Ends Today: Pre-Order Your Samsung Galaxy S21 And Receive Up To $700 Off Via Trade In And $150-$250 Bonus Accessory Credit!

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Update: This promotion ends tonight at 11:59pm!

Pre-Order Your Samsung Galaxy S21 And Receive Up To $700 Off Via Trade In And $150-$250 Bonus Accessory Credit!

You can pre-order the Galaxy S21 smartphone via the link above.

Use the following code at checkout to get an additional $50 accessories credit for $250 total: YOURGALAXY1RESERVEWA

Check your AMEX offers to save $200 off $1,000.

You must order by 1/28 to get this offer!

By pre-ordering now you will receive:

  • Up to $700 off with an eligible Trade-In Device
  • A $250 credit for accessories

The Galaxy S21 will receive a $150 accessories credit, the Galaxy S21+ will receive a $200 accessories credit, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra will receive a $250 accessories credit.

You can also purchase the Galaxy Buds Pro at a discounted price during checkout.

Will you be purchasing the new Galaxy Smartphone?

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Only showing $150


depends on the phone u are trading in


Credit amount varies in the 3 models


Will you buy this one Dan?


Where would you bail to? Seems like everyone is following Apple


Will have to reexamine then.
I’ve had Samsung phones for nearly 2 decades and Note phones since the Note 4 Edge, but they keep moving away from who they were and what made them unique.


It’s called snowflakes


There will be no Note 21


{{Citation needed}}


I stand corrected. It was reported but seems like they have backtracked.



Is there a micro sd card slot on these phones? I saw somewhere that there isn’t….




How crazy is it to upgrade a one month old galaxy s20 for $100? Lol


Got an s20 this week, I’m gonna go for the upgrade


I’m only seeing a $100 accessories credit for trading in an S20


Thanks Dan, I bought a galaxy s20 like a month ago, but why not upgrade! with the $150 credit plus $50 worth of samsung pay points (which expire anyway and are kinda useless outside of Samsung.com) I ended up paying $100 for the 256gb and a pair of buds pro!


S21 isnt an upgrade from the s20 they literally downgraded the phone


Any one knows if the unlocked version will work with Verizon 5g? (The s20 unlocked only worked with Verizon 4G, you had to buy the Verizon version to get 5G)


Anyone know how the S21 (base model) is compared to the Note S20 5g (not ultra)?


too bad to sd card support. i fell right into their trap and got the 512gb.
coming from my extremely reliable note10+.
got the silicone case with s pen.
also got the buds pro
i will mess with it when it comes and can always return…


Can I trade in a phone that is still on a Verizon payment plan (while continuing the Verizon payments). Or will it be rejected because Verizon has a lien on the phone?


No you can’t must be fully paid off


To be clear I intend to pay in full.
Not to finance the second phone with verizon


The phone you are trading in to samsung must be fully paid off. Doesn’t matter what u do with the new one


If you don’t finance with verizon, they’ll never know. I’ve done it.


Does the chase freedom 5% count towards this purchase or the chase ink business cash 5%?


Do you think Costco will do a BOGO deal on this in a few days or few weeks?


I am curious why there is no outcry for a continuation of the Active line. We have had Active 8s that we bought used a year and a half ago and we love them. No case needed, superb battery life, even been submerged with no issues. They are virtually indestructible. I assume that is why they stopped making them, less people buying new phones. I would switch to Pixel or another company if they made something this good.


Showing $100 add-on credit for the s21


Best CC to use for purchase? Isn’t there one that features protection in case the screen cracks, etc.?


The plan itself must be paid with the card. Chase Business Preferred


Thanks for the info AG!


To clarify – he’s referring the the Chase (business) Ink Preferred.

Also, the new no annual-fee Freedom Flex Mastercard has this protection. You should sign up for that card ASAP as that sign up bonus was supposed to have ended already (sign up bonus not tied to the cell phone protection, just saying as an aside).


Can anyone confirm that the $50 accessory credit for reserving a phone is the same credit as the promo code in the post and there is no way to double dip.


You do get both

Some deals are 2 good to be true

I couldn’t double dip


Anyone has experience trading in with Samsung? Heard lots of bad stories about them


I’ve one it several times. No issues.

Some deals are 2 good to be true

I had a tiny crack… They decline it but I called them and asked to reconsider, and he said they accept my offer..


If you send in exactly what your telling them you are, you’ll be fine. Make sure no scratches or screen issues and you’ll be good


when is this promotion over?

Menny G

The S21 will not have MST (swipe) for samsung pay! That’s a big downgrade!
Now it’ll be just like Apple pay and Google pay, which only work with NFC


Is this a really unique deal that its worth grabbing asap? Im an Android Samsung user and like their stuff, but have about $180 left to pay off on current device (s10). Worth grabbing this asap or does anyone know if offers like this come up often. Thanks for your help!


This is probably the best deal you’ll find for this.


Thanks Dan!


The best time to buy a samsung phone is right when it comes out. I’m actually making money by upgrading the s21 ultra:)

Having Trouble

I am having trouble once I get to the Verizon login… I log into my Verizon Account and then it just goes back to the same Samsung site where it says to login to my Verizon. Anyone else having this issue?


Back glass on my trade in device is cracked. Is that considered a cracked screen?





Joel Mayer

Are you sure about this?


100000 percent sure. Don’t try to play games with their trade in. It’s their words against yours and any way they can make money they will. That being said I’ve had excellent experiences with them when I traded in a good condition phone


In for one! Is there a limit for the promo code or can I order another for my wife and use the same promo? I’ve had Samsung cancel my orders in the past so just don’t wanna loose this


Why not make an account for your wife to buy from?


I was going to buy this phone, but I don’t drive a Tesla, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A Tesla drives itself


T mobile is giving you trade in credit of $800 when you trade in an s9 or better meaning you can trade it in for an s21! I just did it and paid nothing..


How? Where did you find that?


How can i use the Amex $200 credit, don’t see an option buying 2 phones with 2 trad-in that can be purchased at once. Anyone figured this out?


Who said it has to be purchased at once?!?


Get a one-time $200 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $1,000 in one or more transactions in-store at Samsung Experience stores or online at samsung.com/us or through the Shop Samsung app by 6/30/2021. See terms for exclusions.

Does it have to be in one transaction?


“one or more transactions”


I have an S20, figured this is a no brainer for $100 keep the latest phone. I was ready to checkout and stopped myself to do some due diligence. After a few minutes I realized that the S21 offer zero significant improvements. But you do go from 12GB of RAM to just 8GB. From 1440 resolution to 1080. The back glass is replaced with plastic and I would lose 2TB storage I have on my SD card, because the S21 has no SD slot. Also comes with no accessories (after they laughed at apple for doing so lol). Same camera, same battery, almost the same processor. For $100 I’d lose a lot more than I could possible gain (comparison between S20 5G and S21 5G).