[Check To See If Your Trade-In Offer Has Increased!] Pre-Order A Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, Or The Note Replacement S22 Ultra And Receive Up To $900 Off Via Trade-In And $150-$250 Bonus Accessory Credit!

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Update: Be sure to check the links below to see if your trade-in value has increased!

The trade-in offer for my Note 10+ has increased from $425 to $500, though the pre-order offer for $250 in accessories is now over.

I chatted with Samsung and they offered to refund the $75 difference after my phone ships!

Post your experience in the comments!

Update: Early reviews of the S22 Ultra and S22+ look incredible, JJ and I have both ordered the S22 Ultra and we are all awaiting delivery. My wife Mimi ordered the S22+ and is loving it so far!

Today is your last chance for the pre-order discounts.

Will you buy this phone?

Pre-Order A Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, Or The Note Replacement S22 Ultra And Receive Up To $900 Off Via Trade-In And $150-$250 Bonus Accessory Credit!

You can now pre-order the:

Incredibly, Samsung’s ordering system was down for pretty much the entire day yesterday when they opened pre-orders. But they have finally got things working.

Use the following code at checkout to get an additional $50 accessories credit: 50RESERVERB

That code will make the S22 come with a $150 accessory credit, the S22+ with a $200 credit, or the S22 Ultra with a $250 credit.

The accessory credit can be applied during the checkout process, or you can choose from more accessories here. You can also choose to skip all accessories for now and you’ll get a code after your phone ships for the accessory credit.

You must order by 2/24 to get this offer!

You can also get an enhanced trade-in credit up to $900 off.

You can also click on the following links if applicable to save an extra 7.5% off your pre-order:

I’m not terribly impressed by the S22 series, which is just more of the same from Samsung with a new camera look. The best news is the that Note series hasn’t been killed off, it’s just been rebranded as the S22 Ultra.

Unfortunately, there’s no micro-SD slot, headphone jack, magnetic transmission for credit card payments at terminals that don’t have wireless technology built in, no included charging block, no IR blaster, no removeable battery, etc. All of the features that Samsung used to brag about how they were different have been killed off.

They did bring back 45W charging for the S22+ and the S22 Ultra, so at least that’s a major advantage over the Pixel 6 and S21 series.

It seems like the major differentiator between smartphone models now comes down to cameras, and Samsung makes big promises about their cameras, so we’ll see how that turns out.

My circa 2019 Note10+ is showing its age, so I preordered a 512GB S22 Ultra with the trade-in offer and picked up some free tablets with the $250 accessory credit. I’m not happy about losing micro-SD storage and magnetic transmission for credit card payments, but Samsung continues to insist on stripping those benefits out. C’est la vie. Hopefully the better cameras and larger battery make up for it.

If you want more than 256GB of storage, Samsung forces you to go to the S22 Ultra. The S22 Ultra also has a much larger battery, S-Pen, a 10x optical zoom lens, and more RAM.

Will you be purchasing an S22?

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How does this work if I have a leased s20 from sprint/T-Mobile and want a new s22 with this program? I’m not sure if I finished my 2 year term or not but I’m definitely close.


Doesn’t give you an option to trade in pixle 6


are you that unhappy wi your pixel 6?


Time to give in my note 10+ :((((
I am. Like you Dan I was hoping for SD and magnetic…
But I guess 512GB would be enough for me
I am just debating if I should trade in my note 10+ or sell on ebay and get more $
What did you do with trade in? @dan


You can compliment your phone with a Samsung watch for more payment options


The Samsung watches got rid of MST as well. Only the old models have.


Ordered the S22 for $569 Plus free $150 in accessory credit. got $200 for my old S10


@dan question i see with verizon i can get 1000 upgrade for my note 10+ so for 36 months i pay 8.33 a month should i do that? its the cheapest option i was told i can pay it off after two years at the same price making it very cheap? what do you think about this?

also yeah the same no SD card slot but i think 512 pletty of memory



I have the Note 20 Ultra 512gb, I most probably will trade it for the the S222 Ultra, between the free credits, price I can get for my phone on swappa and I can and get and resell a discounted phone on Verizon (grandfathered gov plan) it’s a wash for a new phone.


I’ve got the s21 Ultra, and this new ultra isn’t much different.

Barry D

Any of those tablets available for a steal?
Went into VZW and traded in my S10 for
A new S22 and got $700 and the free 256gb upgrade.

I think that was pretty good, am I wrong?


@dan Is it worth trading in an s21 ultra for a 800 credit plus the 250? The thinking is the phone will go down in value in the next year more than I will lay out now.


Dan – I have a brand new Note 20 Ultra 5G. Should I sell it and get the s22 Ultra instead?
I have a tradeable device that would get me a $600 credit towards the s22 Ultra purchase?
What do you recommend?

Technology being downgraded

I simply don’t get it why these companies still make 128 and 256gb the standard while removing the SD slot, its just ridiculous, I guess the reason is to push online storage subscriptions


“and picked up some free tablets with the $250 accessory credit”

Which tablets are you ordering?


The Ultra model is backordered, I ordered the Ultra 512gb directly from Verizon for $529.99 after discounts.


I got my S22 256GB FREE with a trade in of my S9 from Verizon. new phone was delivered on Tuesday. As I’m coming from an S9, my new phone is great


Dropped/operated my Note10+ last week in the Pool last week at the Hilton in Cancun/PDC -I hadn’t planned on upgrading Note10+ – but the battery life was greatly reduced at 30 months of use.

I checked various deals – the Samsung even with pre-reg and Military discount was just Meh.

Ultimately I ordered Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (512 GB) unlocked from Google Fi using Galaxy S9+ Trade in for Net cost: $294/$314 (stacking with port-in/ BYOD $300 Costco Cash/ $240 FI Service credit– ymmv).

Requires activation and keeping 4mo/120 days of service @ $20/mo + taxes but that paying with $220 Fi Service credit) It also require a Port-in new customer/180 days since FI service and a reactivation. Otherwise its $100 off and $600 FI Service credit for existing FI Customers


Haven’t been impressed with any phones since I bought my Note10+ (or rather no deal good enough to entice me to part with it and its features).

The Google FI route is perfect and a great deal, we had an old S9+ whose battery was  basically at 50% capacity for trade-in.

Google FI is also perfect for our upcoming planned travels.

In April we have an 11 day trip to London booked, planning trips to Costa Rica, Israel, and maybe SA again or NZ/AU 2022/2023 – So the Google FI credit will save us money we use it mainly as a 4G WiFi data hotspot for our phones (I’ve kept pausing my grandfathered FI plan with a data-only sim) I’ve used it in Israel/South Africa in the past and quite happy with it.

I will also check-out how the Venture X cell phone insurance is for the Note10+ repair – Ive only used Chases CIP insurance in the past.

Then DW will get the Note10+ as it still takes amazing pictures and should be fine for her for next 2-3 years with a fresh battery.


“Post your experience in the comments!”

@Dan, if you mail me your Note 10 plus I will be able to trade it in and let you know what my experience is.


Would be a good post once you get to list out some of the must have apps or the apps you used most frequently use


I got the s22 ultra last Monday from Verizon it shipped early its an amazing phone


I have the s21 ultra you think its worth the upgrade?


I don’t know because I’m coming from the note 10 plus


I got $1000 trade in offer for my note 10+ from Verizon as an existing customor promotion


If I trade in a paid off and unlocked phone, won’t the new one be locked for 2 years? Even if it has no payments, that is because of bill credits. How do I unlock it so i can replace the sim card if I travel to Israel?

Bruno Cars

Completely a joke, pre-order and get the best price and a $250 credit for Samsung.com. A credit which I probably don’t need. Wait, get $175 more for the trade-in bringing the price about $75 less and get a $100 Google Play credit which at least can pay for a couple years of Award Wallet renewals. What is the point of “Special” pre-orders that aren’t the best offers.


accessory code expired. any ideas of when it will come back ?

Yo ssi

Next year?


Thank you they just honered the higher trade in value for me


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the tip on the trade-in increase. I opted to trade in my Note10+ too. The agent said they would provide a partial refund for the $75 once the phone was evaluated.

However, they also said “Please note that we can adjust the price match, when no additional discount for the order is offered to you.” so am a little skeptical given the bonus accessory credit so will see what happens.

David P

I just called Samsung sales support 18557268721 they told me that they have a price match policy for trade-in as long as the phone is still returnable and I made sure to take a confirmation number from them to make sure that it’s not just an empty promise


Nu, did you get your phone already?


All those people saying in the comments about $1000 trade om from Verizon, do you have to commit to Verizon for that offer ? Do you still keep the discount price if you go to another carrier after few months? Does the new phone come unlocked or locked to Verizon only ?

Barry D

I went into a VZW store and pre-registered for trading in my S10 for a new S22 and was given the $700 and the free 256gb upgrade, I received my phone over the weekend but have not set it up yet.

Am I eligible for any additional credit from Samsung, even though I ordered through VZW?