eBay Deals: $100 eBay Digital Gift Card For $94


Update: A limit of 1 per buyer has been added.
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eBay Deals: $100 eBay Digital Gift Card For $94

Currently there is no buying limit, but those can get added later, so stock up fast!

There are sure to be lots of great eBay deals to use these on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Paypal is refusing to allow me to log in. Says there’s an error…


appears no ebay bucks on gift cards, and then no cashback bonus on gift cards, so discount goes from 6% to 4% to 3% or 2%??


have same problom


@theman: ebay bucks you will earn when you redeem the ebay gift card


Yeah, if you cant get ebay bucks for them then you’re barely saving anything…


limit added


UPDATE: Now limit 1 per buyer


Limit one per account !!


Okay, I by accident bought 6 when I meant to buy 3. I contacted them to cancel it but already received the email. I’ll wait till he responds but if anyone wants one you can buy off me for sure once I hear from them!


Has anyone actually received the code yet? Shipping update shows the code was emailed to the paypal address. I get emails from paypal no problem but no actual email containing the code.

btw, the deal is dead now. 1001 sold, 0 available. I was able to buy 4 using 4 different accounts… using ebay gift cards I already had 🙂 so suddenly my giftcard balance grew by 6% or something like that.


@TJ: you are wrong. There is close to 1,800 left


I was@Thenewguy:

I wasn’t wrong, I was ‘right’ at the time but wrong now only because seller updated the listing and added more quantity. Cool, I need to buy more.


I found best buy, amazon, staples to be better deals and more reputable than ebay.
what would you buy on ebay more than a reputable store above?



Too much to list. I’ve sold and bought hundreds if not thousands of items on ebay over the years from many trusted buyers and sellers. And we use amazon too. Best buy? no thanks. I can always find stuff cheaper online somewhere else if it’s not ebay. That’s why best buy is loosing money. Staples? isn’t that for giftcard only? 🙂


@ebay 230 million ebayers disagree with you! I think the 230MM win??!


eBay is great for certain things and worse for others. Amazon is the same. Most stores are that’s why you shop at multiple places.

T j

So what do u buy on ebay?


@T j:

Camera, phones, tablet, computer monitor, car parts, tires, small house hold items, hobby stuff (R/C helicopter), toys. Sometimes I find cheaper price on Amazon, sometimes on eBay, sometimes on local store. I even sold my last two cars on ebay and bought few as well. I like ebay for odd/rare/one off items. ebay daily deal can’t be beat sometimes. People buy stuff from daily deal and sell on Amazon. I’ve been an ebay user since 1997.


dead—listing ended