[Update: Increased Offers For iPhone 12/12 Pro!] Switch To Visible From Verizon And Get Free Airpods Pro, Up To A $200 Mastercard, And More With Unlimited Plans From $25/Month!

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Update: Visible has increased the offers for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to get a $200 Mastercard gift card and Airpods Pro!

-Switch To Visible From Verizon And Get Free Airpods Pro, Up To A $200 Mastercard, And More With Unlimited Plans From $25/Month

-Also available are free Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and up to a $200 Mastercard with Android phones

-Also available are free Bang & Olufsen speakers with a Motorola phone.

Visible is wholly owned by Verizon and works on Verizon’s 4G LTE network (and soon Verizon’s 5G network).

Plans have unlimited minutes, SMS, 4G data, and mobile hotspot. In times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. Mobile hotspot speeds are capped at 5 Mbps.

If you have 1 line you pay $40, 2 lines is $35/line, 3 lines is $30/line, and 4 lines is just $25/line.

There is no contract and you can cancel at anytime. All phones sold by visible are unlocked.

Best of all, you can have friends join your plan and you can each get separate invoices via Visible Party Pay. Find 3 friends and you’ll each pay just $25/month for unlimited service!

With today’s promotions you can switch to Visible by porting your number in from any of these carriers and:

You will get the free Airpods Pro or Buds Live after you activate service.

You will get the Mastercard gift card after making 2 service payments with no obligation to stay with Visible.

Do you Visible service? Share your experience in the comments!

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So there hot spot quality is not as good as Verizon?


Do they have any promotion if just port out my number from Verizon and bring my own device?


I have visible. I wouldn’t recommend it to people that need a 100% reliable service. I have issues with the service every once in a while with the service randomly dropping. I’m ok with those hangups for the price I pay.

I know people that have the same problems. And I know some people that never had any issues.

There’s also a DDF thread with people’s experience here https://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=93984.msg2320275#msg2320275


Noticeably absent is Verizon prepaid from the list of carriers foe the promotion.

Fuce Bys

Can anyone who has visible tell me about their service?


It does not compare to Verizon (data throttle) and doesn’t have acces to Verizon 5g UW network is the “real” 5g


If I buy a phone and pay 2 installments can I cancel the contract and will the phone be unlocked


Tried Visible for a month. Big problems. They block popular websites when using mobile data. Like Hotmail. And Skype. What ISP would block Hotmail and Skype? Made me feel like I was in China or something. I bought the phone to provide hotspot internet for my work phone while traveling. Couldn’t log in to my timesheets or chat with my colleagues. Visible customer service had me restarting the phone a dozen times. Didn’t fix the problem. What a big fail. Stay away.


The 2,000’s called…
They want their hotmail and Skype back


Is this dead? I see with the 12 and 12 Pro, no more MasterCard – just Airpods. With the 12 Pro Max, still a $200 MC.


CHass offers expired over a week ago Dan


Chase offers expire at different times. I have a chase offer on one card that expires tomorrow, and the same offer on a different card that expires in 42 days from now.

M k

Signup promo code VIS20. FOR $20 FIRST MONTH.


If ill pay $20 for the first month with the chase card will i get the $25 offer ?


I must buy a phone to get the airpods?


I have visible.
In brooklyn. Reception is weaker in many areas than all the main carriers. Many dead spots, like basements or between buildings.
Keeping it, cause haven’t found an unlimited plan for such a price. And the hotspot is definitely a bonus.


Im on mint mobile. 15$ a month ublimited everything. 3gb high speed data.
Using tmobiles towers.
Their customer service is amazing! Similar to zappos with shoes. I get humans on the line right away!
If tmobile is good in your location, check em out!


Ed, same here. I am on Mint’s $20/month 8GB plan. Because I need a solo line, I’m not interested in paying $40, $50, $60+ for a single line with another carrier— especially another second tier service like Visible.


but the interantional plans are not as good as google fi and could all 4 people on the plan get the mastercard deal airpods/galaxy?


My Chase expired long ago
Is it coming back ?
Can still get $200 Gc ?


Why are the “I”s invisible?


can i port my number in from google voice to be eligible the list on the link you sent is good for google fi but I do not have google fi


you can transfer your google voice number to google fi and then port it to visible


but then i have to pay the fee fro starting google fi ?


Yeah it works you could port from Google voice I did it and I got the gift card

Kelly GC

will wait for new chase offers! is it $200 gc for BYOD?

Had it before, better reception than mint, but $25 means joing a bunch of strangers who know most part of your phone number and starts lots of spam. My feel – its worth someone to join for one month $25 and get 4 other people number for marketing and spams


Will there be a activation fee when you want to port your number back to the previous carrier plan (ie verizon)?


Following up that the airpod deal is debt (they said they ran out of stock) but after chatting with 3 agents they agreed to honor it.

Anyone else have these issues?

Galaxy Buds still haven’t arrived. Visible keeps making promises. Each foes unfulfilled.