Today Only: 6 Month Free Google Express Trial And $15 Credit For Groceries, Costco Items, And More Delivered To Your Door

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Step 1: If you click on this Google Express referral link you’ll get $15 off $15. At checkout just click to redeem the $15 code that will be in your account or use code: J654NK3HH

There is normally a free 3 month trial that you can cancel at any point. At the end of the trial you will be moved onto a $95 annual unlimited use membership plan or you can cancel and pay a $4.99 per delivery fee with no membership fee. The membership includes a free additional member as well. Google will email you a week before your free trial ends.

Step 2: Click here to enroll in a membership you can use the following “Membership Promo Code” for a 6 month free trial: SIXFREE

This code expires today and is valid for a limited number of uses.

Step 3: Shop from Google Express and at redeem the $15 off $15 code that you’ll see at checkout.

Google Express is pretty awesome. Whenever we need an item from the grocery store or Costco we’ll just order it and have it the next morning! As long as you spend at least $15 overnight or same day shipping is free.

They deliver or ship items from Costco, Walgreens, Whole Foods, and many more stores that vary based on your location right to your door overnight for the same cost as in-store. If Costco has a coupon for an item you’ll also get that sale price.

And unlike in Costco stores or online, when you order with Google Express you can even pay for your Costco items with an AMEX!

You do need a Costco membership to order from Costco at regular prices and perishables are only available in select areas. In some areas you can order from Costco stores without a membership, but you’ll pay a 15% premium.

Google will even return items for you, how awesome is that?

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Already signed up with the sixfree… Does that make it too late to apply your referral code?


Try using it at checkout.


so it seems wise to make do this with multiple google accounts


Got it, thanks! Now I gonna have a really hard time figuring out how to redeem the 15 bucks, too many options!!


Is Google Express working in the Brooklyn area?


@ed: intill google catches you and shuts down all your accounts…….

@Dan: Does it work with Costco Coupons


can confirm referral code works if you just put it in at checkout.



Costco coupons/sale items are automatically applied.


is sixfree still working? where do i add the code?

Isaac K.

What would Google Express is categorized as? Grocery? Online Retailer?


It says that the Costco prices may differ from store prices. Is it generally more expensive?


Click on the step 2 link and enter the code.

@Isaac K.:
Should be based on which store you buy from.

It’s exactly the in-store price for everything I’ve checked.


Will this work if you have had a previous trial?

Also beware that google express charges sales tax based upon where they ship from which for me in OH they charge 10.2% tax (based on Chicago city taxes). They also charged tax based upon the original price (this includes a Costco coupon and google coupon) I had an order with a final price of $5.97 and was charged $4.97 in taxes!

Isaac K.

Got it 2X. SIXFREE still works. Thanks Dan!


Excellent. Thanks!

Liam K. Nuj

I usually buy the 64 oz. bag of Aaron’s Chicken Nuggets at the Brooklyn Costco for $13.99 (sells for $19 – $24 in local grocery stores). However, I didn’t find in on the Google Express Costco site. Anyone know if it’s available?


Perishables are not available in Brooklyn.

2 q's for you

1- When is the $15 coupon good until?

2- How do i incorporate my Costco membership into google express?


@2 q’s for you:

it will make you do so when selecting from costco


i only get the 3 months trial when i click on the 6 months link , nothing comes up


Dan, once i clicked on your refferal link it seemed to have signed me up with just the usual 3 month trial… how do i now put in the SIXFREE code – clicking on step #2 just takes me to the regular signup page – so place to add code.


There’s a promo code field on the membership signup page in step 2.


Does it need to be on desktop? The app keeps crashing on me when I go to Settings/Membership


Did you try “Request desktop site”?


I don’t see a link for that on the bottom


i am on a desktop and tried different browsers at checkout i get error
500. That’s an error.

There was an error. Please try again later. That’s all we know.


@Dan, the page doesn’t load anything – just a blank page. Maybe because i am already signed up from when i clicked referral link?


Thep 1 was just for clicking on the link. You should have signed up with step 2.


FYI, just got off phone with Google Express, website is down/undergoing maintenance so if the steps aren’t working, try again in 15 minutes



Site says “an error occurred”.


But I recieved the email confirming the six month trial despite the error message….


Initially, the promo code did not work. But, after restarting the checkout process a couple of times, I eventually got it to work Thanks, Dan!


Selection at Costco is ridiculous. Can hardly find anything on my usual shopping list. Especially since no freezer items or perishables are available, at least in BK.


Which credit card should we use? I assume that the Freedom 5x points wont work because the charge is running through Google.


Actually there are reports of getting 5x with Freedom.


I am in NJ.. Costco prices vary from when I go to my local Costco or the one in NY.
Also the pricing online is NOT the same as in store. I bought online and ended up going to the store and buying what I ordered and cancelling my order and saving myself $30 including an instore coupon that online did not have. Items on basic items were a couple of dollars more per item! SO KNOW YOUR prices before you order online. and remember Costco pricing is different for each store.


back up and working

used $15 credit for $15.99 case of baby wipes…not a bad deal

thanks dan


works now, i bought 2 X Feit Electric LED Chandelier Bulbs 6 Pack after tax $22.52 – $15 = $7.52. thanks dan

please remind us in 6 months about the membership fee coming up


Can a Costco account be used on multiple google express accounts?


BTW: you need to be a new member to use the SIXFREE promo code (only fair). Sure you can signup for multiple Google accounts, but they will likely detect if your credit card/phone number is being used across accounts.

In the SF Bay Area I find that the Google Express and in store prices/promos are the same for all stores, not just Costco. The service is great, but I find that I’d rather pay the $5/order fee without a membership.

I was a so called pilot customer and I had it free for 18 months, but even I found myself using it on average about once a month or less. I think this is because I could not buy frozen/fresh groceries (although this is changing) and I still don’t trust anyone buy myself to pick good fruits and the freshest bread from the shelf.

Even without a membership, the Google Express search engine is great by giving you an in-store product and price search engine.

moish from b

says u need a costco membership for my dove soap


I forgot to add the coupon when I signed up sent them an email and they just credit me $15

Also order something from Costco, it went on same the next day, emailed them and they gave me the difference.


thanks as always dan!!!!! i signed up and used the coupon to order from costco but i forgot to use the sixfree code i just called google express and they extended the membership for the 6 months thanks again


What is this “Error – Delivery Window Sold Out”


Any way to take advantage of this if I’m currently mid-promo on a six month free trial from the last time you posted this? When I click on the sign-up link, I get a message that its for new customers only


6 months did not work for me.
Code giving $10 but not $15


Deals don’t just hang around forever.


Reminder: Cancel before June 15th if you don’t want to pay $95