Activate Project Fi And Get An LG Google Nexus 5X 16GB Smartphone For $199.99 Shipped

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Activate Project Fi And Get An LG Google Nexus 5X 16GB Smartphone For $199.99 Shipped

I’m currently posting from Svalbard, as close as you can fly commercially (and more importantly with miles) to the North Pole. My Project Fi phone has perfect 4G LTE service, even in this isolated region of the planet.

I bought a Project Fi compatible phone a couple months ago with this trip in mind. There was no credit check to start service. I was able to pause service until the start of the trip for free. You can pause service for up to 3 months at a time with no limit on extending the service pause. When you do activate the service the cost is $20 per month for unlimited calling and texting. Data is $10 per GB and if you only use 100MB for example you’ll only be charged $1.

International data is charged at the same rate as in the US. International texting is free. International phone calls are 20 cents/minute.

Verizon won’t let me activate their TravelPass plan as I have grandfathered unlimited data, but Project Fi has been a better deal anyway!

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Dan's the Man

Dan- what’s in Svalbard? I’m currently in Australia thanks to your guidance on the mileage game. Thanks!


not finding any kind of minimum length of service. Can i sign up and cancel during the first month?

Dan's the Man

@yair: Yes.


Can project fi be used only internationally? I already have a nexus 6p and want to keep my current plan for the US but this sounds like a great option for traveling outside of the US



Just an FYI. I had purchased this on last deal at $299. purchase date 2/11/16. I contacted them via chat and they stated they can only back honor to 2/15/2016. not further back. but good news for anyone who purchased in the last few days.


@Yossi: Try your credit card. Some cards have price match guarantees.

@Yair @DansTheMan

I called up google and they said that you can cancel and you wont need to pay anything extra, however before purchasing it says that if you do not activate within 30 days you will be charged 150 to pay for the discounted phone without service.
Anyone know for sure if activating and canceling bypasses that?

Dan's the Man

So wait to cancel it after the month is over. You can still use the phone on another service. Just take out the GoogleFi and put in the one for the company that you want to use. You’ll just be out an additional $20 for the 1 month.



thank you! submitted a claim.


@Yossi: No problem. Hatzlacha!


Sorry im a bit confused…can I change from my verizon plan to FI or is this only international?


Which carriers can I use this phone with?

Interested in project fi

Is the nexus unlocked, in case project fi doesn’t end up working out?


@Dan’s the man.

Sorry I beat you to it 🙂

Actually, you beat me by an hour. 🙂 congrats!


@Dan’s the Man: so in that case youre getting the 5x for $220. pretty good deal. are you positive you can just activate it then go back to your other service?

Dan's the Man

@Interested in project fi:
@Interested in project fi:
Yes. You can use it with all Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, & AT&T as well as the US MVNO carriers. You can also use it in Israel!


GoogleFi has no contract.


Don”t you lose Google Voice when you activate project Fi? I use that to make my calls to Canada free. Is there anything else to use as integrated as Google Voice for an android Verizon phone?


@Dan on their website it says that in foreign countries it’s limited to 3G at 256kbps, so how come you get 4G?


Use another gmail account to signup.

Their website is wrong. Fi works with 4G in many countries, assuming the bands are right.


Im enjoying it here in igauzu falls had connection in most of the park trails.

is there a way to get the new phone on an activated account?


So how does it work with my number while I still have Verizon service?

Lovin' it

How many months of Fi service do you need to activate?
Or is it: if you activate Fi services, the balance will come off the full price of the phone?

Dan's the Man

Google Hangout Dialer app still works without a Google Voice number. I use that app on my Android to make overseas calls (like you said Canada is free, Israel is 2 cents) and it since I don’t have a Google Voice number it displays my cell phone’s number on caller id (which is what I want). I don’t have GoogleFi but I believe this would be the same for you. When I call use Google Hangouts from a web browser it says unavailable number on the other person’s caller ID.

@Lovin’ it: You just need to activate service for Fi for 1 month. You don’t have to actually use the service. Just activate by signing up for the basic $20 plan with no data and then cancel after the first month.


If I want to use it as a travel phone –
Can I only activate it every time I travel?
Do I pay for the whole month or do they prorate the charge?


@Yossi: why don’t u just return it and buy it again.


It won’t work on the same phone simultaneously.

@Lovin’ it:
There’s no contracts…

Sure, that’s how I’m using it.
They prorate the days that you activate it and the process couldn’t be simpler.


If I live in Israel. dose it pay to use it there all the time?

Dan's the Man

@Israeli: It doesn’t pay to use GoogleFi in Israel all the time as voice calls will cost you. It does pay to buy this phone though. You can use it with Golan Telecom for cheap phone service.


Anybody know if there’s a wifi only option for data? Meaning if I want to pay just $20/month for unlimited talk and text and just use wifi for data.

Dan's the Man

@shmool: Yes, you can just pay $20 for talk/text and not pay for any data.


If you do not use the data they will refund the $10 meaning the first month you will be charged $30 + tax then next month only $20 + tax as they will deduct $10 etc.


Only question is, am I in for 1 or 2


What are the downsides of losing Google Voice?
I will get the phone number I have for Google Voice – that seems like a plus.
Will I be able to make calls through Hangouts?
My Obi is connected to a different email address already.


with Google Voice you can set it up that your android phone will automatically use the Google voice number to dial out of country seemlessly (and no charge for Canada)
Hangouts, you have to remember to use the Hangouts app (and ensure that everyone in your family knows this). If you forget and use your normal phone you will be charged hefty fees by Verizon, and you can’t even have them block Canada


I can vouch for fi. I use it internationally and even though their website says the international data is only 3G it is very often 4G LTE.


If I suspend my project fi services, do I still have access to my number through hangouts while it’s suspended?

Far out

What will the monthly cost be if you only come to the US once a year and use it then?
(Do you still have to pay $20 a month? Also, can you buy only a data plan for $10 can month?)

Thank you!


Works on a old activated account too!


Does anybody know if you can use data and phone simultaneous
( also when
on the sprint phone ?


So i fot the deal, activated with fi, now do i have to wait till the end of the month?