Save Money At Malls And Outlets Nationwide With American Express!

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Purchase a $50 gift card by 09/03/12 at select malls and outlets (at guest services, concierge, customer service, info desk, or management office) and get a $10 statement credit.

You can earn a $10 credit at each of the following malls brands:
-Macerich Shopping Centers: #AmexMacerichMalls
-PREIT Malls: #AmexPREITMalls
-Premium Outlets: #AmexOutlets
-Simon Malls: #AmexSimonMalls

Click here to see a list of all malls. You can filter the list by state.

To register you can use Facebook Link, Like, Love. Or you can sync your card for Twitter and tweet the hashtags listed above next to each mall. You can no longer double dip for facebook and twitter, sorry folks!

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Gift cards

Hate to rain on this parade, but I think they charge tax on the Gift Cards. Your total savings will prob be like $6, and returns will be a huge hassle. (Unless you want to hold on to the gift card for a while)


@Gift cards:
Where did you get that from?
There should never be tax charged on gift cards.

Gift cards


I remember being charged tax for a gift card purchased at a mall. Of course, it could be that I am totally wrong, but that was my experience.

Gift cards

Some people are reporting that if the mall’s cards are Amex cards, there is a $2.95 activation fee.


@Gift cards:
You should never be charged tax on a gift card, period. Sales tax is only on goods, not gift cards.

@Gift cards:
My local mall has no fee for AMEX gift cards, so YMMV I suppose.

deal lurker

Do I need to register my cc?
Is this for citi amex cards as well?


Does it have to be an Amex gift card or can we also purchase visa gift cards to qualify?


@deal lurker:
You need to register via the Facebook or Twitter links above.
If it lets you register your card it should work.

Any $50+ gift card qualifies.


Can I buy a card at 3 different malls with the same credit card and get $30 in statement credits?
Can I buy 2 cards at the same mall on the same card and get $20?


-If they are 3 different mall brands and you are registered for each promotion, sure.
-No, but if you have multiple AMEX cards then you can register both and get $20.


I don’t currently have an amex- which is the best and cheapest one to sign up for?




I saw there’s also a seperate facebook deal for $10 off a $50 purchase at any premium outlet. My question is if I buy a Simon gift card for $50 at a premium outlet do you think I get both promotions in one purchase?


Is there a way to link a Costco Amex card to get mileage? There is no yearly membership fee with the Costco Amex card and I am hoping that I there is a way to also use it as a mileage card and save the hassle of having another credit card to deal with.


$3 activation fee in Utah for Amex. $7 is $7 so I went ahead and did it.