A Dispute Over Airbus Subsidies Means You’ll Soon Pay More For Scotch And French Or Spanish Wine

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A 2004 fight over illegal subsidies from the European Union to Airbus gave the US the green light from the World Trade Organization to impose retaliatory tariffs on $7.5 Billion of Europe exports.

While that means Delta will face a 10% tariff on their A330 and A350 jumbos, they won’t be able to pass along those costs to consumers due to competitors like American and United that fly Boeing jumbos.

However it means that typical US consumers will pay more on many items due to a 25% tariff on select goods from Europe that is being added to strike back at Europe for the illegal subsidies. Those tariffs will begin on October 18th.

If you enjoy single-malt Irish or Scotch Whisky or non-bubbly wine from France or Spain, you may want to stock up before prices are hiked.

Other affected items include cordials like Amaretto from Italy, coffee and tools from Germany, and cheese or fruit from Europe. A full list is here.

I’ve just stocked up on some delicious Peraj Ha’abib from Spain (save another 5% with code DANSDEALS5) as well as Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Oban, and Scapa single malts before the prices will increase. After my last trip to Japan, I developed a taste for Suntory Hibiki, though I only have the 21 year old when it’s served in ANA first class on the biggest mileage bargain around. I’d guess that American and other whiskeys may pick up market share in a tariff war.


What is your favorite Scotch, and French or Spanish wine, and what will you stock up on before the tariffs hit?

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Good on scotch for now, but I’m glad there are many great kosher American, Israeli, and Australian/NZ wines.

Michael Harris

Great. Let those European momzarim know what a BDS means. If every Jew stopped drinking scotch and french wine they would see real fast.


Why should every Jew stop to drink scotch and french wine?? Hope and pray for every Jew to believe in and fear of God instead.


You are correct, but why not have them believe in fear of God because of scotch? That should be the attitude 🙂


under which hechscher is the Hibiki? I was looking into and the CRC had no info

Thanks and have a great shabbos


There is no longer any dispute.
World Trade Org, not known to be friendly toward US, ruled that rhe EU illegally subsidised Airbus.

Brian C

Macallan 18. Older would be better, but better is also monier.


What about the Chinese goods tarrifs?
Did you stock up on anything?


bourbon or bust!!!!


Peraj Habib wine would be one I would consider stocking if I had the money.


The tariffs start Oct 18 but Scotland leaves Europe Oct 31.


That 21yr Hibiki…mmm. Costs a fortune now, if you can even find it (unlikely).

Mountain man

Hibiki is good stuff.

I’m hoping that the tariffs mean less bourbon gets exported and some hard to find bottles start showing up again.


For those here that read the new tariffs list, how in the world does the WTO come up with such a list?


The WTO gave the US a list of 25 Billion worth of goods & the US got to choose 7.5 Billion of goods that they wanted to tariff


And that’s why you stick with Bourbon like a civilized human being…


According to your link, only wine below 14% alc. will be taxed. Perah haabib has 15% alc. So no need to stack up on that.

And I assume that smart importers will now start labeling their wines as above 14% to avoid these harsh tariffs.

Grouchifier 1.0

Does this apply only if the scotch is shipped by an Airbus plane?

Yehuda davis

Anyone know a liquor store that ships scotch to NY, Tax free? Mission liquor stopped as per their website


Link is to a page not found