if tmobile is a good cell phone carrier in lakewood ?


@zack: Zack – Tmobile is known to have bad cell coverage in Lakewood. It’s possible that’s changed by now but I doubt it.


@ZACK Why the hell do you think Dan is the Genie know it all and that you have the right to ask him all your stupid questions?


I just received an email from verizon canceling my order for the ophone 5s. They said we will not be charging you. Any way to fight this?

Karga Yid

got the phone. activated it, a day later i checked my account. The data was changed from unlimited to 2 GB. I called verizon sent them copies of the screen shots, rep said manager will have to review. waiting for a call back


Dan, of all of the things you posted in 2013, I am most grateful for this one. Not only did I successfully upgrade from the 4s to the 5s but my unlimited data plan pricing DROPPED by $5/mo. Thank you for all you do year round, and thank goodness for twitter.