HOT! Targeted For Select AMEX Business Cards: $150 Off $150 At AT&T Wireless With AMEX Offers!

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If you have any AMEX business cards be sure to check this out. I’m sitting on 5 offers of $150 off each, maybe it’s time to switch from Verizon to AT&T 😀

It seems like you can use this for AT&T wireless bills for monthly service or for new phones that are billed to your account.

Deals like this (and the others seen in the related posts above) are what make my AMEX card’s annual fee turn into annual refunds!

Step 1: Login to your AMEX account on your computer or via the iPhone app.

Step 2: Click on any of your cards to go to the activity page

Step 3: Scroll down and click on the “AMEX Offers For You” tab.

Step 4: Check to see if you have an offer for $150 off $150 at AT&T Wireless.  You will have to click on “See more offers” to view all of your offers.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser.  Then go quickly between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards.  Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

You can also register your secondary cards for their own AMEX login and register each of those cards as well.  Sometimes secondary cards registered on their own account will have different offers than the primary card, so it’s worth creating accounts for them to check for offers that don’t appear on the primary account.

Unfortunately my secondary cards did not have this offer.

-Offer valid for wireless bill pay for AT&T AutoPay or one-time payment only.
-Statement credit will appear on your American Express billing statement within 90 days after April 15, 2015.
-Enrollment limited.
-In order to be eligible for the offer, you must enroll your Card and use that Card to pay your wireless bill or other service charges online directly with AT&T at or by phone at 800-331-0500.
-Purchases for equipment or prepaid, U-verse, web hosting, or wireline services that do not appear on your AT&T wireless bill are excluded from this offer.
-Your payment must be in the amount of $150 or more in a single transaction and completed by April 15, 2015.
-Payments at retail locations or via third party resellers do not qualify.
=Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying transaction is returned/cancelled.
-POID: BKMX:0001

Don’t have an offer in your account? You can chat with AMEX and ask them to honor the deal for you as well, YMMV!  The promotion code is the POID listed above.


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I don’t have AT&T, the terms state:

use that Card to pay your wireless bill or other service charges online directly with AT&T at

Does this mean that paying a consumer AT&T bill will not qualify?


Or you can pay over the phone.
Don’t think it will be an issue for a consumer or business account.


i have 3 cards and i dont see the offer even in the show me more offers…



How can we confirm this? The phone number listed on the offer is the ATT Small Business phone number.


So I can’t buy chargers and cases worth $150?

Moshe B

I don’t have At&T but was wondering if I can have someone who has At&t to order a phone and use my card to pay it off. Or can I pay his bill?



Like I said, I don’t think it will be an issue at all, but you’ll just have to wait for someone to confirm if you’re worried.

As long as you’re paying at AT&T bill online or over the phone it should trigger the credit.

If you put it on a bill you can.

@Moshe B:
Of course you can.
I think people on DDF are going to be selling discounted AT&T billpay until April 😀


I have two biz cards (including a free one!), both have the offer!

2 free months of cell service! Thanks for notifying Dan!


Just paid a bill and got confirmation that I used the offer.


I’ll sell you $750 of more bill credit at 10% off 😀

Do you have a consumer or business account?
How did you pay?


Got it on 3!!!!

Anyone have a bill over $150 & I’ll use my CC for $150 & charge you $100

a 33% discount 🙂


Lol, let the bidding wars begin 😉


Just to clarify. One must spend over $150 in a single transaction?



I have a consumer account and I paid through the att website after logging in several minutes after loading the offer on my amex account.


That’s what the post says.

Great, just as I expected.

Shame that ATT doesn’t sell phones for Verizon 🙂


in for 2 cards – tryig on wife’s plat card via but they are saying

” Actually offers are solicited and are rolled out each day to different cards. If you do not see it on the account, that means it is not available to you right now but you may see it tomorrow. Now, they cannot be added manually but you will see all offers for you on the offer area down the account home page.”


@mh that sounds very tempting. Plz email me at Dani at



Can the offer be claimed on multiple cards for the same account?


no love, not on either of my accounts, business gold or plat


i also got it but dont have att, also willing to sell for $100..


Read the post.

Can chat, but that’s definitely YMMV.


I got 10 Amex cc non of them were targeted😰


Trying to figure out the T&C. Can I use this to pay all remaining installments on a Next plan (i.e. buy the phone outright by paying off the plan in one go)? I can pay it online through the AT&T bill pay website, but it isn’t strictly an item on my bill.


Should work fine if you use online billpay, let us know.


What would the plan be? to sign up for AT&T and prepay a few months?


You could.
And you can probably get very cheap credit from others as well.

I’d switch if I didn’t have a grandfathered plan.


@Menashe: Never mind – it appears that it works only on a business account and specifically excludes equipment. If anyone has success otherwise, please let me know but looks like T&C exclude my situation.


The terms say “Limit one $150 statement credit per American Express online account.”

Does that mean one account username where I have all my AMEX cards, or one per card? I would think since it says “online account” that it means my username.

So even though I had the offer on two cards it appears that I couldn’t use both and get the credit.

Do you agree, Dan?


I wrote exactly how to get multiple credits in the post and it works perfectly with every single AMEX offer.


@Dan: I may try, but my account is not a small business account. Looks like it requires you to log in via the small business portal.


I used that method and both are saved on the two cards.

My question is whether they will actually give me the credit for both. Does the fact that it saved mean they will really credit me, even if it officially doesn’t fit their rules?


Please read the previous comments.


Offer valid for wireless bill pay for AT&T AutoPay or one-time payment only. Must add offer to Business Card from American Express OPEN (“Card”) and use same Card to redeem. (Limit one $150 statement credit per American Express online account)




its says limit i $150 statement credit per online account do i need to create new online log in for each business card i have 2 per log in


Please read the post and the previous comments.

This has all been asked and answered already. You do not need 2 logins if you use the MTM (multiple tab method) I wrote about in the post.


Who cares that terms and conditions say?
They also say you can’t get miles on many cards again…

The only thing that matters is real life experience and it’s the opposite of both of your points and how you’re reading the terms. Period.


Can I buy an ATT GC?


Doubt it, feel free to try.


Will it work for buying AT&T go phone credits?


Anyone willing to sell their offer please email me at President at


Dan are u still getting signup bonus on personal cards u had before ?


i used the trick in the post, the question is if they will honor it twice for one online account


I just looked at my previous offers, such as the Shop NYC $10 off $50 and the Walmart offer, etc.

They all say language like one offer “per enrolled card” or “one offer per American Express Card.”

This one says “per American Express online account.”

So, with all due respect to Dan, I really don’t think we will get more than one credit per online username. So YMMV people. Beware.


If you 2 are trolling me you’re doing a good job at riling me up.

First one I looked at, Charles Tyrwhitt: “Limit 1 statement credit per American Express online account”

And I got that on several of cards in the same account.
A noob I’m not.


Didn’t get the offer on my Biz card or AU. Chatted with a rep who told me the offer is only available for new accounts. Clearly not the case judging by the comments here.



Proving that terms and reps are worthless.

Only thing worth anything is good old fashioned trial and error.


i received the offer on my biz account, i paid my consumer att bill this morning and minutes later, i received the confirm email from amex. stating: Thank you for using your American Express® Card ending in xxxxx at AT&T BDEBILL CIA 1X.


But the terms say blah blah blah blah blah blah 😉

Well done.


@Joe: Agree!


Hay, i have at&t service with very large monthly bill, i will pay anyone willing to pass it along with a discount, contact me at jazzycell@gmail

Moshe B

Can I use the credit on a personal At&t account or only business accounts?


so on the amex app it shows that three of my cards have the offer. when i go online, only one card has the offer. fine, i decided to save the offer online and on my phone at the exact same time. i got an error message about he system being overloaded right now. (one account down :/). i have the same thing with my husbands account (this time i’m waiting before i add it). is it normal that the app would show the offer while the computer does not?
thanks 🙂


I have 3 offers but am not an AT&T user, if anyone would like to work out a deal, email me at


I get the offer on the AMEX app on all my cards but when I log in to my online account it only gives me the offer on 1 of my cards. How do I go about saving them all thru the app?


Serious question, when calling to upgrade a phone, i asked if they can add the equipment to the bill, and rep said no i have to purchase it with a credit card over the phone…

How can we purchase a phone with 150$ credit?

Moshe B

Can I use the credit on a personal At&t account and order accessories?


I have 3 that I would sell for 100


Anyone with over $450 of a small business at&t bill – email me at husarm at

I will call 800-331-0500 & pay 3x$150 for a total of $450 on your account. I will need the account number.

In the email please describe how I can ensure I will get paid the $300 for the $450 payment (I have 3 cards added)& we will further communicate then.



I am interested in buying a discount credit from you guys. My att bill is over $240 every month (family plan) so anyone interested email me at alejandrojosehn at


No luck, no offer on my or the old lady’s cards.


I’m not a regular AT&T customer but every now and then I’ll get an AT&T data plan for my iPad – usually a month at a time. I got the $150 offer on one of my cards, so I’m wondering if anyone has tried pre-paying for monthly data plans. (Dan, I usually love your advice to just try something and see if it works, but this isn’t a regular expense I’d be paying for anyway; it’s more of a nice-to-have.)


I chatted with an At&t agent and asked if I can add a pair of headphones to my bill, this is the reply: “You can purchase that device, but it will have to be paid for upfront”.
Dan, do you know another way to purchase headphones and receive the credit?


Ned a new phone plan. So…can I open a new account and use this towards the phone or my bill?


Need a new phone plan. Received this offer….can I sign up for new plan and use thee money towards a new phone or my bill?


Has anyone thought about buying an ipad with service using this?


So looks like everyone’s question is how to add the cost of phone or any other ‘equipment’ to the monthly bill. I am sitting on 4 offers and new iphone 6 plus sounds really tempting.

How about prepaying the monthly bill? I never had an ATT account so I wouldn’t know. can you ‘overpay’ your monthly bill?

Moshe B

@TJ: I just prepaid my bill. I now have a $150 credit. And You can not purchase accessories with this offer.


Guys make sure its direct with att and not through 3rd party

dan is the man but dan the man i am

@deals: ill buy it whats your email address?


I chatted with an agent at Amex and he said that the offer is only valid to pay off a bill, not to prepay. Can anyone confirm this?



Even if you do as Dan says to open multiple tabs, you still have to save the offers 1 after another as quickly as possible. On 1 account, after clicking 4 offers (out of 9) I took my time (about 2 mins.), & when I tried to click the remaining offers, while they still were there, each one gave me an error.


Has anyone had luck using this promo for paying a U-VERSE account?


I’ll be shopping at estihana Teaneck. .. They offer a &36 gift card for the $30 Amex for shop small business Saturday. And the best is I can use the gift card anytime- not only that sat. Night.


Can anyone confirm that overpaying the bill will work with this offer? My bill is under 150 a month…


@ dan is the man but Dan the man I am
I still have one to sell for 100 what’s your email and I will be in touch with you


Can anyone confirm that they got the offer thru chatting with amex?


@sara: on the app once you select the offer you get to choose which card to save it to. This offer will only be available on business cards at that step.
(I got excited until I figured it out 🙂 )


looking to sell mine, anyone?



i know, i clicked my card and then got an error message :/
maybe bc i tried to click it on the comp at the exact same time?
dunno how to go about doing this


You just need to have them all opened up to the offers page and quickly work your way through them.

Never had any issue saving offers to all my cards.


I will sell $150 offer for $100. Email me at
We will discuss payment options.


Would this work for an Ipad wireless plan?


can i call up amex and ask them to put it on my card?


I will sell $150 offer for $100. Email me at rabgrn at
We will discuss payment options.


Does equipment include accessories?


rep on phone said that they just launched this offer. many more cardmembers will be able to see it on their account in the coming days. they apply the offers in batches. so it may be you’ll be part of tomorrows batch. just keep on checking your account daily


I didn’t see the offer in my Amex account. On the AT&T link it says the $150 offer is for switching over, new equipment or signing a 2 year deal. Nothing about an automatic credit.


@Dan: Dan, if the terms are once per online account, why isn’t there a concern of genaiva to open all the tabs and get multiple offers?


I also have 2 willing to sell. email me: hrehmel at


@Dan: Missing my point 😉 Of course I will pay my next bill (or prepay) on this card. But I wouldn’t prepay my Next installment plan unless I was certain I am getting the credit, since there is no interest and as no reason to lay out the cash unless in conjunction with this offer. And since cash in fungible, I suppose no point in trying that route, and better to just pay the bill!


im willing to sell my offer for $125. please email me


i would sell mine also. i have 2. ill sell for 100$ each. thats 300$ worth for only 200$. email me at


Can anyone confirm whether Amex will apply the promo credit when you make a $150 payment in your account online, even if no payment is due, or your balance is less than that.
Looking at my account, it seems that you can make any payment, even when no amount is due. So I would think that this should work.



chargr posted today & so did the credit😄😀😃
I sold it to someone 2x it looked like a personal account when udid it

The easiest 200 ever Dan is the man


i would sell mine also. i have three. I’ll sell for 100$ each. Pls email me at


I have one to sell please contact me at – selling $150 off an at&t bill for $100.


I have one to sell for $100 email me at


Or u can send me a message here


i will sell for 95. please email me


Can someone post a link to the DDF forum of where I can sell my AT&T offer? Thanks


Hey simi, everyone is selling for 95, don’t come here and start making a bidding war


I am willing to sell for 100. email me at


I’m willing to buy 6 for $90 email me at President at


I have successfully received a credit on three diff cards(2 were from the same login) (my bill is above $450 a month) if anyone tried making $150 payment on their next installment device, please let us know what the results were, thanks.


Does tbis work for a next plan


Anyone have one to sell? I would buy. send me an email rena1010 at gmail


@Meir, yes it does.


anyone still able to add this to their offers? I dont see it anymore on mine


I have one to offer at $100 dollars still, anyone want it? Email me at


I have one offer as well. My price – $100. e-mail me at if interested.


I have two of these offers still available. Please let me know if you are interested (


Today is the last day to get the credit from Amex. If someone still has this offer unused, email me at I am willing to pay 75.

Peter Allen

I have 2 more offers at $100 each
anybody interested in paying asking price, email me at


I am willing to pay $70 if you want to sell as offer ends today. Let me know –


i have $150 offer, is someone willing to pay $120 for it ?