Canon S110, Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Printer, Canon Luster Photo Paper, Leather Case, 16GB SD Card, 8GB SD Card, And Tripod For $178.50 Shipped After $400 Rebate


Update #3: DEAD!


Update #2: This deal is now available at BuyDig as well for $575-$400=$175 though no accessories are included.  They only charge tax for shipments to NJ.

The price will show $638 until the final checkout page when it will drop to $575.

Add either:
S110 White or S110 Black and the Pro-100 Printer (with 13×19 paper included)

$400 BuyDig Rebate


Update:  The Adorama bundle as pictured below is gone but the deal is still alive for the most part. Our local DDF camera expert calls it an “insane deal.”  Here’s how you can still grab it:

Add one of the following cameras to your cart. Do so by clicking on “Save up to $30 with bundle” as pictured in the original post below and select the free 16GB SD card and camera pouch.
-S110 White: $219
-S110 Silver: $219
-S110 Black: $219

Alternatively you can go with the Silver S110 with leather case and 8GB SD card for $219. There’s no longer any bundle to click with this option so just add it to your cart.
Or you can go with this Silver S110 for $249 which comes with an 8GB SD card, Spare Battery, Camera Pouch, and Tripod. There’s no additional bundle to click with this option so just add it to your cart.

After you make your camera choice add the Pro-100 printer to your cart for $359.
The 13×19 photo paper will be added to your cart automatically.

Your total will be $578 (plus tax in NJ/NY) less the $400 rebate.

Originally posted at 2pm:

Adorama has the Canon S110 with a leather case and an 8GB SD Card for $219

But don’t add that to your cart.  Click on “Save up to $30 with bundle” as shown in the red box below:











You will get a popup screen as shown below.  Scroll down to the bundle that adds the Pro-100 printer, printer paper, 16GB SD card and tripod and add that bundle to your cart.












If you added the correct bundle to your cart you will now have the S110 (which comes with the leather card and 8GB SD card) along with the printer, paper, 16GB SD card, tripod, and some software.  Your cart total should be $578.  Shipping will add 50 cents.

Then you will qualify for this $400 rebate (Adorama version), dropping the price down to just $178.50!

The $400 rebate comes in the form of an AMEX gift card. (If you don’t agree with the AMEX rebate gift card terms you can always call them after receiving it and request a check instead ;))

You will also get 2% back of the pre-rebate price as Adorama rewards for use on future purchases!

The S110 is Canon’s high-end point and shoot with full manual controls.  It was $349 before the holidays.
Built-in WiFi for Image Transfer to Social Sites, PC, IOS and Android Devices
5x Optical Zoom with 24mm Wide-Angle Lens and 3″ capacitive touch screen
1080p Full HD Video With a Dedicated Movie Button,12-bit Multi Aspect Recording in RAW + JPEG
High-speed AF, High-speed Burst HQ for a maximum of 10 frames
NB-5L Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 3.7VDC, 1120mAh
Built-in WiFi for Image Transfer to Social Sites, PC, IOS and Android Devices
5x Optical Zoom with 24mm Wide-Angle Lens and 3″ capacitive touch screen

The professional printer has:
-8 Dye based inks for amazing gradients and color, 3 of which are dedicated grayscale inks for beautiful black & white prints
-The Optimum Image Generating System reproduces colors as you intend them by logically selecting the optimum ink combination and placement
-Print Studio Pro Plug-in software offers a seamless and stress free photo printing workflow for professionals
-4800 x 2400 dpi with FINE technology for incredible detail

The high-end photo paper offers:
-Beautiful semi-gloss texture that is between matte and glossy that combines the best of both
-Does not reflect as much as glossy papers and resists fingerprints similar to matte paper
-Great paper for portraits and gallery displays


Alternatively if you have Amazon money to burn or if you have several registered AMEX cards you may want to buy it there:

-Canon S110 with a 16GB SD Card And Camera Case: $219

-Pixma Pro-100 Color Professional photo printer: $370.19

-Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster 13×19 Photo Paper: $44.77
Alternatively the Adorama package came with semi-gloss which is $45 from Amazon, both work for the $400 rebate.

-$400 Rebate (Amazon version) Linky

Add all items to your cart for a total of $633.96 less the $400 rebate=$233.96.

But if you registered several AMEX cards with the 33.3% off Amazon promotion it will be $422.85 after the effective discount, less the $400 rebate=$22.85 shipped!

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nice- i wished i had amex amazon promos left.


Which is easier, in this deal? Adorama or Amazon?


Shouldn’t matter.
Amazon is more money unless you have registered cards, in which case it can be nearly free!


I look at it as $400 in manufactured spend!


when doing it through amazon, do i have to purchase the camera with the sd card and case, or its ok just to buy thevcamera without accessories



They’re free.


I bought the S-110 camera at Amazon on black-friday, does anyone know if i could now buy the printer and i’ll get the rebate?


Does it still pay with Tax 55.33 ??

Deal lover

When I add the case and card to my cart my total is $238.53, am I doing this wrong?


Good question, it seems a little vague.
To be safe you I would return/rebuy.

Find somewhere outside of NJ/NY to ship it to?
Otherwise tax is tax, still a phenomenal deal.

@Deal lover:
Those are subtracted automatically at final checkout.


Does the Amazon deal also have the tripod?

Deal lover

@yisroel: It has to be on the same order, I’m thinking of returning and reordering.


add around $50 in taxes if you are shipping to NY or NJ


Can you just return for no good reason?


@Deal lover: but wouldn’t that cost me return shipping?


Is it before tax?


Part of fine print on rebate says “Original Proof of Purchase 12-Digit Barcode cut from the PIXMA PRO-100 printer box (and Canon Digital SLR or PowerShot camera box if
applicable), leaving a hole in the box(es). WE MUST RECEIVE “PROOF OF PURCHASE” WITH CARDBOARD INTACT”

once you send that in for rebate you will not be able to return to store.


You cant return it or resell it because you will need to cut UPC for rebate

Thanks “Dan” just order one



Unless it’s defective you would pay return shipping, but that’s not expensive.

Tax applies for NJ and NY.

Deal lover

Don’t know. Depends which return route you go, whether you have amazon prime, or you want to go through american express return protection.


@Dan: the total on amazon goes up from $633.96 to $653.49, if you add the accessories


As I said already, the cost of those accessories is subtracted on the final checkout page.


Your final total will be 690.21 with NY taxes.

Using 33.3% off with amazon it will come out 9x $75 amazon gift cards, costing you a total of 450, plus $15.21.
Total 465.21 -$400 rebate, =65.21. Sweet!


where can i save the tax is MD is tax free ?


how do we get the $400 rebate, dan?


There is a link to the rebate.


Anyplace out of New York and New Jersey is tax free


It says in terms of the rebate second line “Offer void where taxed, restricted or otherwise prohibited by Federal, State or Local law” what does that mean?


I just ordered it but with the T3i deal instead of the S110.


It says on the rebate form only for products sold and shipped by How can this work for Adorama?


The Adorama rebate says Adorama on it.
there’s a different link for each store’s rebate.


This is what it says at the top of the rebate>
This promotion is valid only for purchases made at Adorama or directly from This promotion is NOT valid for purchases made through a
marketplace, auction or other third-party website portal.


@RH: There are two separate links, one for each. Check the post.


Every rebate says that, ask the lawyers why but it’s nothing to worry about.


Thank you


Why am I not seeing the save with $30 bundle icon??


Thank you. I clicked on the Amazon link.


Thank You. Ordered


You can get one rebate each from Amazon and Adorama, correct?


Also, do i have to fill out the rebate before i buy or will they send the paperwork with the items?


Ordered 3

Thank You.


only seeing the 16gb memory card, where do i find the printer, paper and tripod???


is it over on adorama?


Seems over, bundle doesn’t show up anymore?


Deal is over?


See post update.


Is this printer just for photos ?


It does regular printing as well.


Seems to be giving the same discount without bundling – but by placing each one separately in the cart. Will it affect the rebate?


Update. Seems the deal is a still alive, but you have to select the BLACK model of the camera, and then it’s only the 16GB SD card and the case, not another 8GB card and tripod. But, it still ends up being 578$ total shipped, and then the 400$ rebate. So I bit on that one. Nice deal Dan.


Do the rebates go smoothly or do they give you a hard time ? The silver camera in your amazon link doesn’t say powershot


What is the primary product serial number for rebate purposes?


When trying to pre-submit my claim on line, I receive the following message “PRIMARY PRODUCT SERIAL NUMBER HAS ALREADY BEEN CLAIMED”???


It seems like you could buy just the printer and paper for $59 after rebate ($359 for printer and free paper bundle) – $300 in rebate. Am I understanding this correctly?


You can also get just the printer and the paper and assuming you use Amazon GC bought at 33% off, and don’t pay tax, you can make about $20 on the deal.

Printer and Paper= $415
33% off = $279

$300 Rebate on printer and paper
– $279 = $21

(With tax it’ll be $301.5, but if you’re looking for a way to turn Amazon GC into cash, $1.50 seems pretty good)


can i get the rebate then use american express return protection?

chana k

@aryboy: If it’s the same camera, couldn’t you just return the new one in the place of the one you bought last week? (or did you throw away the box?)


site is slow? buggy?


‘buy together and save’ not working


add to cart not responding. Even on different browser.


Thanks Dan, is there any way I can get the tripod included?


Does anyone know if the silver camera on amazon will qualify for the rebate ? It’s not called a powershot ?


It is and it will.


Thank, dan


dos the buydig rebate also work with amax cards ?


Got the deal from buydig, I have 2 questions, 1. I ordered a few times on the same card (diff names for shipping) will this be a problem for the rebate? 2. One of the times the photo paper wasnt included did anyone get stuck like that?


Hi Dan, do you know if any good deals on Nikon DSLR cameras? Maybe the D3200 model?


Being in NY I bought the buy dig and saved the tax


Question to Reb Dan: if I have a promo code to buy dig will that affect the rebate?


On buydig, they add the photo paper as a bonus when you buy the printer. Will that be a problem for the rebate? Do I need to “pay” for it?


Not an issue.


@Aron: Did the same then you.
whats now? how could i fill out the form if i don’t know the serial number?


This just got hotter. The printer went down to $350 on Amazon ($27 less than before)


@Dan – What is the cheapest way to pay for return shipping?


On those $400 cannon rebates who do I call to say that I disagree with terms and conditions
I seem to be having no luck



Same here! I’ve called multiple times and they give the same “those awards are only sent out in rewards cards, no checks.”


Call the number on the AMEX card.