5% Off eBay Gift Cards


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5% Off eBay Gift Cards

Get 5% off an eBay gift card that you can use for anything sold on eBay.
eBay Gift Cards never expire.

Limit 3 per eBay account.

You can combine these with other eBay gift cards or use part of a gift card to purchase anything on eBay.

You can even use these to save even more on other deals from eBay, including other gift cards!

You can also buy eBay gift cards at Staples stores where you can use your Ink Plus or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar and 1% cash back on top of points if your Visa business card is registered at visasavingsedge.com

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Does that mean that you can continuously use Ebay gift cards to buy more Ebay gift cards, all while racking up ebucks?


Mo, it says “limit 3 per account”. I guess if u have mnay accounts….

Joe S

Love buying discounted Ebay gift cards with previously discounted Ebay giftcards


Yup, up to the account limit.


Are you sure that these earn Ebucks? When I attempt to make a purchase, nothing shows up about earning Ebucks like it does with other gift cards.


@cak144: I didn’t get points. Ebay says that you don’t get the bucks on these. I guess you can say, the buck stops here.