Today Only: Save $400-$500 Instantly Off An Unlocked Google Pixel Smartphone With Google Fi!

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Update: DEAD!

New and existing Google Fi customers can get 50% off a Google Pixel 3 until tonight at 11:59 PM PT.

If you signup for Google Fi with JJ’s referral link you will get a bonus $20 Google Fi statement credit.

Google Fi promotions can end early, so don’t wait if you want to take advantage of this deal.

  • Pixel 3 64 GB is discounted from $799 to $399.
  • Pixel 3 128 GB is discounted from $899 to $449.
  • Pixel 3 XL 64 GB is discounted from $899 to $449.
  • Pixel 3 XL 128 GB is discounted from $999 to $499.

I got a Pixel 3 for my wife Mimi during November’s crazy deal and she loves the incredible camera it has. It’s truly light years ahead of all other smartphone cameras!

You must activate your Pixel 3 or 3 XL on the Google Fi account used to purchase the phone within 30 days of the shipment confirmation email. You can activate it yourself or give it to a group plan member to activate.

After activation you can switch it to any cell phone service. Mimi’s pixel works flawlessly on our Verizon plan and it should work on all carriers worldwide.

If Fi is not activated within 30 days of the phone shipment confirmation email, the discounted amount will be charged to your Google Payments account to match the full price of the phone.

  • For individual plans, limit one per person. For group plans, limit one per group plan member.
  • Offer is only available to U.S. residents ages 18 or older, and requires Google Payments and Google Fi accounts.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other offers.
  • If Google Fi determines that this offer is used in connection with abuse, misuse, or fraud, the discounted amount will be charged to your Google Payments account.

Google Fi plans:

Unlimited calls and texts are $20/month and data is $10/GB with a max charge of $60 of data. If you use 0.5GB you’ll pay $5 for data that month as all data is prorated. Additional users with unlimited calls and texts are just $15/month.

Many people use Google Fi domestically, though I’m on a grandfathered shared Verizon plan with unlimited everything for $30/month, so it’s not compelling for me to use in the USA.

However I use Google Fi extensively when traveling abroad. 4G LTE data is the same $10 per GB everywhere in over 135 countries. That’s a bargain for true high-speed data. Plus you only pay for what you use, so if you use 1.1GB you’ll pay $11, not $20. You can make phone calls for 20 cents/minute or you can make phone calls to the US/Canada over the data network with Google Voice with no charge per minute. The line itself effectively costs just 67 cents per day and you can pause your plan and number as needed and not pay a thing. I’ve used it in places from Israel to Svalbard to the UAE. You can view supported countries here.

While other carriers offer data plans that work abroad, they typically offer slow data speeds and have extremely stingy caps on how much high speed data you can use per day.

You can use your Google Fi phone as a hotspot and you can even get a free data only SIM for other devices to use at the same low rate per GB anywhere in the world.

Do you use Fi in the US or when abroad?

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can you pause or cancel the FI account after 30 days?


If I currently have verizon would it be possible to use this promotion to sign up for fi to get the phone, put it on hold and only use fi when traveling abroad? Would it still charge me $20 a month and would this promotion still hold?


How long does the phone need to be activated on Fi before you switch it to another phone Carrier in order not to trigger abuse? Can you pause/cancel the plan after a certain amount of time as well?

gut moed dan

it works even on sprint?how come you like the note better then the pixel? is there anyway I can get the blackberry key 2 to work on google fi?


is it annoying to activate and reactivate fi every time you fly abroad and come back to the states I find their customer service difficult and a pain to use


did they. used to have a data only plan I would love that just to use for google fi don’t want to pay 20 a month only use google voice anyway


Bummer. I bought a like-new 2xl 3/17 for $310, return window is closed


Can I turn in a phone to get a discount, or is this not available with this promotion?


If I sign up for Fi now (to get the Sim card) so I’m ready for my summer trip can I pause without paying until then? or will they require me to activate today and pay some part of the month ?


If I Finance phone would I be able to pause the fi service and just pay for the finance?
And will the unlocked phone work for Verizon or do I need to take a Verizon phone?

Noah Lebowitz

Is it easy to switch back and forth between Fi (international) and Verizon domestically?


A little off topic. Was in Israel with a few people who use verizon. All had terrible service using the internet. Called verizon and they blamed it on pelephone. My Samsung s8 which had the Google fI downloaded on it worked perfect. Used my verizon sim card, but the topportunity corner of the screen said google fi (and nother pelephone). Might be a good suggestion for anyone going to Israel with verizon to download the Google fi app onto your verizon phone. Will help boost yor service and doesn’t cost anything


Will I be able to keep my current number that I have with T-Mobile if I want to stay on T-Mobile?

get em while they last...

XL Sold out…


Back in stock if you’re ok with pink.


Other colors now back in stock.


While in Israel, can you confirm if receiving calls or calling out with Google voice is free? Meaning only data charges?


To and from US/Canada is free


do you set up call call forwarding from your verizon phone to your google fi when you go overseas? whats the best app that allows forwaridng from verizon number to google fi? and is there an app that you can make an outgoing call and your verizon number comes up on the other persons phone even when your overseas adn using fi and not verizon? i am asking this becuase i sometimes need to retain my number but dont want to pay the carriers overseas prices so i would switch to fi but then i owuld lose my domestic number that i always use


Can the $20/month for calls & texts be prorated as well, if Google Fi is only activated for 2 weeks of the month whilst traveling? Or will payment be required each month that the service is activated and is not on “pause”?