Ad: BOILING HOT! AT&T Customers: Get A Free Motorola H550 Or Samsung WEP 185 Bluetooth Headset After $30 Rebate!!!


Exclusive Limited time Deal From AT&T & One Hour Cellular:

Free Bluetooth Offer: Motorola H550 Or Samsung WEP 185 Bluetooth Headset For Just $30.00.

Current AT&T customers will receive a $30 Mail in rebate, making the final price 0 dollars!!!

Limit: 1 Rebate per wireless number.

5 Brooklyn Locations to choose from:

1) 423 Kingston Ave, 718-363-5444. 2) 1369 Coney Island Ave, 718-758-1180. 3) 242 7th Ave, 718-369-3290 4) 5115 13th Ave, 718-437-4670 5) 4522 18th Ave, 718-686-6200

Can’t make it into one of our stores? Flat-rate nationwide shipping is just $7.99!

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dont forget you pay tax
your total will be around $32.50
but for two dollars it’s still worth it


If you get it shipped out of state then you do not pay sales tax.


where’s the link?


I transfered from amtrak to choice on 11/20. It is now 12/10 and my points still have not transfered. This is after the two
to four week official transfer time. Just called them up and they said to wait another week and that this could have been caused by the amtrak policy change with choice. (I personally am scared that they will stiff me)

Ive heard you say that there is a starwood amex that is supposed to be very easy to get, even with a low credit score (im 18). what would i have to do? I had citi watching my credit report, and it says that i have an account that opened; just in the past month. Im guessing that this is the credit card i opened a month ago? Does that mean that I could not open a new card?

Im sorry for all the questions.


was wondering how can I have a heads up before my first year fee free for credit cards are up


There is no link, you’ll just have to pick up the phone and call!

To everyone else:

All other unrelated questions should be asked in the discussion post and I will try to answer them when I have the time.


Does anyone know anything about rebates from PIXXO? Are they reliable or just full of promises?


If I am not mistaken you need a AAA or AAAA battery for the model.

rachamim gold

no battery are needed i got one and they are amazing


Does anyone know if it works for GO-Phone customers also?

dan perkins

yes it works with go phone customers i asked in store and that wnhat they said


I called one place and they said no Go-Phone account, oh well


Which is better the samsung or Motorola?

Than You in advance


Call Dovid at 718 363 5444 with any questions that you might have in reference to the bluetooth.
He will gladly answer all your questions


you cant exchange the bluetooth headset once you pay the $30 dollars so be sure of which one you want.

the samsung falls out of your ear but it is smaller & weighs less.


Hey the guys are great on kingston ave but make sure you know which model you want as this is final sale (but no big deal worse case just buy a new one its “FREE”)