Readers Share Their Experiences And Strategies For Getting Out Of Sprint Or Verizon For Free!

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D wrote in a comment on the “Get out of Sprint or Verizon for free” post,

“Well, I called and they “miraculously” found a contract that’s $10 cheaper than the last time I called… so it saves me $120 a year! Thanks Dan.”

Nobody ever said that you have to cancel, and a $120/year (plus tax!) bribe in order not to cancel would probably make most people stay put! Was this with Verizon or Sprint?

David wrote in a comment on the “Get out of Sprint or Verizon for free” post,

“I canceled verizon and I have a text messaging plan. I canceled within 5 minutes. I called from my other cell phone and refused to give them my name or cell number so they would not be able to notate my account. The CSR knew what i was trying to do and said it had no affect on me. I hung up and redialed and spoke to someone another nicer CSR.

1) I asked her if she was aware about the price increase. She said yes!
2) I asked her if she was aware that this was a breach in my contract and that i would be allowed to cancel my service with no ETF. She put me on hold and came back 3 minutes later and said i was correct.

THEN, i gave her my phone number and and she canceled my service.

Good luck to you all!!!”

I love stories with happy endings, and that’s a neat strategy that you used to get out-I’m sure others will find it useful as well!

Have you been able (or not been able) to escape for free? Post a comment and share your experience!!!

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It was Sprint…

sprint modem

Help. 7 month ago i bought a digital camera. A week ago it got dunked into a toilet (kids will be kids- cabin fever). Now although it turns on, it does not read or recognise that there is a memory card in it, and other problems. I am assuming its toasted. Problem; the US bank platinum visa only covers damage for 90 days from purchase, and although it will double the 1 year mfg warranty, seems that ‘dropped in toilet’ is not covered. Anyone have an eitzah to help me?


About 6 months ago I heard about verizon changing rates and that I can call and cancel with no fee. I called and was told that I missed the deadline. (they give a small window when people can cancel, like right now.) But, I did not give up! I was persistent and claimed that it is unfair that they do not make it clear to their customers that they have the opportunity to do this. They said that the give notice in the mail. I said that since I have paperless bills with them (pay online) and since they didn’t send out an email letting me know about this, I should be able to cancel because I was not given the chance earlier. After about 3 phone calls to verizon and about an hour and a half…I was allowed to cancel without the fee.


what tpe of plan did you have that you got it for $10.00 cheaper a month? and how much where you paying previously?


until when can i use this excuse to cancel?

free phone

just call them up tell them you want to cancel cause you need a new phone and since the rule changed you can cancel with out any fees and that your gonna go in to a dealer and order a new line and get a free phone ,they should offer you a new phone worked for me on more than one line


sprint modem
It might be to late but try putting it in a ziplock bag with rice for a few days


freephone. great idea. just got a centro for 45 bucks after doin your idea. dont even got to send in my old one!!!!!

sprint modem

ADHT. Thanks. I tried that allready. I think that once I turned it on before it was 101 percent dry , it shorted some circuit and is now broke. Looking for some legitimate and legal ”credit card’ relief.

sprint phone question- if i get out of my sprint contract do i also get to keep my phone? (moto q). what good phones are the giving away now?


Will the free phone idea work for Sprint as well???!!!! PLEASE!!!!

anon 10

what is the deadline to cancel