Samsung Galaxy Phones On Sale At Amazon Wireless

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The Galaxy line of phones are awesome.  A removable battery plays no small part of that as you can always have a charged battery with an inexpensive separate battery charger and never have to plug your phone into the wall.  With the huge screens on Galaxy phones along with Google Maps you’ll also never need to buy another GPS.  And Android Jelly Bean’s incredible Google Now service kicks Siri to the curb.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: New customer: $0.01, Add-a-line: $0.01, Upgrade: $29.00
Samsung Galaxy S III: New customer: $59.99, Add-a-line: $59.99, Upgrade: $74.99

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: New customer: $19.99, Add-a-line: $0.01, Upgrade: $0.01
Samsung Galaxy S III: New customer: $29.99, Add-a-line: $48, Upgrade: $48

Samsung Galaxy S III: New customer: $99.99, Add-a-line: $99.99, Upgrade: $99.99

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Sprint will have the phone for $49 on black friday for upgrades

Best Buy

Best Buy has some turkey day door busters for a few mobile phones. one is the Samsung Galaxy sIII for Sprint for $48!! in store only starting Fri 12 AM!


None of these are unlocked? I won’t be able to use these with Israeli Providers, such as Orange or Cellcom?

Connie g

I need a Samsung galaxy s3 with no contract.what’s my best bet


Triny to find a deal on the Samsung Galaxy III 32 gb version, anyone know why it’s so hard to find the 32 gb one ?


How about T-Mobile phones?


@Best Buy:
Probably will be matched by Amazon on BF.

Just buy an SD card.


@efi: $49 @ sprint in store or online?


“If you cant beat ’em, copy ’em!”- Samsung Electronics

The main thing that bothers me is that Apple only gives between 5-10% off their products. Well i guess thats the perks when you have the best phone…..


Hi, any idea what the termenation fee is by att?

Some Help

Is there any benefit of opening a fam. plan, then downgrade it for individual. So you keep your phone + the cancellation fee? Are it worth the bother?

Some Help

@Izzy: @Dan:
Are it just that simple?!, what’s about app room hosting, will an sd card host app’s as well?? (I was searching for the 32gb either.)


I bought the Galaxy s3 a few weeks ago and called AT&T to unlock it for free. Alternatively you could buy these unlock codes online.


Dan, do any of the phones work on virgin mobil? Thanks in advance for answering my question.


no wonder why it is so cheap All the plans are much more then the prepaid plans you could get + no contract !


at dan LOL


Got my galaxy S3 (refurb) for free about two months ago. Absolutely love it! Much better than the Iphone IMHO.


No offense Dan but have you ever seen the drop tests iPhone 5 vs s3 Samsung is plastic iPhone is aluminum beautiful design and construction there is no malware on the App Store and tons on google who doesn’t monitor also if something happens to your phone you can take it to one of the 100s of apple stores and have it swapped out on the spot instead of going thru hoops with Samsung also if you need technical support you can call someone in the USA who is trained and knowledgable unlike Indian reps for Samsung just saying


Dan, can I add a line with having to update my existing plan?

Some Help

@Meir: Thanks for the tip.


Nobody will deny that Apple makes beautiful phones.

Buy there’s so much my Galaxy Nexus will do that iPhone can’t.
-I’m a power user and a travel with a stack of charged batteries ($19 each direct from VZW). If I had an iPhone my phone would be dead within half a day and I’d never be able to keep this site updated. I never have to plug my phone into a wall.

-I make calls and use 4G data at the same time. the VZW/Sprint iPhones can’t do that.

-My Nexus becomes a free unlimited wifi hotspot and I can still make calls at the same time.

-I have a full turn by turn GPS with google maps that gives me alternate routes with live traffic updated to the minute and works great for walking as well with millons of POIs. Plus I can download maps for when I’m out of the country.

-The Jelly Bean Google Now service offers all kind of predictive notifications, like when my packages are delivered or how far I am from an store I googled earlier or the current sports game score I’m interested in. Plus voice recognition in Jelly Bean is awesome.

-Push Gmail with an awesome built in widget.

-An excellent keyboard with other input options like Swype.

-A much bigger HD screen.

-Chrome browser that syncs with my computer to have the same tabs.

-GrooveIP to make calls free calls from anywhere in the world without using minutes over WiFi or LTE.

I can go on and on, but you’re right. I just need to take care not to drop it from 5 feet 😀


@Dan: Wow. Good comprehensive sales spiel, you should get a commission when I go buy mine!


I love my Nexus and tell it like it is.

Some Help

All this I can expect from Galaxy S 3 too? (Or we’re talking about it already?)


Dan would you be intrested in a seminar in queens for sandy relief with a big venue that wud be free?


i have tried the iphone and nexus for a month, and returned the iphone, it is much more friendly. very happy with the nexus.


@Some Help:
I’m talking about the Galaxy Nexus which is what I have but those things should apply to an S3 with Jelly Bean

Sure, email me dan at


bought phone from amazon a week ago for 150 then called yesterday to match new price and the rep did just that for me! 🙂


You mentioned Jelly bean, but these seem to be Ice cream sandwich. Do they upgrade automatically?



My VZW Galaxy Nexus has Jelly Bean, it was pushed to it automatically.


Sprint is the only us carrier that currently has jelly bean on the gs3. The other carriers will update to jelly bean before the end of the year. Also, for those that are members of sams club, it will be on sale for a buck on black friday.


Picked one up a month at Bestbuy ago 32gb $99 one day special.


Doesn’t come with Jelly bean, but does upgrade to it? Does it make a difference? Will these prices go cheaper on Amazon for BF?


Sam’s Club will have The SG3 for 96 cents (you read that right)on Black Friday. New activations as well as upgrades. All stores carry ATT, and most have T-Mobile and Sprint. Some have Verizon – check your local store. Even with the 2-year contract, you can cancel and pay the ETF fee ($200.00) if you choose, and you have a super nice phone for 200 and change, and then go on Straight Talk or another GSM carrier.


can i get one to use in israel?

anon (dont want any rabid apple fans killing me in my sleep)

@Meir: Hey have you ever called samsung? I was pleasantly surprised when my nexus s stopped working and I called samsung, american on the phone, they emailed me a ups shipping label and i had ups at my door the next day to pick it up…… Also, its funny how when all the previous iphones were terrible in the drop tests, none of you apple fans spoke about it….. also you can go ahead and pay sometimes double the price (nexus 4 anyone) for an inferior phone just so that you can stay in the apple clique… we wont miss you….


i need a galaxy iii with no contract is there any one i can get 4 cheep


i just bought the vzw version from Amazon wireless a couple months ago and paid $163 after tax (added a line). it’s such a piss off to see the phone drop so much such a short time after I buy it! I bought it on an SPG AMEX (biz) any way I can claim the difference back?


Sam’s Club has the Galaxy S III for $0.96


Sprint is matching sams club’s price if u r elgible for an upgrade, just orded it for 0.98c


im trying to buy the samsung sIII with sprint, at amazon, but it shows $99 how do you people get it for 49?


if i am eligible for a free upgrade at att do you have to accept a two year contract. is there any place to get the galaxy sIII without a contract


Where can I find this offer from Sams club? Im on the phone with Sprint now and they need proof.


@Efi – Did you see this promo from Sams club online or instore? Where did you order it from?, a store or over the phone?

sam the man

im trying 2 order verizonn samsung its showing 129 ?


on amazon if I’m not on the everything data plan ,can i use my upgrade for the s3 then sell it?


@ben over the phone and told them that I heard that is the price


@ Ben: and search “black friday” you will see a list of things on sale and this is 1 of them


when I called Sprint, they told me they wouldn’t match prices from a 3rd party site/store. Tried calling a few times.


@Ben: I just spoke to them, when i asked to upgrade to galaxy for $0.96 they didn’t even ask me where I saw this price They just said okay and did it for me.
HUCA a few times till you get it.


The Galaxy 3 is not as good as the Galaxy 2….


@Dan have you checked out the new HTC windows 8x phone? any opinion about it? Thanks



Um, real fact: the S3 kicks the S2 in every category except it has slightly less battery life, due to the bigger screen.


Anyone know if a Sprint store will do a price match? If not, any issue with me calling sprint directly if I am on one of those employee pricing plans?


galaxy S3 on sale at for $49


just upgrade 2 phones for free at for galaxy S3


When does this deal end?

Some Help

@Connie g: @keath: How much $ would you go for it? (I may have some.)



Some Help

Not unlocked yet but it may be I guess. (If you refer to me.)