iPhone Refurbs Now On Sale From AT&T!

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The 8GB iPhone can now be had for $249.99, the 16GB is $349.99.

Price is valid through 05/16.

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4 Comments On "iPhone Refurbs Now On Sale From AT&T!"

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just a heads up their trying to sell them off before they come out with the new one its a big secret but the rumor is sometime in june.


reply to E: What are you talking about? thats not true, a refurb has nothing to do with getting rid of them, in fact till now thy let you buy 3 now there only letting you buy one, and you can only pay with a CC or DC so like this thy know if you bought one already no cash or checks.

In fact if you dont believe me check this out http://gizmodo.com/390531/att-limiting-iphones-to-one-per-customer-no-cash-or-checks


the reason for the limitations are due to the fact that so many people are buying them to unlock and resell the company att uses to activate the phones Synchronoss is losing alot of money so att is trying to limit the sales


its so bad that Synchronoss’s stock price in the last month went from $22 to $12 yikes!