10 Pack Of 5-Layer KN95 Disposable Respirator Masks For Just $5.35 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals!

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Update: Also available is a 20 pack for $9.95 shipped.

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10 Pack Of 5-Layer KN95 Disposable Respirator Masks For Just $5.35 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals!

This seller has 99.7% positive feedback and these ship from California.

You can also purchase larger quantities to save more.

  • 5-PLY DESIGN: 5 layers of fabric that is breathable and non-woven for general use only – not for medical use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: overall lightweight structure and design make this face mask easy to wear, carry and store.
  • FORM FITTING DESIGN: flexible fit to ensure a soft and comfortable fit to reduce skin irritation.
  • EAR LOOP COMFORT: stretchable ear bands ensure comfort over long periods of wear time that is easy to put on and off.
  • BETTER THAN 3-PLY: 5 layers all in one face mask covering used for mouth and nose for any places where required.

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Thanks, got one – and I had some ebay bucks expiring to make it even sweeter.


Sometimes, you definitely get what you pay for. Anyone can sell anything that looks like KN95. FDA has on its website listed which manufacturers have been checked and approved. When you are buying face covering to protect others, surgical mask is enough. When you are in high infection area and need KN95/N95 to protect yourself, it is best to spend few bucks extra and get the authentic stuff, IMHO.


where do you get the authentic stuff?


FDA (niosh) tested some of the kn95 and most didn’t do well one of the brands that did well was powecom which can be found on Google or eBay they take no responsibility still though as they only tested something like ten of each and can’t vouch for consistency or forgeries



FDA has not approved any ear loop K95 because ear loops do not provide a tight enough fit.


Now dropped a few cents to $5.08/10 pack


I ordered and received delivery very quickly. I can not judge quality as you need real testing equipment, they seem legit to me.

bob bart

I did a water and blow test and these masks past. This is a good seller. There is another motor seller in Fullerton Ca that sells masks that leak and hold water like sponge. If you pour water into the mask, it should be like a plastic bag. Will not absorb it and when you dump out the water it should be near dry. Also you should not be able to blow out a flame and finally you should be able to breath in hard and the mask will collapse showing it a good fit and air is being filtered. After I did the test..I ordered a bunch more. This seller is from Chino CA and the masks come in a special sealed bag and not open like other sellers. Legit stuff here for non medical use of course.

oh by the wall the fullerton seller mask when I cut it open only had 4 versus 5 layers.

Sam F.

So hard to say what’s genuine when it comes to masks these days! Would people agree that even if these things are not actually blocking 95%, they are much better than even well made cloth masks? I have day long medical appointments every month and want as much protection as I can get.