Ends Today: Pre-Order Your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Or Flip 3 And Receive Up To $900 Off Via Trade In, Up To $142.50 Bonus Discount, And $150-$200 Bonus Accessory Credit!

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Update 2:  Today is your last chance to order these phones with the pre-order discount.

Update: The links below now work to get the $100 bonus trade-in value!

Additionally, you can save up to an additional $142.50 instantly if you are eligible for Samsung discount programs. Just click on any of the applicable discount programs via this drop down menu and the discount will be automatically applied. Samsung doesn’t ask for eligibility proof for most discount programs. The Fold3 512GB will actually be cheaper than the 256GB with these offers as it uses $100 of the accessory credit and has a bigger discount available.


You must order by 8/26 to get this offer!

By pre-ordering now you will receive:

  • Up to $900 off with an eligible Trade-In Device
    • The Galaxy Flip 3 will receive up to a $750 trade-in credit and the Galaxy Fold 3 will receive up to an $900 trade-in credit.
  • A $150-$200 credit for accessories
    • The Galaxy Flip 3 will receive a $150 accessories credit and the Galaxy Fold 3 will receive a $200 accessories credit.


Will you be purchasing one of the new foldable Galaxy Smartphones?

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Is this credit only if I buy it from Samsung or also if I order it from amazon…?


did you read the post?
you need to preorder from Samsung by 8/26 with trade in for this


Yes I read the post, it says you have to pre-order by 8/26.
It doesn’t say that it only works if ordering from Samsung, and in the past few releases it also worked if you pre-ordered from Amazon….


I did the reservation but didn’t receive an email and when I check out i don’t see the extra credit. Any idea?




Discounts and trade-in amounts keep changing on me, I think depending on which link I click.


The Samsung site is only showing an up to $600 trade in credit for the galaxy Z Fold 2 (no phone has a higher trade-in credit).


Yeah their website always does this on the day they release phones. Give it a couple of hours and it will (hopefully) update


Keep playing around and trying different links, I got the full credit to show up.


Good to know. What type of phones allowed you to get the full 900/1000 credit? Most on the list I saw was around 450 off. If I do it with AT&T I see can easily do a cheaper phone (ie some lg’s) and get a full 1k credit.


Unlocked Z Flip 3. Most I saw was $750 trade in credit plus $150 back, but I haven’t figured out how to get the reserve credit.


Trade in credits have really been devalued over the last 2-3 phone launches.

Perhaps if pre-orders are underwhelming they will increase the trade-in.

The flip feature still fairly new tech – I think will wait for one more generation. I have ended up paying to be βeta tester for new tech that had already launched.


Only been able to find a working display model of the Flip model- have mixed emotions.

The folding joint reminds me very much of the thick flip phones clamshells of 15-20 years ago

Wish I could find a working Fold display model – while the price is a little offsetting, it is intriguing – I may change my mind if stronger promotions emerge down the road.

Nate The Great

Any Amex deals ? Like $200 off? Can’t find anything.
Can you use Amazon Gift Cards?


Samsung keeps claiming the reserve credit is already included. First they said it’s included in the instant Samsung credit, then they claimed it was included in the $750 trade in credit (for the Flip). Not sure where to go from here.


i preordered but didnt get a confirmation email… anyone else have this issue?


I got a very delayed confirmation email

Jerry S. Ghanooni

Would like to trade a brand new never used one plus 9. But OP is not on the trade in list.


Trade iPhone 8 or newer or a galaxy S9 or newer with AT&T and get $1000 credit

big Y



I have the s20 is it worth it to go for the flip?
Which has a better battery life?


@dan will you be trading in your note 10 phone?


I’m going to try and decide thanks to all these discounts 🙂


Dan the Man! Which phone are we going now next?


I’m going to try out the 512GB Fold3.
Though I also have my eye on the Pixel 6 Pro.


Ok cool can you do a break down of the Discount to trade is a note 10+?


You will regret it!
Everytime you need to reply to a text or anything you need to type you need to open the phone as the screen in the front is too small to type
And then when you open it the screen is very big to type as well…
It was great to see videos and website in large but that’s about it
I am going to try the flip 3 and see


Are they stopping completely with the Note serious?


Seems likely.

Mordechai Hoffmann

Hmmm. Decisions. Either go to the z fold 3 from my s21 ultra or wait for the pixel 6 pro.

@dan what do you think?


Same dilemma.
I’ll try the ZF3 and see what I think.

Mordechai Hoffmann

Going to order the ZF3 and sell my S21 Ultra which will net me more than I paid for it and if I don’t like it, I’ll just sell it and get the Pixel 6 Pro or return it.

Mordechai Hoffmann

Got the unlocked fold 3 512gb for $728


ho w did you get it from 728?

Mordechai Hoffmann

Traded in an s21 ultra and an S10, got the education discount, additional bonus trade in, and got $100 off since they were offering the buds for free but it was out of stock


Based on previous years, will there be better deals on black Friday?




Dan, Would you consider Apple at all?


@dan so you got the flip? Was wondering what the whole break down is for the note trade in?


I read online that the US version of these phones don’t come with esim active out of the box. I am still waiting for my unlocked note 20 ultra to receive the esim update on my phone, very frustrating, another reason to consider going with the Pixel phone instead.


The don’t have an option for a trade in for a Nokia Mobira Cityman 150.

moshe rabin

My foldz3 arrived yesterday from Samsung


How is it? Was it worth it?