50 Pack Of 3-Ply Disposable Non Medical Earloop Face Masks Now From Just $2.78 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals!

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Update: Now just $2.99 for 1, $2.84 for 2, $2.81 for 3, or $2.78 each if you buy 4 or more!

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50 Pack Of 3-Ply Disposable Non Medical Earloop Face Masks For Just $5.98 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals

This seller has 99.6% positive feedback and these ship from the US.

  • Disposable Sanitary Face Mask
  • Elastic Ear Loop
  • 3-Layers of Non-Woven Fiber Fabric to Provide Fine Filtration and Maximum Breathability
  • FDA Approved Manufacturer
  • Protect Anyone from Dust, Allergens, Virus, and Air Pollution
  • Comfortable to Wear for Hours and Maximize the Protection at the Same Time
  • Products Ships within 24 Hours
  • 2-3 Days Priority Shipping

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Really cheap
I just noticed that my shul was out of them and that maybe I should get some to provide for those that need.

Thanks for everything you do.

vus vais Ich

the listing was removed.


Should I be scared that it’s non-medical?


Most (MOST) of the masks people are buying, and what the CDC is recommending, are non-medical. I went to give blood and all the staff there were wearing these types of masks (i.e., non-medical).


yes….bec. they dont have enought $$$ to buy n95s


Just saying not to get confused as you would think they would have better PPE than what the public could buy.


If it’s shipped from China, it must say non medical, otherwise it’ll never leave.


So it really is medical grade but they just write that it’s non medical so that it can leave China?

vus vais Ich

essentially, yes

vus vais Ich

even if they are medical grade surgical/dental masks, (which is exactly what they look like) they would have an interest in listing them as non-medical so they don’t wind up on tv getting their doors kicked in for a “hoarding raid”.


No this is what is recommended for non hospital staff


Got a pack. There are still some left if anyone still wants them.


Has anyone received them from this seller and can give a report on quality or lack of?


Mine just arrived.
They look like the rest of them…
Seems fine


They are fine. They are just a token anyway.


Also good to wear over your n95 to keep it clean. Wear and toss


Thats what I do!


people still wearing masks?

Eric from Dallas

“Venishmartem me’od lenafshosaichem” – so, yes.


I guess your form Lakewood, makes sense. There is no such thing as COVID in Lakewood.


Why the sarcasm!? There’s no COVID in Lakewood!


I doubt that the 35 new cases this week are faking it

Daniel C

Kol harodef achar hacovid, hacovid borayach moment – Avos

Dan fan

Just ordered, thanks Dan/JJ!


Masks without a strong metal nose bend are incredibly uncomfortable and less useful since they keep slipping. Hard to tell, but even in the picture it looks the lady’s mask isn’t tight on her nose.


Here in Far Rockaway we’re still wearing masks!:)


Now $10.88


Now $9.56


Found a use for my eBay bucks


If theyre non medical and the box itself says on them that they dont prevent the spread of vruses, why the heck are we all being forced to wear them??! What good are they doing?

Goodbye freedoms

Because the sheeple just blindly follow what their corrupt government tells them to do.


Lol yup. Totally agree.
Literally says on the box not intended for use with covid-19. So dumb.


Agreed, without a doubt to all of the above.


This isn’t hard to understand. If you are sick and your mouth is covered with a mask, your germs spread less. If everyone wears then those that are sick will spread it less. Not perfect, but highly effective. Put one on and try blowing out a candle.

Sam F.

This. Really frustrating that some folks can’t understand this. (Or they just like to be argumentative.)




It’s a liability issue. If you were selling something for $6 wouldn’t you disclaim everything possible?

Good Vibes

They’re back up to $8.88

Eric from Dallas

now $5.48


I can’t seem to get to the link! Can you post?


they are selling for $7.18 now

chap arein!

they are back down to $5.58. enjoy!


I’ll just wait until they’re paying people to take them.


many masks are big and dont stay secure on my relatively small face(some of the reviews on this one indicate that they are big) does anyone know where i can get smaller masks, (not kids masks)?

vus vais Ich

the seller from this link seems to have been removed from ebay. they seem to have reposted with a new account. here is a link


Its all nonsense this mask that mask but you need to wear a face covering if you want to get into places so for 3.99 its a decent investment

Lani M.

I got mine and the are good. The metal bar seals well. I wear them under my cloth mask to keep it clean longer and to have an added layer of protection.




Just ordered for $4. Thanks.

Print27 dot com

Just Ordered 3.57 a box. Minimum of 4 .

Print27 dot com

I just saw the discount . Actually I paid 3.39 a box. Thanks Dans Deals. I appreciate you.

The heart wants what it wants

I ordered it. Perfect for my daughter to wear on her bus ride so school. Thanks.


Pretty soon, they will be paying us to take these masks.


how you see this price for 2.99?


It’s $3.38 now

Moshe Freilich

now for $2.96 or cheaper https://www.ebay.com/itm/143645635148


Can someone pls enlighten me how @$2.78 are they making any money after processing and shipping?


Who cares. It’s a good deal don’t kvetch about it
Maybe they have too much need to get rid of


Had in cart at 2.78 and when checking out I logged in and next page it went up to $4 something. Next time!

Jacob Szajowitz

CORRECTION They are going for $4.89