Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit With Accessories For $448 From BH After $200 Price Drop; Why A “Real” Camera Is Still Worth Using

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Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit And Bonus Accessories For $448 Shipped From B&H

This was selling for $648 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever. This kit includes a wide angle lens, a spare battery, and a shoulder bag.

Focus Camera also has the a6000 with a telephoto lens, wide-angle lens,  Sandisk Ultra 128GB SD card, 2 spare batteries with battery charger, camera bag, tripod, and more, for $598.

The A6000 kit is also on sale for $448 and for $598 with the telephoto lens from Amazon.

Why get a real camera if you have a smartphone?

A baby deer was born in my front yard and this picture was taken of it with a Galaxy phone:

When I got home later, I took a picture of it with the telephoto lens on my Sony a6000:

I haven’t edited these pictures at all. You can tell the difference in quality that you can get from a phone’s camera versus a mirrorless camera.

I’ve been using the A6000 for several years and love it, it takes fantastic pictures very quickly. The quality of pictures in low-light situations and with zoom are far better than from even the most advanced smartphones. And I can easily transfer the pictures to my phone over WiFi or even use my phone as a remote with the phone displaying the camera screen. The electronic viewfinder also does wonders when it’s sunny out.

Mirrorless digital cameras offer SLR type performance and sensor size in a compact and intuitive package. In fact it even does things better than an SLR, such as video. It’s bigger than the point and shoot you might be used to, but the pictures it takes are just incredible. In a pinch it can still fit into your pocket even with the 16-50 lens on, something that can’t be done with an SLR.

What kind of camera do you use?

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In addition to your comments above, what are the pros and cons of this over a DSLR? I am a photography newbie. I am afraid of splurging too much on my first camera.


Its actually a great first camera.
Pros: smaller, faster.
Cons: limited lens options, battery life.


Hey Dan, I’ve had the a5000 for 4yrs now and love the camera. The lighting is awful though which I think the a6000 improves. I also would love a wide lense- do you think it’s worth it to get this deal? How long will my a5000 last anyway? Should I just buy a wide lense? Resell value of my a5000? Any thoughts appreciated…


the a6000 is a much better camera though its a bit bigger, but way better in low light, and better resolution. it also has a view finder so you can properly shoot outdoors when its sunny etc.


How is this compared to the canon g9x mark ii?


Here is a detailed review and a summary:


worth it to pay $54 for 4 year warranty with SquareTrade?


Of course


I dont think Focus provides 2 “spare” batteries, (which means 1 with the cam. and 2 spare) only 1 spare, and one with the cam.