Sell Plastic Jungle At Least $200 Worth Of Gift Cards And Get $20 Plastic Jungle Credit!


Plastic Jungle Offer Linky

Sell at least $200 of gift cards by 2:59am EST on 01/19 and you’ll get a $20 Plastic Jungle credit to use on a future purchase!

Of course before selling make sure that CardPool won’t pay you more.

HT: Galitzyaner, via DDF

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Can you do this more than once?

DZ the Telzer

Does anyone have any luck I tries selling $200 of AA virtual gift cards to plastic jungle, it didn’t go through I emailed them, they wrote that they don’t take them. I know my friend did it 2 weeks ago and it worked. Anyone know if there is a way to make them go through.


do the $20 plastic jungle credits expire?


does anyone know if i want to sell an AA gift card on their website, when I order the card from AA what name do I put for the recipient and the sender? will any name work ?


I sold 2 orders over $200, have not yet received any confirmation or promo code. Maybe they will only send it after the promo ends on 1/19?


They told me they no longer sell AA gift cards. You will get reimbursed but it takes awhile.


do they buy gift certificate not a hard card , or only a actual card ?


i just sold virtual aa gc.

DZ the Telzer

when did you sell them, and was is on Plastic Jungle. (I know 2 weeks ago you were able to, but now it doesn’t let me)


It depends on what gc you are selling. When you choose the card, it will give you the rate and below, it tells you if it needs to be mailed in or if they accept an electronic card from that place.


Dan, how many times can you do this?


When it says they will pay “up to…”, do i get a higher rate for selling a larger amount? In other words would i get a better exchange selling $200 than i would selling $20?


No you can just choose to get payed cash or a amazon gc and you get more if you choose the GC


Does it work on a Vanilla gift card?


can i make different accts?