WOW! iTunes Gift Cards Now Work For All Apple Products!

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Historically Apple had two typed of Gift Cards, Apple Gift Cards which work for Apple devices and iTunes Gift Cards which work for their app store and music etc.

Apple has now announced that they will only have one type of Gift Card moving forward and all gift cards now work for anything they sell.

This in incredible news for anyone that has purchased a discounted iTunes Gift Card in the past. We have posted dozens of discounted iTunes Gift Cards over the years, and now those work for Apple devices!

The only bad news is, we probably won’t be seeing iTunes Gift Cards on sale anymore.

You can redeem your gift cards here.

Do you have an iTunes Gift Card you can now redeem for Apple devices?

HT: Mac Rumors.

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How large were the discounts for the iTunes cards when they were available?


I’ve purchased them 70-80%

Pat S

Does that mean you could buy a Mac computer with iTunes gift cards?


This is bad news, not good news. Now all of the discounted iTunes gift cards are likely to disappear.


seriously.. This is bad news.. not sure why all the blogs are posting about it as a good thing.


This is terrible news for most of us who dont have piles of gift cards laying around. I used to pay all of my subscriptions with itunes by buying discounted gift cards. Now they are never going to be on sale


YES YES YES FINNALY CAN Use my 600 iTunes gc I had for the last 10 years cause I don’t use iTunes


Can an all store gift balance already on my Apple account now be used to buy an iPhone?




The Indian scammers who get iTunes gift cards are gonna benefit from this.


Very few of us stocked up on iTunes gift cards. Why would we? I only use a few dollars a month on iTunes and have about $100 worth.




A few years ago after a baseball game, at the exit, they were handing out promo cards with some sort of ad on it, AND a $2 iTunes gift card code on each card. 90% of the people, including many literally holding iPhones in their hands, threw them out or just tossed them on the floor. My kids and I collected about 30 of them before we left! Over the next few days I loaded the $60+ into my iTunes account.


Are you able to use them immediately? Do you need to load it to your account to use it for a purchase at or can it be applied during guest checkout?