SIZZLING HOT!!! $12.99 Coupon Good For Anything At Rite Aid’s Photo Shop!


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Officially this is supposed to get you a free photo mouse pad, but it appears to just take $12.99 off anything! Whether they honor the orders is anyone’s guess…but do try not to abuse the coupon.
You pay when you pickup the order.

You need to register and upload a photo to be able to shop and browse the different photo gifts.

You can pickup your order in a store and not even have to pay shipping!

Sample items:
-Set of 20 Photo Stickers: Normally $5.99, Now negative $7. (Somehow I think they’re more likely to cancel “negative” orders than pay out $7 šŸ˜‰ )
-Mousepad: Normally $12.99, Now free.
-7.5 x 10 Puzzle in Box: Normally $13.99, Now $1.00.
-Adult T-Shirt, Normally $14.99, Now $2.00.

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I did the free mousepad and ordered it to the Rite Aid in Lakewood. That branch doesn’t have a Photo Dept. but it was shipped to the store for free. When I went to the store to pick it up they told me the coupon only works if you order it in store and bec. I ordered it online it wouldn’t work. They also said bec. the coupon was for $12.99 and they only charge $10.00 for mouse pads, it wouldn’t work. ( They never heard of Bichlal Massayim Mana!). I asked what they would do with it, they said prob throw it out. I argued with them and got nowhere. After I left the store I called the main number for Rite Aid cs and told they rep what happened. I explained that I have a valid coupon and throwing it out helps no one. He called the store and told them to give it to me! They weren’t too happy about it though!


Thanks Dan!
Ordered a new mousepad.

David G

Cool! Thanks for the free mousepad!


Anybody know how long it takes to get shipped to your local store?

reuven hunt

When will the coffee mug arrive at the store?


does anybody know where I can buy a digital camera with a 60-day return policy instead of the 30-day most stores/websites offer?


@reuven hunt:
They are supposed to send you an email when it is ready in store.


the lakewood store always make problems with coupons

I once used there the $5 watch video coupon from dan, it said on it ex. Videos watch Jan. 1- jan. 31 exp. Feb. 31, i used it in Feb. So they first claimed its already expired cause it says Jan. I tried explain that videos must be watch in Jan. They didn’t know what I was talking about… They never heard before about that online promotion,

she called a supervisor and finally approved it, but it was very uncomfortable ask they asked me if I watched the videos and I said yes… And there was other heimish guy in back of me…


@reuven hunt: Ordered an 11oz mug yesterday for $1. Got a shipping conformation email today saying, “Photo gift orders should arrive within 5-7 days”.

Deal Guy

Seems to be dead now.

ben lahij

DEAD! =(


btw what happened to 5 off 20 coupons? too lazy like me to
watch the videos?


Picked up 2 Mugs and 1 Mouse Pad for total of $2.
Both Mugs were from crown heights rite aid with no problems at all.
The mouse pad was from another rite aid (as i thought better not raise suspicion and order to many items to one place). The total was $0.00 and it didn’t scan. The cashier called the manager and i told her i used an online coupon and $0.00 was the correct price. She tried rescanning and then just told the cashier to hand it to me for free!

Thanks Dan!