HURRY! Reebok Shoes, Pants, Shirts, Socks, And More From Just $1 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals!

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Update: DEAD!

Reebok Shoes, Pants, Shirts, Socks, And More From Just $1 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals!

Reebok has hundreds of items for insane prices on eBay right now via the link above.

Plus if you add 2 items to your cart, you’ll get 30% off the 2nd item!

Sample deals:

Post what items you find and check back for more sample deals!

HT: Davidthebest

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wow got one thanks


Mostly out of stock already.


2 pairs of shoes $14 yey


What are the chances they are going to honor these purchases. It’s hundreds if not thousands of shoes that are being sold for 90% off…

Texas Totty

Deaded! Price went up at checkout. Some sizes may still work. One item went to checkout but then said seller doesn’t have that many left (1).


how did you arrange a pickup from the united agent to whisk you from your cleveland flight to your tlv flight?


With the power of $1 Reebok shoes.


Is there a code to use?


checking out


Sorry, we can’t complete your checkout at this time. Please try changing your item quantity or check your account status.


One or more sellers can’t accept payments right now. Contact the sellers for help.


Ordered. Thank you Dan!


2 shoes, 4 Tshirts and pair of pants

Thats me



In for 4 shirts. Tip to all who have trouble checking out: keep trying. The stock seems to update fairly dynamically.


lol got a pack of 20 boxers.. doubt its being honored.


omg somehow i bought my wife a pair of shoes. item magically returned in stock. Thanks Dan!


Why does it keep going in and out of stock?


Not exactly the colors we would’ve wanted, but hey! Three pairs of shoes for $24.25 for wife and self, who would complain??!! ;D

Hans Mast

If you refresh that link, eBay is doing pretty good at keeping the search results fresh with pricing/inventory still available. I feel like they’re manually going through changing prices frantically RN, lol. Because they are def changing the prices on some stuff.




You have to move fast. I was adding items quickly. Sometimes 2 of the same color and size and then checking out. I just noticed some items are being restocked


I decided to forgo the discount and was just clicking Buy Now many times. Was a good idea! Though Chase freaked out and sent ten emails and texts to me. 😀


The boxer 3 packs were all sold out for me about 20 minutes ago, and I just went back and suddenly found them in L and XL. I’m moving too quickly to even share the deals I’m finding. Thanks for sharing!


Got a hoodie for $3!


Dan, What are the odds they will honor this?! Shirts, shoes, head is spinning. I don’t even remember what I bought!! Even if they don’t honor..Dan it was fun! Thanks!


It was quite fun wasnt it!


It was! Just got one refund from Reebok..Likely the first of many:(


can you still get the sale??


3 pairs of shoes (size 10.5 and 11) for a total of $16! Thanks a bunch, Dan!

Ira Lebowitz

Applied buy one get one 30% off and $5 eBay bucks = 6 pants and shorts for $9.74 with free shipping
Thanks Dan


Gosh I bought everything I could I’m imagining Reebok will cancel orders…. but who knows… yasherkoyeach!


Got 8 pairs of sneakers, 5 t-shirts, 2 pants, 1 shorts (not enough for 1 per person in this household)
Thanks dan!


Just bought some walking sneakers for $6/pair. Thanks!


3 pairs of shoes and 3 shirts for $32…a good ol’ fashioned feeding frenzy. Thanks Dan!


Order details say the seller is away until June 25th 2019. Will see if they honor.


Trust me, he’s on his way back already…! Lol


6 boxers, 7 shorts, 3 pants and 5 t-shirts for $28.50! Amazing deal Dan! Almost got the classic reeboks in black for $5 but sold out in my size… This should easily cost at the bare minimum $80, but more likely around $130. Dont know what sizes will fit, but will happily donate that which doesnt fit.


PayPal changed their policy recently where if Reebok does cancel all of the orders then they would not get back the fees that they were charged by PayPal when the transaction took place. Hopefully the deal is honored and PayPal doesn’t end up being the big winner.

Tony p

One out of my 9 orders just shipped


Since this is through Ebay, cancelling that many orders would definetly result in bad marks on their account, both from feedback and also by seller performance standards that Ebay has in place. Hope they ship


Don’t think feedback will matter to a big seller like Reebok. They are a well-established company that will probably get away with it. Win some, lose some. Meh!


I can leave 15 negative feedbacks. They sold thousands of items that day. If everyone left neg fb, they’d feel it.


Looks like they’re indeed feeling it


They left feedback for both of my orders..
But will they ship?
Even if they cancel I got feedback for free lol


I just got refunded for the pants I bought, they still didnt refund yet for sneakers I got…
No email on cancelation and on eBay still looks as if they are shipping…


Looks like they are slowly canceling the orders
Reebok feedback is taking a hit because of this….


All orders were canceled with no communication. Well, it was too good to be true anyways!


I got notified by paypal of 2 orders refunded. Ebay still shows the orders’ estimated delivery


Same here not sure what’s going on




it starts…got an email from paypal saying the boxers were cancelled.. i had 6 orders with them, gonna leave negative feedback with them, the time wasted on searching!


They’ve received hundreds of negative feedback overnight. Their rating has dropped from 97.3% to 96.3%.

Kivi Sherman

Down to 95.1%

Costly mistake.

Moishe B. Singer



Pay attention, PayPal charged buyer fee.


Order cancelled. Sent me an email with 35% off coupon.


It blows my mind that there are those that find it OK to leave negative feedback here and cause them a loss. Even if you say that it’s ethically alright to buy something online based on a price mistake, the argument for that would be because the seller has the ability to not honor it. But to hold it against them and “force” them to sell it because of your ability to leave feedback after they said that it was a mistake? Quite unbelievable.


Seriously even is giving them negative feedback. It’s really not nice, why should they honor it? These stuff don always get honored, It’s a loss for them and now it causes them damage. Might be a chilul Hashem too


The negative feedback was NOT for making an innocent mistake. Mistakes happen BUT to go against eBay policy and not cancelling order but simply refunding through Paypal. Most people probably never saw the Paypal refund email and only checked eBay status. My eBay status on item changed to unpaid item. ebay will punish an old lady on social security who accidentally makes a pricing mistake. If a small seller cancels just 1 out of 200!!!! items (1/2%) they lose their Top Rated status. 5 out of 100 and you are screwed. I have seen many cases where small sellers got blocked because they cancelled a few orders. Reebok should have had at least the decency to send out apology emails to their customers. BAD BAD customer service.


1 of 3 orders refunded. Others are still fine for the time being. Even this order wasn’t cancelled, only refunded. Think it’ll be free in the end…? Lol


None of my orders have shipped. I got an email from Reebok saying they are canceling due to an error. They offered a 35% off coupon. I didnt respond.
That sale was not a glitch of items for pennies so I expect the prices to be honored.
As an ebay seller I’d get slammed for that. So should they. They can afford the loss.


My orders are in various states of cancellation, this is what I wrote to their form letter I was sent. Personally I think I make a very valid point. When stuff is selling for a penny its pretty obvious it is a Glitch.

I’m not sure what’s going on with your company. I’m confused. You had a sale, and now you’re telling me that you marked down the wrong stuff and are cancelling my order. I spent a long time finding the specific sizes and colors of the items I wanted. It was listed as a sale on several internet sites like retailmenot, etc.

Many of the items were already marked down to 70 and 80% off and offered at a BOGO 30% off. That was an amazing sale. Just like this item you currently have listed.

You price your items the same way at your official Amazon site, or shall I say, you are running the same Scam.
This links shows your Active Chill Tee available for a wide range in
Price: $8.71 – $30.00

After searching around XXS in White is $8.71 from Reebok
XL in Black is $30.00

As a shopper, how am I supposed to know what prices are valid sale prices and what are mistakes? Otherwise I feel like this is a bait and switch. Now you’re offering me a 35% off coupon after cancelling my order were I had a better deal.


i dont care about them having a glitch, its a cut throat retail world. sell well or fold. as it should be. Reebok hasnt been relevant since the 90’s. I would never buy reebok at retail prices. You can use logic all u want, simple fact is if u post a (un)intentional sale you must honor it or lose credibility. Im glad they went from a 97.1% approval to now 90.1%. I hope we get them to the mid 80’s. Its a sink or swim retail world, no one will be crying tears for any brand.


This is probably all due to yet another eBay screw up. They probably changed the prices in error forcing Reebok to cancel orders. Do any of you really know what a freaking disaster eBay is? They screwed over Hasbro last month with site/checkout errors and now they’ve done it once again with the Reebok store. These companies should dump eBay!


I had 3 orders. Did not receive and notice of cancellation. I did receive 3 email service notices from PayPal saying I received a credit from Reebok, however, I didn’t pay with Paypal, I paid with a credit card. Original order confirmation said it was supposed to arrive by July 2nd. eBay still says that as status. Emailed seller yesterday through eBay and 24 hours later have not received a reply. I will call the credit card company today to dispute the charges.


So, for everyone who expected Reebok to experience any repercussion for the screw-up.
Their feedback score is quietly back up to 97.5%