$100 eBay Gift Card For $95


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$100 eBay Gift Card For $95

2 great things about these.

1. You can use eBay gift cards that you bought at a discount to buy discounted eBay gift cards.
2. You get 5 points per dollar when buying gift cards from Paypal digital gifts via eBay on an Ink Plus or Ink Cash  card. Go figure as to why.

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Limit of 1? “Seller blocks buyers who exceed the limit of currently winning or bought items.”


I wouldn’t recommend item 1, buying eBay gift cards with eBay gift cards. I did it and had my account locked for a couple of days. Even eBay / PayPal couldn’t immediately figure out why it was locked, but they finally said it looked like money laundering (I don’t know how) so they locked the account. Anyway, they suggested I don’t do that again. With that being said, maybe I did overdo it by going through the “buy a gift card with a gift card” process about 5 times. 🙂


Yeah, looks like limit of 1 this time.


Done it many times without issue.


@Dan: Cool, I don’t dare do it again since I’ve been warned, I use eBay / PayPal far too much to be without it. 🙁


So basically, you can buy 5 of them, for a total of $475, use this months eBay offer and get $20 off $100+ and buy the Galaxy S6 edge for $499 using these gift cards but it will end up costing a grand total of $454 for the S6 Edge or pay $389 for the S6 which is on sale now for $429


I know this is slightly off-topic.. But has anyone had increasing difficulty loading the Target RedCard with Visa Gift Cards (at Target)?
I’d done it at 2 Baltimore area stores with no problem, but in the past 30 days, 2 diff stores said “this is the last time, you can’t do this”.
(Sorry if the wrong thread, but didn’t find a live thread re this)
Also, is there a way to get auto-notified when new comments post to a specific topic thread?