Ends Today! Reserve Your Samsung Galaxy Note10 And Receive Up To $600 Off Via Trade In, Early Access, And $50 Bonus Accessory Credit!

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Update: Today is the last day to reserve and lock in the $600 trade-in offer and the bonus $50 accessory credit!

Additionally you will get another $100 accessory credit with the Note10 and another $150 accessory credit with the Note10+. 6 months of Spotify Premium is also included for free.

The Note10 will go on sale tomorrow for $949.99, the Note10+ will cost $1,099.99, and the Note10+ 5G will cost $1,299.99.

Originally posted on 7/26:

Reserve A Galaxy Note10 Smartphone And Receive Up To $600 Off Via Trade In, Early Access, And $50 Accessories Credit

You can reserve the Galaxy Note10 smartphone via the link above. Reserving a phone does not obligate you to purchase it. You will have the ability to purchase the phone within 3 days of the phone’s release date.

By reserving now you will receive:

  • Up to $600 off with an eligible Trade-In Device
  • A $50 credit for accessories
  • Early access to order the phone once it goes on sale
  • Reservations end on 8/7.

Eligible $600 trade-in phones:

  • Note 9, S10e, S10, and S10+
  • iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max
  • Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL

Also eligible for trade in:

  • Samsung:
    • Galaxy S9/S9+: $300
    • Galaxy Note8: $300
    • Galaxy S8/S8+: $200
    • Galaxy S7/Edge: $200
  • Apple: 
    • iPhone 8/8 Plus: $350
    • iPhone 7/7 Plus: $350
    • iPhone 6S/6S Plus: $250
  • Google:
    • Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL: $300
    • Pixel/Pixel XL: $200

Other phones are also eligible for varying trade-in discounts. Samsung will pay for return shipping if your phone is not accepted. To receive the Trade-In Value as displayed, you must send your Trade-In Device to Samsung within 15 days of receiving your New Samsung Device.

“Not all Galaxy device versions are eligible for this offer. Please note that simply reserving your device during the Reservation Period will not automatically place an order. To place the order and receive Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy device, after you place your reservation, you must return to Samsung.com or the App and fully complete the order transaction within the 72 hour period after the device goes on sale. If you do not return to Samsung.com or the App to complete your order, your reservation will be cancelled automatically and you will no longer have reserved priority for placing an order to receive the next Galaxy device, and your ability to place an order going forward will be subject to availability of devices and any shipping times available at the time of your order. In addition, if you return to Samsung.com or the App and fully complete the order transaction you began during the Reservation Period, you will be entitled to a discount of up to fifty dollars ($50) on eligible mobile accessories, provided that you purchase the eligible mobile accessories at the same time and in the same order with the flagship Galaxy device that you reserved during the Reservation Period. If you do not purchase eligible mobile accessories during the promotional period, you will not be able to utilize the $50 mobile accessory discount at any future time. In addition, if you purchase mobile accessories in the same order with the flagship Galaxy device that you reserved during the Reservation period, and the value of those mobile accessories is less than $50, you will lose the difference between the value of the promotional discount ($50) and the price of the mobile accessories you are purchasing.”

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Hey Dan will you trade in your note 9 or not worth it?


I have the Note 8. Probably will upgrade.


Oh yeah sorry I also have the note 8 got it the same time as you. Question how much would the note 10 cost? And with the 600 trade in how much would he total be?


You can buy now the Note 9 for $599 after trading in the Note 8 then trade in the note 9 for the Note 10 and get $600 discount.


Any idea how the Note 10 will be priced?


Probably slightly higher than the S10+


Do you think the Note 10 will be any breakthrough?


Currently I’m on S9, does it make sense to trade it in now for S10 and then trade that in for the Note10?


I’ve had S8+, S9+, and Currently use Note9 and still use the S8+ as my Business cell. Had planned to but on fence as only looks like it’s getting the “Tesla minor changes” and not a real refresh.

No real camera upgrades (same CMOS used since S7 not the new 64 mpix ) , Snapdragon 855+ will not support the new U3 LPDDR, the new High volt fast charger will be ala Apple and will cost extra and not included in the Box.

5G, U3 memory, and better camera CMOS should be included on S11 versions next spring/summer per leaks on Note 10 tech. So it maybe well worth holding off.

Using both the Note 9 and S8+ daily honestly I don’t even notice any real perceived difference in speed or performance and oddly it seems like the S8+ has better battery life (running Android 9 Pie on both). The Note does have a better camera but the S8+ has better cell and wifi antenna’s.

I may still upgrade if Costco wireless offers similar killer deals as they have for past few years.


I believe they are trying to get these to sell through before the release of the next gen of galaxy phones which is all new technology


No idea what all new technology is suppose to mean.

Every phone has new technology and they do this offer every time they release a phone.


Not sure but @Steve might be referring to the release of the S10 5g or the 5g network in general.


I think the Note10 for 5G is coming out soon, but you have to be on (i.e. paying for) the 5g network


If no headphone jack & no adding memory card then this phone is a no go for me.


You can buy an open box s10e on best buy and trade it in to get the $600 trade in credit. The question is where is the $600 credit? It’s not listed on Samsung’s site.


I’m on Samsungs website but i cannot find where the $600 trade-in offer.


Ari,. It was an apparently an opps release (by accident or design) now you have to sign up to be eligible and notified when it’s launched 8.7.19


Once they are on sale can you please a comparison chart of the 3 new phones?


it shows only 300 for a note 9? how do you get it to 600


You have to buy the unlocked version to get the $600 trade in


Pre-sale to reserved has begun.

J. Rosen

I reserved one and the offer was 300$ for trading the note 8, but now by the pre order Only offering me 185$

J. Rosen

I see now, need to buy the unlocked phone to get the maximum trade in value