Buy 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 And Get 1 Free With Trade-In Of Select Smartphones!

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Update: The BOGO offer will expire tonight!

You can get an S6 on Groupon for $179 which will qualify you for a BOGO S8, a $724.99 savings. You will have 15 days from the date you receive the S8/S8+ until you need to send in the trade-in phone via the prepaid shipping label.

Buy 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 Or S8+ And Get 1 Free With Trade-In Of Select Smartphones!

Galaxy S8 64GB (Unlocked): Buy one for $724.99 and get one free with trade-in via the link above.

Galaxy S8+ 64GB (Unlocked): Buy one for $824.99 and get one for $100 with trade-in via the link above.

There is no contract and the unlocked phones are usable on carriers worldwide.

You can also buy carrier locked phones with this promotion, though those cost $750 and $850 respectively.

Until 7/20 you can trade in 1 of the following smartphones to get BOGO on a Galaxy S8 or S8+: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge.

You can also finance the phone with equal payments over 24 months with 0% APR.

If you pay with a Chase Ink Bold/Cash/Plus you will also earn 5 points per dollar spent!

  • You will be sent a prepaid shipping label to send your trade-in phone to Samsung and you will have 15 days from when you receive your device to send in your trade-in.
  • You can trade in devices that are still under a payment plan, but you will still be responsible for remaining payments.
  • The traded in phone must power on, hold a charge, not have cracks, and not be blacklisted. You must factory reset your trade-in before shipping it to Samsung.
  • You only need to return the phone itself, not any accessories or chargers.

-GSM + CDMA / 4G LTE Capable
-5,8″-6.2″ AMOLED Infinity Display
-Quad HD+ 2960 x 1440 Native Resolution
-IP68 Waterproof to 4.9′
-f/1.7 12MP Rear + 8MP Front Cameras
-Octa-Core Snapdragon 835 Chipset
-64GB Storage Capacity and 4GB of RAM
-microSD Memory Card Slot
-Android 7.0 Nougat

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David give 5x with Chase Ink


Wait, really?!


These are the only phones they are accepting? What about the recent Samsung trade in promotion, will they accept other older phones or are these the only phones they will credit $200 trade in?


Does Samsung Finance count against 5/24?


Can I use these phones with Verizon?


You should probably have a stronger indication that this is directly with Samsung…


Is a refurbished good for Trade In?


Is it only bogo if you trade in a phone?


That’s correct, reread the post and you can see for yourself.


I checked their site but I can’t figure out if I’d have to send back one or two devices as trade in. Does anyone know?


Any chance they will let you take the S8+ and then for the bogo a plain S8? Or vice versa with paying half of the difference between the two phones, in this case $50?


for T-mobile is it better to get the unlocked or the T-mobile locked phone?


I’m selling my used S6 in great condition and same price. PM for details


Can i just buy now on eBay a Used or Refurbished Trade-In-Eligible Phone to get that deal?


Is there a limit? Or can you do it multiple times?


I need only 1, Anybody wanna Join me?
(Maybe we can open a thread on the forums for BOGO Joining’s)


I might be interested

Shlomo chammah

305 849 8101


What would be the reason not to get an unlocked? Especially that the locked are more expensive

Mike B

Slower firmware updates. At least it was that way with the s7. We shall see if Samsung reverses course with the S8 but we don’t know yet.


in terms of using on all networks, does it make a difference as to whether it is unlocked, i remeber that some were cdma vs sim cards


Do they take phones (the ones being traded in ) from all carriers? They dont seem to indicate otherwise

Galaxy S8plus

I just (last week Thursday) upgraded by sprint on the 24 month installment for the S8-Plus, is there any way to take advantage of this offer?


whats the deal with prime care – 11.99 a month – is that mandatory

benjamin haimoff

Would it work if I trade in my Israeli Samsung galaxy s6 edge


Should I pay first for 2 phones and then request for refund after trade-in?


I’d like to point out that in my experience, unlocking a phone and using it for sprint won’t work. They still can see original carrier and it won’t work to activate


can i trade in the galaxy S6 active?


What’s their return policy? Not sure I’ll like the s8, would I be able to return it if I don’t use it?


can you send a locked phone form sprint?


As long as the phone is in good condition.

Shmuel Klein

Will there be any difference at all on network compatibility with Verizon on the unlocked verses the locked with Verizon version that is $50 more? I know there is such a thing as a unlocked phone not having all the bandwidth or as optimized to the network as a locked to that specific network phone.

Shmuel Klein

Does the phone have to be CDMA and GSM capable? If yes how do I know if my sprint S6 is CDMA and GSM capable?


Anyone know the return policy in case I don’t like the s8? Would I be able to Return if i dont like it?


Look at the return policy on that product before checkout or call samsung and see what they say.

Shmuel Klein

What is the storage space on the devices they are offering?




Can i trade in if my phone has the magnet accessory thats stickered on to back of phone


It cant come off without having sticky stiff on back


Take goo gone or a very low heat element (whether blow dryer or the like) but be very careful and take it off.


Is it possible to get this deal from canada?


What’s the shipping to Canada? Did you try to see what they want?


also wondering about this


Here’s a link on the forum for those interested in this bogo deal.
If your interested in buying one and flipping the other.
Post here.


Anyone here who purchased these phones who shipped to ny? Just curios to what the tax came out to be?

Shmuel Klein

Is it possible to get this tax free.


i assume 32gb is fine?


Will they know if your screen has been replaced by a repair shop? I don’t know if they used oem glass.


They can definitely tell,good chance you might run into problems.
But you can take the risk.


This is from the website.
No traded-in device will be returned to you under any circumstances.

So your taking quite a risk.


Can I trade in a iPhone 6?


Ps. Read the post from dan and you could have answered that question yourself..

99.9% of the questions here would be answered by reading the post from dan, instead of dashing to the comments for personal service.


Erase prior reply as i realized it’s only for a iphn 6S.


Dan you might want to add these few points into your post,

“No traded-in device will be returned to you under any circumstances. ”

“Neither the Full Price Device nor the Second Device may be resold. ”

Just not sure how they would know you resold it? (if you buy many phones during this promotion?)


Can I trade in a s7 I bought in israel?


Don’t see why not, anyone giving you an answer here knows the same much as you, I would suggest you to pick up the phone and call samsung as once you ship the phone and it doesn’t qualify you will not get it back. So play it smart by making a phone call.


Would minimal scratches on the screen be an issue? or is only real CRACKS an issue?


Where do you see it ends the 20th?


Click on the link to buy the phone and look at the t&c it should say somewhere there about the trade in for bogo ending on the 20th of july.

buzz kill??

the second device has to be on the same carrier has the first device. what if you get two unlocked? can I resale the second one?


“Neither the Full Price Device nor the Second Device may be resold. ”

Written in the T&C.
But I don’t see anyway for them to enforce it, as I bought it for a friend.


I would think that they will charge you for the second phone if they somehow figure it out. I wouldn’t put anything past Samsung.


I’m looking to buy one if anybody wants to pair up.


You can sell it on eBay


If I fix my S7 screen at a mall, would the phone qualify for the trade in or would it be an issue?


What is the penalty if you don’t get your trade-in device on time? Do you pay full price for both phones?


Just went on the website and found out that you do pay in full for both phones in the event that you don’t get your trade in done.


Am I allowed to order the unlocked version and send in a Verizon branded phone as the trade in?


Is anyone experiencing and error message:
“We are unable to process your request at this time.
Please try again later; we apologize for the inconvenience.”
when trying to use Samsung Financing..
I have called everyone Samsung and TD bank, nothing,
If Yes, please advise any suggestions


What do you mean by old device needs to “hold a charge”


What does normal wear and tear mean? Is there an official definition?


I’m not understanding the actual trade. . Readingbthe fine print, it says they send you the phone and a shipping label . You send in your trade in after wiping your old phone clean. .etc
When do they send the second phone? With the first phone or AFTER they get the trade in? Has anyone received their two Samsungs and can elaborate on the procedure please? TIA.


Does anyone want to go half and half with me? It would be 362$ for an s8






I bought an extra S8. Would sell for $500.


how can i contact you?




how can i contact you


Where are you getting the ends but 7/20 from? I don’t see it anywhere in the terms.


Dan thank you very much another great deal i took advantage of because you letting us know. GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND THE HATZLUCHE TO THE NEW WEBSITE (I’M ALREADY GETTING USED TO IT AFTER LOOKING AT IT EVERY TIME I GO ONLINE!!!!)


They just schanged the deal, 150$ off, if you have an iPhone 5 and up or LG g4 you get an additional 150$ off


I bought an s6 on ebay that is fully working and only has light scratches and scuff marks but no cracks should that be good enough for the trade in?

Aaron Weis

I just received my 2 S8. have one to sell

Brad Gold

How much are you looking for?


i received my order but i didn’t get a return label for the trade in


Samsung will email a shipping label


Your return label should have come to your email to be printed out.


there was definitely a glitch right after the deal died at about 2am eastern. I got the BOGO for $680 on s8+ ..looks like they added the new promo to the BOGO. crazy. thanks Dan!


Looking to sell the second s8+?


Does anuone know how strict samsung is being on the trade ins?


Dan, do you know if these phones would be eligible for the Sprint promotion- a year of service for free?


Does anybody know if the version you are getting is the international or US version?